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20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck

Step into the world of Daruma tattoos where art meets tradition in a vibrant celebration of luck and perseverance. Originating from Japanese culture, Daruma dolls symbolize resilience and the journey towards achieving goals.

Let’s unravel the charm and significance behind each design, and embrace good fortune and unwavering resolve through the timeless art of Daruma tattoos!

1. Daruma blackwork

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck
Credit: inked_frogs

If you want a truly striking Daruma tattoo, blackwork is the best option. In this tattoo, one eye is inked black, symbolizing the setting of a goal, while the other remains colorless, awaiting marking upon the goal’s achievement.

This tattoo will inspire you with both its beautiful meaning and captivating design.

2. Red tones

For an eye-catching contrast, blend the black and gray style with vibrant red hues. The traditional Japanese headgear, once worn by monks, remains red, while the flowers add additional beauty to the design.

The colorless Daruma creates a more striking image that captivates the eye and the mind.

3. Double Daruma

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck
Credit: kermit_tattoo

For a double dose of good luck, opt for two Daruma designs painted in traditional red. Placing them below the knee makes them highly visible, especially with their vibrant hues.

So, if you have more than one important goal in mind, this tattoo can be the perfect reminder. It will provide you with strength and hope to continue on your path of personal development.

4. Kitsune mask

Daruma tattoos take on an even more meaningful symbolism when combined with a Kitsune mask. Kitsune, often perceived as a creature of deception, also holds many wonderful meanings.

In certain traditions, Kitsune are seen as guardians of the home, protecting it from evil forces. Moreover, they are renowned for their shape-shifting abilities. While they primarily use this skill for deception, it serves as a reminder that our identities aren’t fixed and that we can transform for the better.

5. Fall-inspired

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck
Credit: tattoo_chubbs

This Daruma tattoo is painted with wonderful fall hues, with leaves fluttering around the doll. It symbolizes the changing of seasons, serving as inspiration that we, too, can undergo transformation.

Positioning it on the thigh offers the benefit of reduced visibility, giving you the option to showcase it or keep it discreet. What’s important is that it inspires you with its beauty and significance.

6. Intricate Daruma tattoo

If you’re drawn to daring Daruma tattoos, you’ll love this one. Its intricate design and vibrant colors create a stunning image, exuding a powerful aura.

The placement on the hand heightens this aura, boosting your self-confidence and inspiring you to pursue your goals with unwavering determination.

7. Purple hibi

This bold blackwork design with hints of orange and purple features purple flames encircling the doll, known as “hibi” or “fire mantle.” In addition to its captivating appearance, it also carries a profound meaning.

Representing enthusiasm and passion, these flames intensify your desire to achieve your goals. So, if you need extra motivation, this is the tattoo to go for.

8. Red and orange Daruma tattoos

If you’re a fan of matching tattoos, this is for you! Two Daruma designs—one in daring red hues and the other in energetic orange—create a perfect complementary mix of colors that will leave you in awe.

What enhances its allure is its placement on the arm, ensuring it’s highly visible and ready to captivate everyone around you.

9. Bold Daruma tattoo

Blackwork is always a great choice for an extra bold tattoo. It complements the meaning of the Daruma doll by intensifying its essence through the predominant use of black ink.

Let it serve as a constant reminder of your ability to pursue your desires. Nothing is beyond your grasp; all you need is to believe.

10. Obi rope

The rope surrounding the doll adds an intriguing meaning to this tattoo. It symbolizes the determination and energy required to achieve your goal.

The doll tightly grasped by the rope symbolizes the focus needed to stay on the path of change. If this resonates with what you seek in life, this tattoo is a great choice.

11. The symbolic pierce

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck
Credit: et.tattooer

Daruma not only inspires but also encourages you to pursue your goals through tangible acts of motivation, such as painting one eye.

Another tradition involves driving a blade through the doll to reinforce the determination needed to embark on the journey of growth.

12. Daruma and the Fortune cat

Who says you can’t combine two symbols of good fortune? Both Daruma and the “Fortune cat” bring good luck into your life, offering hope for a better future.

The lifted paw of the cat carries different symbolism. A raised right paw is believed to manifest good fortune, while a raised left paw is meant to be welcoming and heartwarming.

So, get this tattoo to invite the good things that are bound to happen to you.

13. Daruma and Kirbies

We all know Kirby—a pink creature created by Nintendo who inhales his foes and absorbs their abilities. Combined with the Daruma doll, it takes on a new meaning.

Since Daruma symbolizes the determination to pursue your desires, the multiple Kirbies represent the ability to overcome any obstacle that comes your way and emerge stronger than ever.

In addition to its wonderful meaning, this Kirby and Daruma tattoo features an adorable design that brings a smile to your face as soon as you see it.

14. Cat Daruma

14. Cat Daruma
Credit: edko0102

Cat lovers, here’s your chance to transform your love into a cool tattoo design. Choose a Daruma depicted as a cat, with its traditional Japanese head encompassing it in the usual style.

It’s done in the neo-traditional style, featuring vibrant blue, red, and orange hues that add joy and cheerfulness to the design.

15. Naruto tattoo

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck
Credit: nam.misfits

This stunning Daruma tattoo is done in the black and gray style with touches of red and yellow. It cleverly serves as a cover-up for a scar, adding an extra cool element to the design!

It’s a design that blends elements from two worlds—Japanese folklore and the Naruto anime. It showcases a Daruma wielding a “Flying Thunder God Kunai,” with the addition of red spider lilies intensifying the design!

If you’re a Naruto fan, you’ll absolutely adore this piece!

16. Cheerful Daruma tattoo

16. Cheerful Daruma tattoo
Credit: metal.biscuit

If you want your Daruma tattoo to radiate joy and cheerfulness, this is a perfect example. The traditional head painted in orange hues gives it a Halloween vibe, evoking fun and whimsy.

Opting for this tattoo ensures a fusion of strength and joy, captivating with a variety of unique and captivating elements.

17. Bold arm piece

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck
Credit: camns

Are you a fan of full sleeves? If so, getting this Daruma tattoo will make you radiate with bold and hardcore energy, captivating those around you with its fierce beauty.

The striking contrast between black and orange creates a piece that’s sure to inspire you not only to set your goals but also to achieve them. Moreover, it will give you a look that’s truly badass.

18. The face of Daruma

18. The face of Daruma
Credit: yaku__man

This intriguing Daruma tattoo showcases only its facial features, boldly painted in black and red hues. The traditional Japanese head is omitted from the design, adding to its fascination.

It appears as though its spirit is staring into your very soul, urging you to take charge of your life, intensifying feelings of decisiveness and willpower.

19. Fun Daruma tattoo

If you’re looking to be inspired by the beautiful meaning of the Daruma while adding a touch of whimsy to the design, this tattoo is the perfect choice.

It blends dark yellow and purple hues, accented with hints of black to create a sense of intensity and depth.

20. Frog and Daruma tattoo

20. Frog and Daruma tattoo
Credit: danotattoo_jp

Frogs are often associated with transformation because they transition from tadpoles to full-grown frogs, making them symbols of growth.

Adding a Daruma tattoo to the mix only intensifies the meaning, creating a design with beautiful symbolism. Plus, doesn’t the tattoo look absolutely adorable?

Whether you’re contemplating your first tattoo or adding to a collection, the allure of Daruma tattoos lies not just in their aesthetic appeal, but in the powerful narrative they represent.

May these 20 fascinating ideas inspire you to embrace positivity, overcome obstacles, and embark on your own journey towards success. Remember, with a Daruma by your side, anything is possible!

20 Fascinating Daruma Tattoo Ideas To Attract Good Luck

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