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20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

Atomic tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re a great way for you to show the world that you’re a true scientist or a science enthusiast. After all, the recognizable circular structure makes for one of the most mysterious tattoo motifs out there and you’re guaranteed to appreciate the craftsmanship behind the tattoo even more.

An atom tattoo guarantees to put you on the map, too, especially among chemistry and physics buffs.  Atoms are the basic units of matter that manufacture everything around us, which might be the reason why atomic tattoos typically represent spirituality, the universe, and the fact that everything in the universe is connected. We’ve prepared a few of our favorite atomic tattoos to go confidently into your next era with some new ink.

1. Atomic tattoo on the forearm

Starting with the most simple, straightforward atomic tattoo out there, we’re obsessed with the way different ink colors interact with one another. Whether you opt for a blackwork tattoo or a colored one, you can’t go wrong with something soft and subtle.

2. A blackwork atom tattoo on the forearm

What about a blackwork atomic tattoo? Blackwork tattoos are made with black ink, but they’re typically bright and bold. Before you get a blackwork tattoo, talk to your tattoo artist to ensure that the two of you are on the same page.

3. A fine-line atom tattoo on the wrist

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That'll Blow Your Mind
Credit: @tivas

When you’re on the lookout for something a little more subtle, you might want to go with a fine-line tattoo. Fine-line tattoos are made with multiple very small needles or one single needle and they’re meant to create a delicate-looking tattoo.

4. Atomic tattoo on the inside of the arm

What do you do when you don’t want the world to know about your tattoo? Consider proper tattoo placement that’s going to allow you to conceal and reveal your tattoo depending on your personal preferences. Contrary to popular belief, a tattoo on the inside of your arm might do the trick.

5. A tiny atomic tattoo on the wrist

A tiny atomic tattoo might surprise you! Atomic tattoos can be big and bold, depending on the style you opt for. After all, they’re meant to signify the entire universe and that’s why you might be tempted to “go big or go home.” With that out of the way, though, a tiny atomic tattoo can pack a punch, too.

6. Atomic tattoo on the ankle

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That8217ll Blow Your Mind 27
Credit: @yarza.ttt

When you’re worried about your tattoo stretching or sagging with time, you might want to go with an ankle tattoo. Ankle tattoos are awesome because they’re hidden away for the most part, but you can show them off whenever you’re looking to attract attention. Atomic tattoos on your ankles sound pretty freakin’ great.

7. A delicate and detailed atomic tattoo on the forearm

When working on your tattoo, don’t shy away from adding symbols and elements that amplify or completely chnage the meaning of the tattoo. With atomic tattoos, you can play with different scientific symbols, geometric shapes, or even scientists and philosophers you’re a fan of.

8. A science tattoo on the thigh

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That8217ll Blow Your Mind 29
Credit: @babstattoos

We’re obsessed with this tattoo, and for a good reason, too! When you’re struggling to make up your mind about the tattoo motifs you want to go with, why not go for all of them? Show everyone that you’re a science freak with a tattoo that showcases all the things that make you, well, you.

9. A simple and sleek atom tattoo

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That'll Blow Your Mind
Credit: @emwitattoo

Oh, you can’t go more simple and sleek than this atomic tattoo! With a blackwork outline and dotwork details, this tattoo looks like something straight out of a science book!

10. Atomic tattoo on the bicep

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That8217ll Blow Your Mind 31
Credit: @blancart.vic

Arm tattoos are great because they’re wearable and versatile, and you can make them your own with a few simple tweaks. Atomic tattoos might not be “controversial,” but you’re going to appreciate the fact that you can conceal and reveal your atomic tattoo whenever you want to.

11. A dotwork atom tattoo on the upper arm

Dotwork tattoos are perfect for people who prefer modern minimalism over more traditional styles. Dotwork tattoos are simple and subtle, and they’re made with a million tiny dots which makes them even more eye-catching and attractive.

12. A black and white ink atom tattoo

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That8217ll Blow Your Mind 33
Credit: @baibutattoo

Black and white tattoos might be the exact style you’re looking for! They’re intricate and interesting, and they’re a great way for you to spice things up without completely changing the style of tattoo you typically go for. They’re elegant and effortless, too.

13. Atomic tattoo with butterflies on the wrist

Most people complete their atomic tattoos with scientific symbols, geometric shapes, and similar elements that simply “go” with the style of the tattoo. Moreover, they shy away from experimenting with colors and color combinations. We suggest you give a personal touch to your tattoo whichever way you please – with a heart, a butterfly, or even a flower.

14. A matching atomic tattoo

Why not get matching atomic tattoos with your BFF, your partner, or even your favorite family member? We already mentioned that atomic tattoos represent the universe and everything in it, and we believe there’s something truly romantic (and platonic) about getting a matching tattoo of an atom with someone special.

15. A geometric atom tattoo

We talked about geometric shapes complementing atomic tattoos, right? We suggest you opt for a geometric tattoo when you want to play with lines, circles, and triangles, or add more interest to your tattoo with a few of your favorite elements.

16. Atomic tattoo on the chest

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That8217ll Blow Your Mind 37
Credit: @vivtattoo

We can’t forget about the proper placement for your atomic tattoo, either! When you’re struggling to come up with a creative spot for your new ink, you might be interested in getting a tattoo on your chest. Chest tattoos might not be for the faith of the heart, but they’re worth your while.

17. A science tattoo on the forearm

We’ve got another science tattoo coming your way!

Atomic tattoos don’t need to be basic and boring, especially when you can make them your own by adding all the scientific references your heart desires.

18. Atomic tattoo on the arm

Atomic tattoos are perfect for first-timers and seasoned tattoo-getters because they’re typically on the smaller side. A simple atom tattoo can be placed pretty much anywhere and you’re free to experiment with tattoo placements that work with your style or your aesthetic.

19. A watercolor atom tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are truly works of art!

With a watercolor tattoo, you’re guaranteed to attract attention regardless of the tattoo motif. Atomic tattoos can be made even more breathtaking and bold with a few splashes of blue, pink, or yellow ink.

20. Atomic tattoo on the inside of the forearm

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That8217ll Blow Your Mind 41
Credit: @plnsky.tatts

We’re ending the article with yet another atomic tattoo on the arm! Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever or adding to a growing collection of scientific tattoos, there’s no denying that a tattoo of an atom on your forearm will put a smile on your face.

20 Impressive Atomic Tattoo Ideas That'll Blow Your Mind

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