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24 Cute Spine Tattoos That Are “Ink-credibly” Trendy

24 Cute Spine Tattoos That Are “Ink-credibly” Trendy

Now that you know that you want a cute little design tattooed on your body for the rest of your life, you’re ready to go get your new ink, right? Wrong! When getting a back tattoo, you must consider a million things to ensure you don’t make a mistake. What about cute spine tattoos, for example?

Getting a back piece might be a bigger commitment than you’re ready to go for. Back tattoos require *a lot* of time and effort, especially when you opt for a back tattoo that takes up most of the real estate on that part of your body. Back tattoos are addictive, too, and you might end up getting more than one.

What’s the tea on spine tattoos, though? Spine tattoos seem to have taken the world by storm over the past few years and we’re here for that. With a cute spine tattoo, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads – but you’re also able to get away with settling for a tiny tattoo rather than a big one.

Spine tattoos are attractive, and they’re one of the most popular, prominent designs among women. Some women might want to show off their ink for the whole world to see, but others might want to have theirs in a more inconspicuous spot. Spine tattoos are the best of both worlds.

With that out of the way, we’re bringing you a few of our favorite cute spine tattoos to stir the pot.

1. An elegant floral spine tattoo

When we think of a cute spine tattoo, we picture a tattoo comprised of flowers, leaves, and details like sparkles that embellish the spine and draw attention to one of the most attractive parts of the body. What better way to start collecting cute tattoos than to get a spine tattoo?

2. A daring dragon tattoo

A daring dragon tattoo
Credit: @cami__ink

A dragon tattoo might not be what you were thinking of when you were planning on getting a *cute* spine tattoo, but you can’t argue that dragons can be both daring and delicate at the same time. Dragons represent wisdom, freedom, and power, too.

3. A sneaky snake tattoo

We can say the same thing about snake tattoos, although snakes are a common spine tattoo design considering that they’re easy to wiggle around. Snakes represent a personal path toward transformation, a commitment to knowledge or healing, or a connection to divine power.

4. A cute spine tattoo

You might want to start small, especially when you’re a first-timer and you’re scared of getting a big, bold back tattoo. You can experiment with diferent symbols, styles, and ornaments to make your spine tattoo fit your personal preferences. You do you, boo.

5. A moon phase spine tattoo

You’d be surprised at how popular and prominent moon phase tattoos are. You can choose between a small and simple tattoo or a statement one, depending on what you’re on the hunt for. We’re pretty pleased with the way that different phases of the moon accentuate the curvature of the spine.

6. A beautiful blossom spine tattoo

We can’t forget about colorful tattoos, right? Black-and-white tattoos seem to be all the rage (all the time), but that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to experiment with different color combinations – especially when you’re getting a floral tattoo. Colorful flowers are always a great idea.

7. A butterfly spine tattoo

Butterflies typically represent freedom and transformation, and we’re obsessed with the way the placement of the butterflies along the spine amplifies the meaning of the tattoo. With different types, styles, and even measurements of butterflies, you get a true work of art on your back.

8. A small and simple butterfly spine tattoo

On the off chance that you’re not the biggest fan of butterflies, you might want to opt for a simpler, smaller butterfly tattoo. We love the way these two butterflies look like they’re about to fly away – and that’s one of the perks of getting a tattoo along the spine that’s guaranteed to move and shift.

9. An ornamental spine tattoo

Ornamental tattoos are elegant, effortless, and on-trend. While ornamental tattoos might not be meaningful, they’re a great way to get permanent accessories on your body. With an ornamental spine tattoo, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads wherever you go.

10. A dainty and delicate spine tattoo

A dainty and delicate spine tattoo

We’ve got another ornamental tattoo coming your way, but this one’s perfect for people who prefer delicate and dainty tattoos. When you want to get a tattoo on your lunch break, you might want to opt for something small and simple – you’re going to be in and out of the tattoo parlor before you know it.

11. A minimalist Zodiac spine tattoo

A minimalist Zodiac spine tattoo
Credit: @_inked_by_em

We’re obsessed with Zodiac tattoos because they’re wearable and versatile. You get to choose between a myriad of styles, symbols, and elements that represent who you are or who you want to be. You can get your Zodiac sign tattoos somewhere on your body or you can opt for a full-on Zodiac spine tattoo.

12. A maximalist Zodiac spine tattoo

While you’re considering getting a Zodiac tattoo, you might want to go all out. Fine-line tattoos are always a great option, but you might be on the hunt for something a little more eye-catching, whimsical, and magical. Feel the magic with a watercolor Zodiac tattoo, why don’t you?

13. A cute spine tattoo with intricate details

What’s great about cute spine tattoos seems to be the fact that you’re able to experiment with whatever elements you want to get tattooed on your back. Get a good tattoo artist and you’ll be able to include whichever bits and bobs you want without sacrificing the style or the placement of the tattoo.

14. A celestial spine tattoo

When you decide to get an ornamental tattoo, make sure you work with your tattoo artist to figure out which ornaments you want to use. We suggest opting for a crescent moon and a celestial theme because we can’t think of a more beautiful combination of symbols.

15. A cute spine tattoo featuring an empowering quote

Cute spine tattoos are made even cuter when you opt for a quote that represents you or something you’ve gone through. “Nothing loved is ever lost” can be a great reminder when you’re feeling down in the dumps, but feel free to opt for whichever quote speaks to you the most.

16. An effortless floral spine tattoo

An effortless floral spine tattoo
Credit: @feddy_tattoo

We can’t get enough of floral spine tattoos, that’s for sure. Whenever you’re unsure of which style of tattoo to go for, check out a couple of fine-line floral spine tattoos. Whether you make them big or small, they’re guaranteed to make for a striking work of art.

17. A lotus flower spine tattoo

Ornamental tattoos are a favorite among tattoo addicts, and you can see why. When you’re on the hunt for a cute spine tattoo, opt for an ornamental tattoo consisting of a lotus flower that represents beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening, a crescent moon, and sparkles.

18. A rose spine tattoo with a mantra

A quote tattoo doesn’t need to be boring and basic. You’re free to experiment with diferent styles and symbols and you’re allowed to work with your tattoo artist to come up with something you’ve never seen before. A rose tattoo followed by a word or a phrase that means something to you sounds great.

19. A nature-themed spine tattoo

A nature-themed spine tattoo
Credit: @trojanink

Whether you’re an outdoor type or person or you’re fascinated by the diferent elements you can see when you go outside, you might want to consider getting a nature-themed spine tattoo. A couple of trees, mountains, and waves can make for the most magnificent tattoo you’ve ever seen.

20. A fine-line lettering spine tattoo

A fine-line lettering tattoo can be a great option to consider for tattoo enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of getting down and dirty. “What’s for you won’t pass you by” sounds like something you want to be reminded of now and then, right?

21. A cute spine tattoo with flowers and leaves

We’re going back to flowy, floral spine tattoos that make for some of the most stunning tattoos we’ve ever seen. Whichever flower you decide to go with, make sure you work with your tattoo artist to ensure you’re getting the exact style you’re comfortable with.

22. A sticker spine tattoo

With a sticker spine tattoo, you don’t need to worry about getting a single tattoo that’s going to extend from the top of the spine to the edge of your trousers – you can opt for a sticker tattoo that sounds great at the moment and go from there. Add more stickers later on or settle for one that works for you.

23. A daisy spine tattoo

We might have talked your ears off with flower tattoos, but we can’t pass on the opportunity to rave about daisies, too. Daisies typically represent purity, innocence, and true love and they’re one of the most popular, prominent tattoo styles for women for a reason – they’re absolutely adorable.

24. A birth flower spine tattoo

We’re ending the article with a birthflower tattoo! Birth flower tattoos are a great way to celebrate what makes you different from the rest of the world – figure out your birth flower based on the month of your birth and design a unique, never-before-seen spine tattoo. Good luck!

24 Cute Spine Tattoos That Are "Ink-credibly" Trendy

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