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20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck

Are you considering adding a touch of mystery, magic, and cuteness to your ink collection? Why not try black cat tattoos? These enchanting designs are not only stylish but also carry a rich history of symbolism and superstition.

From playful and cute to fierce and majestic, black cat tattoos come in a variety of styles that can suit any personality. In this article, we’ll explore 20 breathtaking black cat tattoos that are sure to bring you good luck, despite all the superstitions saying otherwise.

1. A playful black cat stretching

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck
Credit: redgrizzly123

This whimsical tattoo features a black cat in mid-stretch, perfectly capturing that iconic feline elegance and grace. With its tail arched high and a sly look on its face, this tattoo is perfect for those who love a bit of playful charm.

The fluffy fur detail adds a cozy touch, making it feel almost like you could reach out and pet it.

2. Fierce black cat with a roaring face

Unleash your inner wildcat with this fierce black cat tattoo! This design showcases a roaring cat head, complete with sharp teeth and intense eyes that scream attitude.

The bold lines and high contrast give it a dramatic and powerful presence. It’s bold, it’s badass, and it’s a statement piece that’s bound to turn heads. If you’re looking for a tattoo that exudes power and mystery, this is it.

3. Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service

3. Jiji from Kikis Delivery Service
Credit: kikinoland

Get ready to fall in love with Jiji, the adorable black cat from the beloved 1989 Japanese animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service! This tattoo perfectly captures Jiji’s big, wide eyes and tiny body, making it look like the charming feline just stepped out of the movie. The subtle shading and delicate lines add a three-dimensional effect that brings Jiji to life.

Perfectly perched on your shoulder or arm, this delightful design adds a touch of whimsical magic to your look. It’s the ideal tattoo for fans of Studio Ghibli or anyone who wants to carry a bit of Jiji’s playful charm with them wherever they go. Small but packed with cuteness, this tattoo is sure to win hearts!

4. Peeking black cat with curious eyes

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 4
Credit: bea_tattooart

Ever feel like you’re being watched? This peeking black cat tattoo is here to keep an eye on things!

With just its head and curious eyes showing, this design adds a playful and slightly mischievous vibe to your skin. The minimalist style focuses on the expressive eyes, making it instantly eye-catching. It’s perfect for those who love subtle tattoos with a lot of character. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter!

5. Black cat paw with a golden bell

This unique tattoo features a detailed black cat paw adorned with a golden bell, giving it an almost magical feel. The bell is intricately shaded to look shiny and metallic, contrasting beautifully with the soft fur of the paw.

It’s a creative twist on the typical paw print tattoo, adding a touch of elegance and mystery. It’s a little bit of luck and a whole lot of style rolled into one design.

6. Sitting black cat with green eyes

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 6
Credit: nat20tattoo

Meet your new feline friend, perfectly captured in this tattoo of a black cat sitting calmly with its striking green eyes. The simplicity of the design highlights the cat’s serene and mysterious nature.

This design is simple yet captivating, showing off the serene and mystical side of black cats. The cat’s posture and gaze suggest a quiet confidence, making it an ideal tattoo for cat lovers who appreciate the quieter, more contemplative moments with their furry companions.

7. Framed black cat with a soft gaze

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck
Credit: madinytattoo

This tattoo is like a tiny piece of art on your skin, featuring a black cat with a gentle expression, placed in a perfect rectangular frame. It adds an artistic touch, making the cat look like it’s part of a classic painting.

It’s almost as if the cat is gazing into your soul, adding a touch of mystery and warmth.

8. Double portrait of black cats with yellow eyes

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 8
Credit: melissa_daye

Double the charm with this stunning tattoo of two cats with mesmerizing yellow eyes. The detailed portraits capture their sleek fur and piercing gaze, making it feel like these cats are ready to jump off your skin. The contrast between their dark fur and bright eyes creates a striking effect.

9. Black cat surrounded by flowers

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck

Bring a bit of nature’s beauty to your skin with this black cat tattoo nestled among vibrant flowers. The petals and leaves create a beautiful contrast with the sleek black fur of the cat.

It’s a great choice for anyone who loves cats and the outdoors, blending the best of both worlds in one stunning tattoo. This piece is like carrying a little garden and a loyal companion with you wherever you go.

10. Yin and yang black cat and white rabbit

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 10
Credit: loveyoon.too

Embrace balance and harmony with this charming yin and yang tattoo featuring a black cat and a white rabbit. The playful interaction between the two animals creates a perfect circle, symbolizing the unity of opposites.

The design is both cute and deeply meaningful, representing the balance between light and dark, active and passive. It’s a beautiful reminder that opposites can coexist in harmony. And also, just look how adorable they are!

11. Black cat sitting on a crescent moon

Step into the night with this enchanting dotwork tattoo of a black cat perched on a crescent moon. The delicate stars and subtle shading give it a dreamy, magical feel. The cat’s pose is relaxed yet watchful, as if it’s guarding your dreams.

It’s the perfect tattoo for night owls and dreamers, capturing the mystical allure of the moonlit night and the silent grace of the feline companion. It’s a wonderful piece that adds a touch of night-time magic to your skin.

12. Black cat lounging on a retro TV

Retro vibes meet feline charm with this one-of-a-kind tattoo of a black cat lounging atop an old-school TV. The playful design brings a nostalgic feel, perfect for those who love vintage aesthetics. The cat’s relaxed pose and curious expression make this tattoo both quirky and endearing, a true conversation piece for your skin.

It’s a fun way to mix old-school cool with modern tattoo artistry, showing off your love for all things vintage and cat-related. Did you notice how the cat’s tail blends with the TV screen? That’s a cool touch!

13. Halloween black cat with a jack-o’-lantern

Get into the spooky spirit with this Halloween-themed tattoo of a mischievous black cat clinging to a jack-o’-lantern. The vibrant colors and playful composition make it a festive and eye-catching design.

It’s a great choice for Halloween lovers who want to keep the spooky spirit alive every day. Or maybe you just have a black cat who doesn’t like jack-o’-lanterns.

14. Silhouette of a black cat in a cozy window scene

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 14
Credit: cakpatrick

Capture a moment of serene beauty with this silhouette tattoo of a black cat sitting in a cozy window scene. The detailed plants and hanging decorations add a homey touch, making it feel like a slice of everyday magic.

The simplicity of the silhouette combined with the intricate background creates a beautiful contrast. This tattoo is a gentle reminder of the comfort and peace that home brings.

15. Wide-eyed black cat among flowers

This tattoo features a wide-eyed black cat peeking through a lush arrangement of flowers, combining cuteness with natural beauty. The bright, open eyes of the cat add a sense of curiosity and wonder, while the surrounding blooms bring a burst of color.

It’s a playful and charming design that’s sure to brighten up your day every time you look at it.

16. Black cat with bat wings on a crystal

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 16
Credit: madness.ttt

Dive into a fantasy world with this tattoo of a black cat sporting bat wings, lounging on a sparkling crystal beneath the crescent moon. The mystical elements and the cat’s pose make this tattoo truly unique and magical.

The detailed shading and sparkling accents bring the fantasy to life. It’s perfect for anyone who loves fantasy themes and wants to add a bit of otherworldly charm to their collection. This tattoo is a portal to a magical realm, right on your skin.

17. Black cat among autumn leaves

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck
Credit: miloalfring

Embrace the beauty of the fall season with this tattoo of a black cat surrounded by autumn leaves. The warm, earthy tones of the leaves complement the sleek black fur of the cat, creating a cozy and inviting design.

It’s a great way to carry a bit of fall with you all year long, celebrating the season of change and renewal. On the other hand, it can also represent a mischievous little black cat who likes to roll around in the leaves.

18. Jiji and Lily in love

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 18
Credit: kikinoland

We have another Kiki’s Delivery Service tattoo, but this time Jiji is accompanied by Lily, the white cat. This design perfectly captures their sweet relationship, with Jiji’s playful charm and Lily’s gentle elegance. The delicate flowers and heart shape add a touch of romance, making it a perfect tattoo for fans of Studio Ghibli and cat lovers alike.

The sweet expressions on Jiji and Lily’s faces make this tattoo even more endearing. It’s a delightful reminder of the bonds we share with our furry friends and a lovely ode to love in all its forms.

19. Charming black cat with butterflies

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck
Credit: loveyoon.too

Add a touch of whimsy to your skin with this charming tattoo of a black cat, apparently named Richie, surrounded by fluttering butterflies. The cat’s wide eyes and playful expression make it feel like it’s about to chase the butterflies, adding a lively and joyful vibe.

Of course, if you do decide to have a tattoo like this yourself, you should probably put your cat’s name on the tag. Otherwise, it might get jealous!

20. Four playful black cat tattoos on the foot

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck 20
Credit: _moonlight_uk

Show off your playful side with this fun tattoo of four black cats in various poses, adorning the top of your foot. Each cat has its own unique stance, from stretching to playing, creating a dynamic and lively design. The placement on the foot adds an element of surprise and fun.

It’s a great tattoo for cat lovers who want to keep their love for their furry friends close to their feet, ready to pounce into every step of life.

Black cat tattoos are a fantastic way to express your love for these mysterious and elegant creatures. The versatility and rich symbolism of black cat tattoos make them perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of magic and charm to their skin.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a new tattoo, consider one of these captivating black cat designs to bring a bit of feline magic into your life.

20 Breathtaking Black Cat Tattoos That Will Bring You Good Luck

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