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24 Baby Memorial Tattoos: Emotional Ways To Mark Your Loss

24 Baby Memorial Tattoos: Emotional Ways To Mark Your Loss

The worst thing a parent can go through is the loss of their child. The pain follows you for the rest of your life, and honestly, it doesn’t get any less intense. People choose to deal with it in different ways. Some dedicate a corner in their home to their baby while others look for baby memorial tattoos that they can carry on their skin forever.

It takes a while to accept the reality of the situation and with each new day that rises, you feel like you’re going through an emotional roller coaster. As you catch yourself laughing at something, you instantly feel guilty because you know that you won’t ever hear your child’s laugh.

But at the end of the day, you know that you have to move on. Your life doesn’t stop and no matter how hard it is, you have to go back to your old routine.

However, you also know that you’ll never forget your baby. And sometimes, you just want something to remind you of them.

So, if you’re looking to get a baby memorial tattoo, we’ve gathered some meaningful ideas that you may like. They’re a great way to keep in mind that your child will always be a part of you, even if they’re no longer physically with you.

1. Baby handprints

Do you happen to have your baby’s handprints? In that case, you can get them inked onto your body forever and turn them into a memory that will never fade away.

2. Baby footprints

You can also do the same with your baby’s footprints. If you want to, you can include some additional elements such as the name of your child, the date of birth, or even a halo that will signify the loss of your angel.

3. Mother hugging a baby

3. Mother hugging a baby
Credit: larissatattoo

If you had a chance to hug your baby then that is probably one of your favorite memories ever. You can get it tattooed onto your skin and that way, remember your little one for the rest of your life.

4. Baby initials

If you’re looking for a simple tattoo, you can always choose to go with the first letter of your baby’s name. It’s a meaningful way to carve them onto your body.

5. Angel baby panda

5. Angel baby panda
Credit: karintats

Panda is often used as a symbol of patience and a positive attitude. This tattoo could be a great way to remember your baby and to remind yourself that you have to move on with your life, no matter how hard it is.

6. Baby angel

Okay, this is definitely going to be an emotional roller coaster. This tattoo is a beautiful way to remember your tiny being that made you realize your strength. A mom holding her baby angel is a design that will always have a special place in your heart.

7. One last hug

We’re never aware that the moment we’re hugging someone could be the last time we see them. You can opt for this tattoo when you’re trying to hold onto that memory and make it last forever.

8. Holding your baby’s hand

One of the most special moments in your life is the one when your baby holds your finger tightly. At that point, you feel like the most important person to them. Why not engrave that onto your body forever and remind yourself that your baby loved you dearly, even though you didn’t have much time to get to know each other?

9. Baby elephant

9. Baby elephant
Credit: mjsink

Even though they’re huge and robust, elephants are extremely protective of their young. So, getting a baby elephant inked on your skin is something that can remind you of your little one who passed away way too early.

10. Shilloute of a baby’s face

A fine-line silhouette of your baby’s face will remind you that even though your child isn’t physically present in your life, they will never leave your heart.

11. Angel wings

11. Angel wings
Credit: amir.inks

Are you looking for something simple? Something that’s a universal sign of loss but it’s not way too obvious? This tattoo could be exactly what you need right now to deal with the loss of your tiny human.

12. Feather tattoo

You can get this feather tattoo to symbolize the love you’ll always feel for your lost baby. If it feels too much, you can easily skip the date of birth and simply go with the elements you’re comfortable with.

13. Angel bird

Sometimes, a bird has to fly away even though we’re not ready to let it go. This tattoo symbolizes exactly that and it’s going to become a special way to cherish your lost baby.

14. A dove carrying a rose

A dove could be seen as a symbol of love and innocence, so it’s a great choice for a baby memorial tattoo. The rose is a symbol of your love and it will remind you that your baby knows how much you love her.

15. Memorial quote

15. Memorial quote
Credit: eat_my_pen

You can choose to go with a special quote or a saying that represents the way you’re feeling right now. “Forever missing you” is a great option but if it doesn’t speak to your heart, we’re sure you can opt for something more meaningful.

16. Baby heartbeats

What about a baby’s heartbeats that stop and turn into a heart? If you know that this tattoo will bring you comfort then it’s definitely an option worth considering.

17. Baby fingerprints

If you have your baby’s fingerprints, you can enlarge them and turn them into a heart shape. Adding the carnations and a “Love you always” statement will just make this tattoo even more special to you.

18. Holding the whole universe

When you hold your baby, you feel like you’re holding the whole universe in your arms. This can’t be explained to those who’ve never experienced it. That’s why this tattoo idea is a great way to remember the loss of a baby’s life.

19. Portrait of a mom and a baby

19. Portrait of a mom and a baby
Credit: agojau111

Do you have a favorite photo of you and your baby angel? Turn it into a tattoo and you’ll always carry your little one no matter where you go.

20. Tiny baby hand

20. Tiny baby hand
Credit: _nono_tattoo

A sketch-style tattoo of a baby’s hand is another precious way to make your new tattoo more personal. It’ll feel like your little one is touching your skin, even though they’re no longer with you.

21. Pregnancy loss awareness footprints

21. Pregnancy loss awareness footprints
Credit: kidoci215

Blue and pink are pregnancy loss awareness colors so getting your baby’s footprints in these shades is a great way to portray that. If you want to, you can also add some words underneath it that will make this design even more special.

22. Pregnancy loss awareness ribbon

You can also opt for a tattoo that contains a pregnancy loss awareness ribbon together with some other details that are typical for the season when your baby was born. In the end, you’ll get a completely personal tattoo, different from all of the other ones you’ve been looking into.

23. “Until we meet again”

The realization that you and your baby will meet again can be something that’s going to give you that well-needed strength to get through all these dark days.

24. Two simple hearts

This is probably one of the simplest tattoos on the list, but its meaning still remains the same. Two intertwined hearts, one for you and one for your lost child will remind you that your baby will always be a part of you. No matter what!

24 Baby Memorial Tattoos: Emotional Ways To Mark Your Loss

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