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Unleash Your Inner Roar With These 24 Bold Bear Tattoo Ideas

Unleash Your Inner Roar With These 24 Bold Bear Tattoo Ideas

Oftentimes, tattoos are pretty pieces of art that the wearer felt drawn to for one reason or another. Other times, they’re messengers of all the lonely life stories, ups and downs, and hardships that the wearer endured. What’s the tea on bear tattoos?

Bears are quite a common tattoo motif, and for a good reason, too. Bears are thought to represent strength, courage, and protection, and they’re deemed guardians and guides who embody the connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

Before you bite the bullet and get a bear tattoo, remember that you can opt for whichever style speaks to you. Bears are quite wearable and versatile, and they’re equally eye-catching whether you opt for a small and simple piece or a statement one.

We’ve hunted down the best tattoos to inspire your next inking.

1. A roaring bear on the upper arm

A roaring bear on your upper arm will signify your strength, resilience, and willingness to face the challenges life throws your way. Whether you opt for a big, bold tattoo or something a little smaller, you’re going to feel the power of your tattoo.

2. A roaring bear on the thigh

What about a roaring bear on the thigh? Thigh tattoos are great because they offer you and your tattoo artist plenty of real estate to work with. That being said, it’s up to you whether you’re going to go for a statement ink or a simple, sleek tattoo.

3. A realistic bear on the forearm

With a bear tattoo, you can choose between a myriad of styles that work with any aesthetic. A realistic tattoo might be the exact thing you’re on the hunt for. When you want your tattoo to look like a photo, opt for a realistic tattoo.

4. A black and gray tattoo of two bears fighting

We do need to mention that black and gray bear tattoos take the cake. They’re the most popular among first-timers and experienced ink enthusiasts because they’re mysterious, moody, and even elegant. They’re a great option to consider.

5. A big bear head on the wrist

A wrist or a hand tattoo might not be the biggest piece you’ll ever get, but it’s an eye-catching one, nonetheless. After all, everyone can see your wrist/hand tattoos and that’s why you need to be 100% on board with the design you and your tattoo artist come up with.

6. A bear and cub fine-line tattoo

A bear and cub tattoo might be your way of paying homage to your family, whether you get a matching tattoo with your mother or surprise your father with a tattoo of the two of you. Opt for a fine-line tattoo when you want to go for something a little more simple and subtle.

7. A bear and cub linework tattoo

Fine-line tattoos are quite similar to linework tattoos, but some differences might make you choose one over the other. Linework tattoos are made of lines (obviously), and they’re quite modern and minimalist which might be something you’re drawn to.

8. A black and gray bear on the forearm

A black and gray bear doesn’t need to be basic and boring. At the end of the day, you get to choose the style and the symbolism that works with your vibe. We’re obsessed with this particular tattoo because of its simple, clean lines, squiggly clouds, and straightforward design.

9. A traditional blackwork tattoo of a bear

A traditional blackwork tattoo will always be on-trend. When you’re struggling to pick the perfect style, you might want to go the traditional route because you want to stand out from the crowd. After all, traditional blackwork tattoos are impactful and irresistible.

10. A big bear on the chest

We’ve got another great bear tattoo for you! A chest tattoo might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t go wrong with a scary, strikingly beautiful bear on your chest. Whether you opt for a blackwork tattoo or a colorful one, we’re sure you’re going to love it.

11. Another bear head on the wrist

Whether you’re getting your first tattoo ever or growing your collection of wildlife tattoos, you might want to consider getting on on your wrist/hand. A wrist/hand tattoo happens to be highly visible, and that’s something to keep an eye on when discussing tattoo pavements with your tattoo artist.

12. A serene lake scene with a roaring bear

If you want to “go big or go home,” you’re the perfect candidate for a tattoo that’s much more than a tattoo – you’re the perfect candidate for a work of art.

Opt for a scene that speaks to you the most (a lake where you went fishing with your father or a mountain you climbed when you were eleven) and you’re good to go. It’s clear that bear tattoos are much more than “bear tattoos.”

13. A bear scene on the leg

13. A bear scene on the leg
Credit: @amazhang_ink

Arm tattoos are popular, but you might be more interested in getting some ink on your legs, too. A bear scene on your leg might be the right choice for you.

14. A colorful bear scene on the leg

14. A colorful bear scene on the leg
Credit: @saydanaksit

If black and gray tattoos make you sad, you might be more interested in getting a colorful tattoo. Colorful tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart, but there’s no denying that they’re some of the most strikingly beautiful works of body art we’ve ever seen.

15. A linework bear with sunflowers

When you’re working on the final design of your tattoo, don’t shy away from adding elements that can amplify or completely change the meaning of your tattoo. A bear with a couple of sunflowers looks like a scene from a movie, and that’s why it’s one of the sweetest tattoos we’ve ever seen.

16. A black bear with flowers and plants

If colorful tattoos aren’t your thing, you can opt for the same (or similar) design and keep it black and gray. Whether you go with a dotwork tattoo, a linework tattoo, or a fine-line tattoo, make sure you work these kinks out with your tattoo artist before you commit to your tattoo.

17. A traditional tattoo of a bear head

17. A traditional tattoo of a bear head
Credit: @steviepee

A traditional tattoo isn’t complete without a dagger, a sword, or a knife. It’s quite a common symbol that can represent a myriad of meanings, but it’s typically associated with some sort of inner conflict or a manifestation of something negative.

18. A geometric bear tattoo

We can’t forget about geometric tattoos! Geometric tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days and you might want to get a bear-themed geometric tattoo. Geometric tattoos are defined by lines, circles, squares, and triangles, and they’re super symmetrical and satisfying.  

19. A bear sleeve

19. A bear sleeve

Who wouldn’t want to get a bear sleeve? A sleeve tattoo typically refers to a style of tattoo that covers an entire arm or leg and consists of tattoos that are in the same theme. A sleeve tattoo doesn’t need to be done all at once, but if you’re brave enough – that’s something you might want to consider.

20. A bear drinking a bear on the forearm

Get silly with your tattoo! When you opt for a bear tattoo, you might think you need to go for a roaring bear that’s going to scare people away from ever talking to you, but you don’t. Go for a silly tattoo of a bear drinking beer and poke fun at yourself or your friends.

21. A tattoo of two cubs on the upper arm

We can’t talk about bear tattoos without getting sentimental. Whether you want to commemorate your children or create a permanent omen for your grandchildren, you can get a tattoo of bear cubs that represent them.

22. A black and gray bear on the thigh

What about a realistic black and gray bear on the thigh? Realistic tattoos might not be as popular as some of the other styles we mentioned beforehand, but that doesn’t need to mean a thing. Rather than going with a trend, go with your gut and opt for a style that speaks to you the most.

23. A bear sticker sleeve

23. A bear sticker sleeve
Credit: @dawn.tattoos

Sticker sleeves are getting more popular than “regular” sleeves because they’re simpler, less time-consuming, and low-commitment. With a sticker sleeve, you can add a tattoo (or two) whenever you feel like it and build your sleeve over time.

24. A bear with flowers and berries on the leg

We’re ending the article with a, dare we say, cute and cuddly bear. When you want to get a bear tattoo but don’t want to walk around with a scarecrow attached to your body – embellish your tattoo with flowers and berries. What are you waiting for?

Unleash Your Inner Roar With These 24 Bold Bear Tattoo Ideas

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