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18 Captivating Aura Nails You’ll Want To Copy

18 Captivating Aura Nails You’ll Want To Copy

If you’re a girl who loves getting her nails done, I have 18 perfect aura nail designs for you to try. These captivating designs have an ethereal feel to them, as if they’ve been crafted by fairies themselves.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve got you covered. You’ll definitely want to try these nail designs in 2024!

1. Incredible purple aura nails

18 Captivating Aura Nails You'll Want To Copy
Credit: nailsbyalsn

Purple nails are always a great choice, but purple aura nails are even better. Just look at how simple yet incredible these are!

A lighter purple blurred orb is seamlessly blended into a darker purple shade, creating a stunning, hazy effect.

2. Blue on blue

Blue on blue
Credit: unkovrd

These blue aura nails are here to elevate any outfit with their bright colors and shiny top coat. They have a glowing appearance, and the cool silver framing adds a new dimension that makes them stand out even more.

If you’re into bold colors and designs, this could be the perfect choice for you to try this summer.

3. Amazing acrylic aura nails

18 Captivating Aura Nails You'll Want To Copy
Credit: nailzbyciera_

What could be a better idea for aura nails than hot pink Barbie nails adorned with beautiful gems?

The neutral, milky base makes this vibrant pink aura stand out prominently and creates a cohesive overall design.

These nails are perfect for those summer days you’ll want to spend at the beach or at the bar with friends.

4. Cool nail design

Cool nail design
Credit: curedbyjae

Not all aura nails need to be filled with vibrant colors to look cool and interesting. For example, these nails are done with a black aura on a white base, adorned with cute shining stars on each nail.

This manicure has some edgy and gothic vibes to it and looks so enchanting with its interesting design.

5. Sweet pink

18 Captivating Aura Nails You'll Want To Copy
Credit: ells__nails

These bubblegum pink aura nails are what dreams are made of for every girl. They are simple and short yet sweet and elegant.

You could easily pair these with any outfit of your choice, and they’ll definitely grab the attention of the people around you.

6. Otherworldly aura nails

Otherworldly aura nails
Credit: nailsxomari

Red symbolizes love and sensuality, so if you’re seeking something romantic yet edgy, these over-the-top aura nails are a great way to make everyone stop and stare.

A few shades of red and amazing gold 3D details are what make this nail design otherworldly and ethereal.

7. Dreamy aura

18 Captivating Aura Nails You'll Want To Copy
Credit: gelxbygrace

If you enjoy colorful and fun nail art, don’t hesitate to mix and match different designs for a more extravagant aura manicure.

You’ll love these 3D designs, bright colors, and beautiful nail stickers that’ll make your nails pop even more in the best possible way.

8. 3D aura nails

3D aura nails
Credit: mj_nailbizz

A green and blue aura design provides the perfect base for these impressive and fun 3D swirls, resembling ocean waves.

I know this might seem like a complicated manicure to do, but all you need is some clear gel to create the swirls and some blue and green eyeshadows, as this aura design is made with them. Pretty cool, right?

9. Cute and simple

These subtle aura nails are elegantly chic, adorned with stunning pearly jewels and gem stickers that elevate this simple manicure to the next level.

These nails are an ideal option for when you want a sophisticated yet fun and girly look. They are highly eye-catching, and I’m sure they will earn you many compliments.

10. Gold charm

Gold charm
Credit: pressed.byp

The manicure in the picture above is so captivating, with nails resembling a clear night sky where the Milky Way shines through.

This effect is created with a black base and a white airbrushed orb that blends beautifully into the darker color. A special detail, a golden rose, is added, serving as both a lucky charm and a stunning feature that elevates the entire nail art.

11. Beautiful aura nails

These gorgeous pink and orange aura nails resemble a beautiful summer sunset that you can’t take your eyes off of.

The neutral milky base truly makes them stand out and creates a perfect canvas for these two colors that complement each other so stunningly.

They’ll be a perfect match for your cute summer dresses and hot days on the beach.

12. Abstract and vibrant

Here’s one more aura nail design that will make your jaw drop. A hot orange base resembling a bright sunrise on the mountain, paired with blue details resembling a clear river, will truly make you want to get these nails and show them off to everyone you know.

This abstract and vibrant manicure is everything you’ve been searching for in aura nails, as it’s so unique and playful.

13. Soft spring

18 Captivating Aura Nails You'll Want To Copy
Credit: nailsbysami_

Do I get some fairy vibes here, or what? With 3D flowers and bows, along with cute gems, shining stars, and hearts—I don’t know where to look first!

Everything looks so mesmerizing and dainty. I love how these neutral colors make it all seem soft and delicate. This manicure will definitely turn heads in the best possible way.

14. Bright and colorful

Bright and colorful
Credit: livs.nailsss

If you love bright colors but prefer simple nail designs, this could be your next manicure. I adore the eye-catching combination of pastel colors, perfect for spring, and the fun yet easy-to-do nail art.

And you know what the best thing about these aura nails is? You can easily do them at home, and everyone will be stunned by the results.

15. Green aura nails

Green aura nails look absolutely adorable, reminding me of avocados and nature in general. They’re simple yet stylish and will complement any outfit you choose.

If you’re a nature lover, these are definitely for you! For a more sophisticated and elegant look, consider keeping them a bit shorter.

16. Remarkable and shiny

Remarkable and shiny
Credit: thenailbabeuk

Unlike the previous nails, these are very long but also very stylish. The vibrant purple hues and stunning gemstones all over them take these nails over the top in the best possible way.

All these fun details make this manicure so interesting to look at, and I bet it’s even more interesting to wear. Would you give it a try?

17. Pretty in chrome

If you prefer more neutral and subtle nail designs, then these chrome aura nails are the perfect choice without a doubt.

They look so magical with iridescent tones, reminiscent of the gorgeous “golden hours” by the beach. To emphasize that even more, this nail artist added small but stunning golden gemstones on both ring fingers.

18. Flower aura nails

Flower aura nails
Credit: kimchinailz

What would it all be without some flower inspiration for your next manicure appointment? These delicate aura nails radiate feminine energy and look so pretty.

Enchanting blue details make it all look so dreamy and romantic—perfect for these aura nail designs.

Aura nails are one of the most buzzy nail trends as of late, and they’re all over our feed. Whether you prefer vibrant colors, subtle hues, or intricate details, I hope you found what you were looking for! Let me know which of these aura nail designs was your favorite!

18 Captivating Aura Nails You'll Want To Copy

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