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20 Inspirational 555 Tattoo Ideas That Embrace Life Changes

20 Inspirational 555 Tattoo Ideas That Embrace Life Changes

If you believe in angel numbers and the messages you receive through them, then a 555 tattoo could be exactly what you need especially if you keep seeing this number on repeat. As a symbol of change and a new beginning, this ink will remind you to embrace whatever life throws at you.

We know that looking for a tattoo design isn’t easy which is why we wanted to help you. Here’s our selection of ideas that may tick all the boxes you’re looking for.

1. A simple tattoo

1. A simple tattoo
Credit: sophytattoo

To keep things simple, you can opt for this minimalistic design. It will give you the meaning you’re looking for without going overboard and taking too much room on your skin.

2. Sparkly decoration

If you want to add some details to your new tattoo, sparkles are an easy solution. They will give a bit more character to your tattoo but won’t shift the focus from the main part of the design.

3. 555 with a motivational message

3. 555 with a motivational message
Credit: tattoobydilan

When you want your tattoo to become a source of motivation as well, you can always add a message underneath the main part of the tattoo. This design will serve as a reminder that you should live in the moment because you never know what the future holds.

4. A minimalistic tattoo

4. A minimalistic tattoo
Credit: tw.inked

Honestly, you won’t get anything more simple than this one. The minimalistic font provides you with all you’re looking for without being complicated.

5. Red ink tattoo

5. Red ink tattoo
Credit: inkgnorant

You can always spice things up by opting for a fun ink color. Red is always a good choice as it will provide your design with a unique approach but you’ll still get the simplicity you’re looking for.

6. 555 with angel wings

Angel numbers pair well with angel wings, that’s a fact! This design is slightly bigger than other options on the list but it’s still well-proportioned and will fit anywhere on your body.

7. A bold font

7. A bold font
Credit: aytugtattoo

For a slightly more noticeable design, you can opt for this bold font filled with black ink. This way, you’ll get a tattoo that’s visible on the skin but isn’t too much.

8. Bold and simple fonts

This tattoo is a combination of a bolder and a more subtle font. We love the saying since it complements the meaning of the number 555.

9. Fine-line angel wings and a halo

If you like the idea of including angel wings in the design, this is a really nice solution. Subtle, fine-line style provides you with an elegant tattoo that looks good on everyone.

10. A 3d tattoo

10. A 3d tattoo
Credit: tabastattoo

A great thing about tattoos is that you can play with them however you want and adjust them to your aesthetic. This is a perfect solution if you’re into 3d designs and looking for something different.

11. 555 with a butterfly

Butterflies also symbolize rebirth and change which makes them a perfect addition to the 555 tattoo. This design shows how it can all look if you opt for a black and gray style.

12. Naturalistic elements

12. Naturalistic elements
Credit: markbyhaley

If you love naturalistic tattoos, this is an easy way how you can achieve that. A fine-line flower with a butterfly and a couple of caterpillars will make your dreams come true.

13. 555 with a cherub

A fun idea would be to include a cherub in your design. This angelic creature will match perfectly with your angel number of choice.

14. Barbed wire neck piece

For an edgier and more masculine feel, you can add barbed wire next to your angel number, and that way, create this fun neck piece. If that sounds like too much, maybe you can change the placement and opt for your wrist, ankle, or upper arm instead.

15. Butterfly neck piece

If you like the idea of a previous tattoo but don’t feel comfortable getting barbed wire, you can opt for butterflies instead. They’re adorable and have a beautiful meaning that will only improve the overall feel of your 555 tattoo.

16. A dragonfly tattoo

Dragonflies go through different changes before they fully mature which makes them a perfect addition to the 555 number. Together, these two elements will provide you with the motivation to embrace everything that comes your way.

17. Colorful butterfly and lettering

17. Colorful butterfly and lettering

This is another design with a butterfly but this time, we wanted to give you a colorful option just so you can get an idea of how it will look on the skin. Of course, you can always change the shade of the butterfly and make it fit your style.

18. Katana and other details

The Katana sword is a symbol of power, a butterfly represents rebirth while the number 555 stands for change. All together, you get a detailed tattoo that has the exact meaning you’re looking for but doesn’t take too much space on the skin.

19. Half a butterfly

If you like the idea of including a butterfly in your design, this is a creative way how you can do it. With a half of a butterfly on one side and a sequence of number 5 on the other side, you’ll end up with a simple tattoo that obviously has the meaning you wish for.

20. 555 with foliage

This blackwork tattoo will definitely get noticed, especially if you place it somewhere visible on the skin. It adds some character to the traditional 555 tattoo with foliage on both sides of the design. But the real question is if you would opt for something like this.

20 Inspirational 555 Tattoo Ideas That Embrace Life Changes

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