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Ditch The Beta: 10 Alpha Body Language Tips And Tricks

Ditch The Beta: 10 Alpha Body Language Tips And Tricks

Alpha males might have garnered quite a negative reputation over time, but that doesn’t mean you need to continue being a beta for the sake of not getting called out. Alpha males are confident, curious, and dominant among men and women. Who are alpha males, and what are alpha body language signs?

When we think of alpha males of the modern world, we think of gruff, aggressive, overly masculine men who seem to think they’re above everyone and anyone. We think of Andrew Tate and the growing group of men who seem to take his every word as fact.

Alpha males are much more than that, though. Sometimes they’re born with that “oomph” that makes them appear approachable and domineering at the same time. Other times, they’re known to become masters of confidence with hard work and dedication. What’s their secret, though?

With the right body language, you can make a world of difference regarding the way the world perceives you. Although you may not be confident or think you’re worthy of everyone’s attention, practicing alpha body language can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself.

What does the alpha body language entail?

Ditch The Beta: 10 Alpha Body Language Tips And Tricks

Let’s be honest. Most men start wondering about alpha males and alpha body language when they’re trying to get a woman to notice them. We can agree that women tend to flock toward alphas more than betas, but that’s not the biggest reason practicing being an alpha male can change your life.

When you start working on your alpha attitude, you’ll become much more confident, curious, and adventurous. Whether that means going for that promotion you’ve been too scared to ask for or finally biting the bullet and starting to work out, you’re about to be an alpha.

What does alpha body language entail, though? What’s the connection between fixing your posture and feeling like you’re on top of the world?

Body language typically refers to non-verbal cues we use when we communicate. Words are great, but our gestures, facial expressions, and mannerisms say much more.

To exude alpha body language, you’ll need to change both your attitude and the way you move your body when you’re surrounded by people. The way you carry yourself sends valuable information into the world, and that’s why you need to fake it until you make it.

Fortunately, that’s when you can turn to us to fix your posture. Let’s go!

10 key alpha body language tips

1. Keep your head held high

It may sound silly, but the moment you straighten your posture, open up, and hold your head high, the people around will notice the change. When you walk with your head down, always looking at the floor or the table, people assume you’re shy, unprepared, or even unintelligent.

When you do the opposite, though, you start to exude confidence. With your chin up and your head held high, you’re sending a message to the rest of the world that you deserve to be there and that you’re more than happy to take up space.

2. Make eye contact

Ditch The Beta 10 Alpha Body Language Tips And Tricks 2 2

Confident people know that they’re supposed to maintain eye contact at all times. With that, we come to the next step of mastering alpha body language – making eye contact.

We’re aware that people who suffer from low self-esteem might not want to make eye contact with others when speaking, but that’s when you need to remember to fake it till you make it.

Maintaining proper eye contact can change the way you feel about yourself, too. When you’re able to hold a conversation without looking away, looking around the room, or checking your phone to get rid of the nerves, you’ll see you’re capable of much more than you give yourself credit for.

3. Stand/sit up straight

Good posture goes a long way, no matter what you might think. Take a moment to sit at a coffee spot and observe the world around you. You’ll probably notice men who sit up straight, take up space, and look like they’re exactly where they need to be.

Men who slouch, sit in the corner, and act like they’re doing something wrong by being there are the ones you’re probably going to feel sorry for. Sitting or standing up straight projects confidence, authority, and grace, while slouching projects poor self-esteem.

Which man would you rather be?

4. Widen your stance

Standing with your feet slightly apart sends the message that you’re commanding and in control, and that you carry some sort of authority. Standing with your feet too close together, on the other hand, suggests that you’re timid and afraid to attract attention.

Sure, you might not think that anyone’s looking at your feet, but people notice the overall vibe, and that includes your posture and attitude. Now, when widening your stance, aim for your feet to be in line with your hips and shoulders – your feet should be about a foot apart.

5. Lean forward

Ditch The Beta: 10 Alpha Body Language Tips And Tricks

Worry not, you don’t need to lean forward when you’re walking to work or sitting at your desk trying to complete your tasks. When you’re having a conversation with someone, though, you might want to lean forward to show that you’re actively listening to them.

Making an effort to do that can make the person you’re talking to feel seen, heard, and appreciated, and that’s what you’re aiming for. Alpha males aren’t supposed to be unapproachable and aggressive, they’re supposed to be the type of men everyone wants to be surrounded by.

Appreciate the people around you.

6. Keep your hands out of your pockets

Whether you’re trying to keep your sweaty hands out of sight or struggling to figure out what to do with them in conversation, you might want to resort to pockets.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with using your pockets when you’re cold, but you don’t want to do that during a conversation.

More times than not, men who keep their hands in their pockets when they’re talking to a woman, an authority figure, or even a friend appear much more timid and anxious. Keep your hands out of your pockets and rather use hand gestures to appear more positive and optimistic.

7. Use hand gestures

What hand gestures reflect alpha body language, though? We’re not here to tell you to throw your hands up every time you’re unsure of what to do with them, but you might want to figure out a hand gesture or two that works for you.

Gesture with your palms up to showcase honesty and honor, or aim for broad, smooth hand motions to showcase that you’re in control and that you’re calm.

Whatever you do, don’t hide your hands. Make sure they’re visible at all times and that you’re following whatever you’re talking about with appropriate hand movements.

8. Slow your movements

Ditch The Beta 10 Alpha Body Language Tips And Tricks 4

Whether we’re talking about hand gestures or how you walk to work or move around the office, slow, steady movements are always the right way to go. Confident people are rarely late for anything, and that’s why they’re always able to keep a slow pace and appear even more confident.

When you’re running around the office like a headless chicken, you’re sending the message that you’re unprepared, unqualified, and anxious. And the same rules apply when it comes to love and family life. Slow down and notice how different you feel when you calm your mind (and your body!)

9. Get rid of “um” and “like”

Words might not be a part of these non-verbal cues we’ve been talking about, but we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to remind you to cut the unnecessary words out of your vocabulary. When you’re trying to appear more put-together and polished, you need to figure out a way to sound the part, too.

Getting rid of filler words such as “um” and “like” can change the way you sound to other people. When you know what you’re talking about, you don’t need to buy time by resorting to meaningless words – you can speak with confidence and poise. Lower your voice, slow down, and you’re good to go.

10. Don’t be afraid to take up space

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with something you’re guaranteed to come by when you start researching ways to become an alpha male. Alpha males are supposed to take up space because they’re not afraid of standing out, attracting attention, and turning heads.

Don’t be afraid to sit up straight when you’re at a conference. Don’t shy away from sitting comfortably with a wide stance when you’re attending a meeting. Show up and show them what you’re made of.

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