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20 Charming Cheese Tattoos That Are Up To No “Gouda”

20 Charming Cheese Tattoos That Are Up To No “Gouda”

What does a cheese tattoo mean, you wonder? Cheese tattoos can carry a million meanings considering that they’re typically an ode to your love of food. A cheese tattoo can sometimes represent your love of a decadent and gluttonous lifestyle and your desire to always have more of the thing you love.

Whatever the case might be, a cheese tattoo might be the one thing that evokes happy memories for you and that’s OK.

We’ve prepared a few of our favorite cheese tattoos that will make you book your next ink session as soon as possible.

1. A cheese tattoo on the back of the arm

What a hedonistic tattoo! When you’re thinking of devoting a tattoo to one of your biggest pleasures – eating – you might as well go all out and get one that depicts a cheese wheel, a block of cheese, a little fig, and a bottle of wine. What better way to celebrate food, right?

2. A block of cheese and a bottle of wine tattoo

A block of cheese and a bottle of wine holding hands and smiling? Absolutely! Whenever you’re unsure of the design of the tattoo you want to go with, go for something sweet and simple. A funny tattoo might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’re guaranteed to attract attention no matter what.

3. A block of cheese and a glass of wine tattoo on the thigh

A bottle of wine might be too much for you, but you can always opt for a glass of wine – you don’t want people thinking you go overboard with your wine consumption, right? We can’t forget about the placement of the tattoo, either. We suggest going for a thigh tattoo for an on-trend staple.

4. A couple of matching cheese tattoos

We’re the biggest fans of matching tattoos, but we prefer it when they’re done with taste, creativity, and whimsy. A matching tattoo of a block of cheese and a wheel of cheese speak volumes of the connection you share with the person on the other side of the tattoo.

5. A tiny cheese tattoo

A tiny cheese tattoo among the rest of the tattoos on your arm, leg, or even back might not make the biggest difference – but that’s beside the point. When you’re itching to get a tattoo of your favorite food, you might want to go for something small and simple.

6. Another tiny cheese tattoo

20 Charming Cheese Tattoos That Are Up To No 8220Gouda8221 6
Credit: @bongkee_

While we’re on the topic of tiny tattoos, we do need to mention that they’re the cutest when they’re the standout piece – you don’t need to have a sticker sleeve or a body filled with tattoos to get a tiny tattoo of your favorite food. Get a cheese tattoo that attracts attention and turns heads.

7. A cartoon cheese tattoo

Cartoon tattoos are all the rage these days, especially when you’re looking for something cute, creative, and eye-catching. Whether you get a matching mouse and cheese tattoo with someone special or opt to get both tattoos on your own body, that’s up to you. We salute your decision.

8. A tattoo of an assortment of cheeses

20 Charming Cheese Tattoos That Are Up To No 8220Gouda8221 8
Credit: @yuki_tatts

Oh, you’re obsessed with cheese? On one hand, you can go your entire life without a cheese tattoo. On the other, what’s the point of being a seasoned tattoo-getter when you’re afraid of getting a tattoo of your favorite food? Sure, an assortment of cheeses might sound a little excessive, but you do you, boo.

9. A cheese block cat tattoo

We mentioned beforehand that cartoon(ish) tattoos are quite popular at the moment, and we’re obsessed with the thought of getting a tattoo of a cat and a block of cheese. Add a couple of sparkles to seal the deal and you’re good to go – you can even opt for a particular cat or a particular cheese.

10. And the ultimate cheese tattoo reward goes to…

We don’t know whether you’re brave enough to do that, but you can always go for a tattoo that envelopes all the different cheeses you’re obsessed with. Brie, Gouda, Cheddar, Parmesan, or even Camembert – you decide what goes on your body.

11. A Brie tattoo

A Brie tattoo, for example, can represent your adoration for that particular type of cheese. At the end of the day, not all tattoos need to come with a deep meaning you can go on and on about when you’re asked “What does your tattoo mean?” Argh, we simply love cheese!

12. A Gouda tattoo

We can say the same thing about a Gouda tattoo. We scoured the deep, dark web to check whether there’s a particular meaning attached to a particular cheese, but there’s not – people who get tattoos of different types of cheeses do so to be funny, to poke fun at themselves, and to express their adoration.

13. A Camembert tattoo

We’ve talked your ears off with different types of cheese, but we couldn’t forget about Camembert! Whether you’re French, a cheese connoisseur, or a Camemeber lover, feel free to get a tattoo of a block of Camembert cheese.

14. A cheese tattoo on the stomach

When you decide to bite the bullet and get a cheese tattoo, you might be scared to get one on a highly visible spot. After all, you’re probably getting the tattoo to be funny and not to get a million questions about the meaning of your tattoo. Opt for a stomach tattoo and you’re good to go.

15. A cheese tattoo above the knee

A cheese tattoo above the knee sounds great for the summer. Sure, a charcuterie board packed with different types of cheese might be more of an autumn thing, but you can showcase your cheese tattoo much more easily when you’re wearing shorts and basking in the sunshine.

16. A cheeseboard tattoo

A charcuterie board tattoo? Why not! We were on board with all the Instagram posts featuring recipes for different charcuterie boards, but we all know what a proper cheese board needs – cheese, crackers, and wine. What better way to celebrate your love of cheese than with a cheeseboard tattoo?

17. A word tattoo

A block of cheese might not be the most elegant, effortless tattoo to pull off, but we’re sure you can get away with getting a tattoo of the word “cheese,” too. When you’re on the hunt for something delicate and dainty, opt for a word tattoo.

18. A realistic cheese tattoo

When you’re feeling a little more daring, you can get a realistic cheese tattoo. A realistic cheese tattoo solidifies the meaning of the cheese and makes you feel like you’re going all out – and you are. A cheese tattoo might not be your friend’s and family’s favorite, but you’re the one who gets to decide that.

19. A cheese tattoo on the shoulder

20 Charming Cheese Tattoos That Are Up To No "Gouda"
Credit: @xiso_ink

A shoulder tattoo can be a cute placement, too. Get a tattoo of your favorite cheese, a small moon, and an even smaller heart to complete the collection of all the things you love the most. Opt different symbols to showcase what you’re really like – a goofball and a princess.

20. A cheese tattoo with a heart

20 Charming Cheese Tattoos That Are Up To No 8220Gouda8221 20
Credit: @butterwinks

We’re ending the article with a cheese tattoo that represents all the love you feel for – well – cheese. Whether you go for a black-and-white tattoo or something a little more realistic, we’re sure you’re going to get out of the tattoo parlor with a smile on your face. Say cheese!

20 Charming Cheese Tattoos That Are Up To No “Gouda”

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