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6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

Post-breakup depression should never be joked about. It’s a serious period where a person is at their all-time low.

So many people in this world experience this and everyone has their reasons. Some people get triggered by the fact that they don’t know what to do afterward, while others are devastated by the loss of the love of their life.

You can see just how much it affects them through all of the things they do or don’t do.

Have you been thinking that maybe, just maybe, your ex is experiencing this? Breakups hurt a lot and this one didn’t leave you indifferent for sure. Your heart was shattered after everything.

But you have a feeling that he got it worse than you did.

That’s why you want to know if he’s suffering from post-breakup depression. You want to know if you’ll have to intervene in some way or another.

1. He doesn’t go out with friends anymore

DONE! 6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

The first thing that you should look for is if he’s being social in any type of way. Does he still go out with his friends? Does he still go to parties as much as he used to?

I mean, all of us need to take some time off to heal, so he may be going through that period. However, it shouldn’t last too long. It’s easier to heal when you’re around people and he knows that.

But he still doesn’t go out with his friends anymore. If you ask them, they say that he’s isolated himself from the world. And if you do get the chance to talk to him, all he says is that he simply doesn’t see the point anymore.

He doesn’t have the energy to go out and enjoy himself anymore. What are the chances that everything reminds him of you? Because of that, he feels like he can’t do anything without the painful reminder of you no longer in his life.

2. He’s given up his hobbies

DONE! 6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

Another sign your ex is suffering from post-breakup depression is that he’s given up on all of his hobbies.

Every human being needs something outside of their workspace to make them happy. Everyone should have some hobbies that they indulge themselves in.

However, he’s given up on his.

You haven’t seen him in the gym in quite a long time. His teammates say he hasn’t been to soccer practice in a while. He let go of all the things that created any type of joy in his life.

Depression does that to people. He can’t find the energy to pursue things in his life anymore. He’s probably even been doing worse on his job. He doesn’t know what to do to get back on track at this point.

3. He’s been struggling with his weight

DONE! 6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

Quite a clear sign your ex is miserable is when his eating habits change drastically. I know that depression usually reduces the appetite of the person who’s suffering, but it shouldn’t be that obvious to onlookers.

Have you seen his weight shifting a lot lately? Has he become extremely skinny or overweight in these past few months?

The pain could simply be causing him to completely neglect his diet. He doesn’t want to eat because he doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed. Or, on the flip side, he’s eating his pain.

4. When bumping into him, he seems like a shell of a human being

DONE! 6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

When was the last time you saw him? The best way to gauge whether your ex is struggling from post-breakup depression is when you’re able to see him in person.

When you look at him, what do you see? Do you see dark under-eye circles? Does he sound like every word is painful to say? An even more obvious sign is when you see the way he chooses to carry himself.

Are his shoulders slouching? Is he wearing something that hasn’t been washed in quite some time?

In situations like this, you know that he’s been unable to take care of himself. He doesn’t have the energy to pull himself back together and tend to himself.

5. He says he feels worthless

DONE! 6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

When you’re suffering from depression, be it from a breakup or something else, it’s quite common to feel like you’re irrelevant to this world.

That’s when people tend to feel hopeless and stuck in a cycle that they can’t seem to break. He feels worthless because he tied all of his worth to you.

He can’t see this issue rationally. All he knows is that he’s hurting and you don’t want him anymore. On the spur of a moment, he opened up to you and told you that he feels completely and utterly worthless.

Is that truly how he was before you two parted ways? Unlikely. This state of mind is a direct consequence of your breakup.

6. He’s tried to contact you multiple times (crying)

DONE! 6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

Post-breakup depression can very easily make you crazy. That’s when people have a very small sense of self-preservation.

You’ll know that your ex is miserable and suffering when he calls you crying. It doesn’t matter if he’s drunk or sober, he had to talk to you right now so he chose to pick up the phone.

Someone who understands their value and is confident enough in themselves would never do such a thing. They’d respect you and your boundaries and they’d do everything to heal.

He is going through a lot and feels lost without you by his side. That’s why he’s doing all he can to get you back.

In his depressed state of mind, it’s better to be with you in a dysfunctional relationship than without you and suffer this much.

6 Signs Your Ex Is Dealing With Post-Breakup Depression

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