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A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

Do you remember your words, “I don’t believe in love anymore!”?

Do you remember how you spent hours and hours crying yourself to sleep because of all of the heartbreaks you went through?

You barely moved from your bed, thinking that your world had completely fallen apart.

Do you remember all of the flashbacks you had every time you saw a happy couple, holding hands, gazing calmly into each other’s eyes?

All of your happy memories ran through your mind and you hated the idea that you couldn’t make it the way they had.

You were jealous of their perfect little world of happiness because someone destroyed yours when you needed it the most.

Instead of laughs and kisses, you got tears of bitterness and a painful twitch every time someone mentioned the word ‘forever‘.

Do you remember how you couldn’t decide what to do anymore?

You were torn apart, not knowing what the right thing to do was, so you dated too much or didn’t date at all.

You went through phases of going out with every guy who made an effort to talk to you and not going out at all, no matter how hard someone tried to convince you.

After many heartbreaks, you decided that love wasn’t for you. “Love doesn’t exist! I don’t believe in love anymore!”

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn't Believe In Love Anymore

Those words became your mantra and you repeated them every time someone asked you about your love life.

You isolated yourself against any source of care or affection.

You were on your own, sailing through the wild ocean on a one-woman-ship.

No one could give you a hand, comfort you when you felt sad, or cherish your success. You wouldn’t let them!

Guys tried to approach you, but one by one, you rejected them with your mantra, and eventually, they gave up.

You didn’t believe in love and you showed it to everyone around you.

And I understand why you did that.

You’d been hurt too many times and I know that you were afraid that it would happen again.

I understand you felt that in the specific moment you let someone in your life again, your heart would start to ache.

You couldn’t take it anymore so you desperately wanted to replace the anguish of waiting for someone to hurt you with complete isolation from any kind of romantic affection.

Do you remember how you said you didn’t believe in love anymore?

And do you see yourself now?

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn't Believe In Love Anymore

In a happy and fulfilling relationship, enjoying each and every second of it. I know that you would never want to lose him – your eyes give you away.

You look at him like he is the best thing in the world. Actually, you stare at him, amazed by all of the happiness he has brought into your life.

And he looks at you the same way. You can tell that he doesn’t want to lose you either. EVER!

You don’t live in your isolated world of loneliness anymore. Instead, you let him in and you share rent now. It no longer feels lonely there.

It’s warm and cozy, comfortable and secure. It feels right; just the way love is supposed to feel.

Do you see how you have made plans you never thought you could?

You are moving in together, talking about a wedding, and thinking about names for your kids.

You – the one who didn’t believe in love – is thinking about what she will call her children!

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn't Believe In Love Anymore

Do you see how your tears have finally turned into laughter?

You share your bed with the one you love unconditionally and you frame your memories in pictures so you never forget about them.

You feel like a sixteen-year-old girl when she falls in love for the first time. Every look and every smile awakens the butterflies in your stomach.

You – the one who was afraid of love and heartbreak – is now in a happy relationship, blessing every man who came before the real one, because you now realize that everything was just an experience.

They were lessons that were supposed to teach you something important. And that something is that you can’t choose to ignore love.

You can’t just avoid it like it’s a bump in the road. You can’t walk around it because if it’s meant to be, it will find its way.

Love doesn’t care that you don’t believe in it. Instead, love will show you all of the beauty that it has to offer.

It will show you a hidden world you have never explored before.

Now is the right time to see the ways in which love works; to see everything it has to offer.

Support, affection, stability, respect, and the most beautiful memories you will ever share with someone.

Do you see how you have changed? From someone who didn’t believe in love, you’ve turned into someone who enjoys each and every second of it.

Well, I’m glad that you finally found it. Accept it and enjoy it. You deserve it!

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn't Believe In Love Anymore

This is for all those women who have a little girl hidden inside of them who is afraid of heartbreak.

I know that it hurts too much but no matter what you do, you can’t hide from real love.

Love will always find you, even if you don’t believe in it anymore. And after that, it will show you that everything before was just a lesson.

Yes, it hurts but only because of one thing – to be able to show you what real love feels like.

Now, you are able to appreciate what you have because you know how it feels to be in a relationship with the wrong person.

You will feel real love, no matter how impossible it sounds. One day, you will stumble upon someone who will shake your world in a good way.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn't Believe In Love Anymore

He will show you what it’s like to love someone with your whole being. He will be there for you, and you will be there for him.

No words will be able to describe what the two of you have. That’s why your feelings will testify for you.

Even if you don’t believe in love anymore, it will find you.

It will open up a new world and show you what it’s like when you give yourself fully to someone, without fear that he will break you apart.

A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn't Believe In Love Anymore

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