Hearing you constantly putting yourself down is hard. And I need you to read this. I need you to see yourself through my eyes.

I wish you had the ability to see how much good I see in you.

You are the person who inspires and amazes me. You are so strong. And I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.

You talk so negatively about yourself, and that hurt me so much. But, you are a beautiful person, inside and out.  Hearing you constantly putting yourself down is hard. For me, you are so brave, determined, and hardworking. It hurt so badly when you say you are not enough. For me, you are the best. For me, you are the person who deserves all the best.

Your smile lights up the whole room. It lights up my whole world. When everything is wrong you make it right. You are my sunshine. Your smile is your power to take every ounce of pain. And your smile helps to heal others.

Your eyes are full of life. And they’ve got the kind of sparkle that can’t be bought. Your eyes are your beauty marks of the joy you’ve felt.

Your heart is of gold.

It leaves a trail of love behind. It leaves marks on the people you’ve met.

Your mind is beautiful. You bring a meaning to every thought you think and every step you take.

I can see you how you’re drowning in your emotions, but I see you learn to swim every time. You feel deeply. But you don’t give up on your feelings.

Your body is stunning. And I don’t think the shape of your body defines your worth. I think it is an incredible vessel. For me, everything about you is beautiful.

Your soul is beautiful. You light up the world everywhere you go. Because of your soul. Because your soul is a light. Even when it is dark. Even when there’s no light.

In any situation that you are faced with, you exude strength.

You are the strongest person I know.

You have the courage to stand up for yourself and the others that you love. And you never back down from a challenge. You have the courage to move forward. You are the type who always powers through.

Under any circumstances, you always try your best to find happiness. That trickles down from your strength.

You give unconditional love to everyone. And you love so fiercely. You cherish and hold tight to every relationship you have.

It isn’t an easy fix when someone hurts you. You feel everything deeply. But, you find the strength to move on and forgive to every person who hurt you.

You carry yourself with your head held high. Confidence radiated off.

You carry the sense of hope even in dark times. You always have hope for the better future, for the people you love, for yourself. And it is so beautiful.

You make me proud because you put your best efforts toward everything in life. You work harder than anyone I know.

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes…

If you could see yourself through my eyes you’d see why I love you so much. You’d see how good actually you are. You’d see someone who is special.

In a world made up of incredibly lifeless things and numbed out humans, finding someone who had the ability to make you feel, is the most beautiful thing you could ever wish for.

You are a rare person in this world. You are good and lovely. And to me, you are the epitome of everything I could ever hope to be.

I wish that I could make you see just how incredible of a person you are. I wish that I could show you how loved you are.

You have taught me more about life than anyone else. You have taught me to never give up. No matter how impossible it seems, we can pick up the pieces and keep going.

You have taught me to be proud of my accomplishments. You have taught me to love myself.

And now I need you to see yourself through my eyes. I need you to see how amazing you are. I need you to love yourself for who you are. And I love you, just the way you are.