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You’re The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can’t Be Enough

You’re The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can’t Be Enough

What most people don’t realize is they can inflict emotional damage on someone to the point where the person will never forget the things that have been said or done to them.

Many of us don’t comprehend that words can deal way more damage than actions.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad person if you hurt someone, especially when it’s done accidentally without any purpose whatsoever.

Anger is a powerful emotion that can force you to say and do things you never imagined possible. Afterward, those words and actions will stick in the back of your mind and haunt you when you least expect it.

The truth is those who are closest to our hearts can inflict the most damage. They can hurt us the most. And love is the cruelest of them all.

Why? Well, when you love someone – when you give all of yourself – and they give you pain in return, those scars they make on your soul last a long time.

And even if you think that you’ve completely healed and those wounds are no more, the past will come back to bite you, just to remind you why you built those walls around you.

Those awful things that you did to her, those words you uttered, and the way you mistreated her – when all she wanted was to be loved by you – will make her question her worth.

She’ll always wonder why she couldn’t be enough for you, and what it is that others have that she couldn’t give you.

What hurt her most is that you always compared her to others.

DONE! You're The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can't Be Enough

Your love toward her at the beginning was perfect. She couldn’t have dreamed of a better boyfriend.

But as time went on, you started acting differently. You wanted something more, something different.

You grew bored of her because she stopped being a challenge for you.

Instead of leaving her for good and finding someone else who’d better suit your criteria, you pushed her even more and asked her to change.


You kept comparing her to other girls, even though she was perfect already.

You said that she could improve her hair, her body, that she could dress nicer.

And for what? So that you could be satisfied – as if giving you her heart wasn’t enough?

You kept saying that everyone else was better than her.

And you didn’t give her the credit she deserved for all the suffering she had to put up with because of you.

You prioritized others over her.

DONE! You're The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can't Be Enough

When she said she’d like to take your relationship to the next level and move from dating to being exclusive, she couldn’t have imagined how badly she’d be mistreated by you.

She should’ve been your first and only option. But you chose to prioritize others over her.

She was never first on your priority list. You brushed her off like she meant nothing to you.

As if she didn’t stick by your side on your bad days and when it seemed like the whole world was out to get you.

There was always someone more important than her.

You chose to go out with your friends, even though she begged you to stay by her side because she felt lonely.

But you couldn’t have cared less. She wasn’t your priority at all. You neglected her feelings and she couldn’t take it anymore.

The girl who gave you everything she had deserved more than that!

She deserved to be taken care of the same way you were. But no, you didn’t think the same way.

Your actions backed up your cruel words, showing her how heartless and emotionless men can be.

You showed her a different side of yourself and she couldn’t believe that she fell for a guy like you.

She would have never done so if she only knew how cold you were.

But you can only pretend to be someone you’re not for a short while.

Masks will eventually drop and everyone will show their true colors. And yours did.

You kept magnifying her flaws.

DONE! You're The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can't Be Enough

By no means was she a perfect girlfriend to you. She made her fair share of mistakes, but she always knew how to say “I’m sorry.”

She always put you first and tried her best. Her love for you was never in question.

And she always gave everything she had – always tried to be the best version of herself because she wanted to be perfect just for you.

Yet the moment you grew tired of her, you started poking at all her flaws, rejecting all the good sides this girl had.

You fed her insecurities, even if she was the one to take care of you and not the other way around.

DONE! You're The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can't Be Enough

This girl doesn’t know what half-love is, that’s what makes her so special. She was always yours from the very start.

No, she didn’t have any problems with saying that loud and clear and she showed you that with her actions.

She had eyes only for you and no one else.

Her commitment to you and your relationship was rock solid and you knew how she felt from the very beginning.

You never felt lonely, not even the tiniest bit, because even when everyone else was against you, she stuck by your side.

On the other hand, you never gave her anything in return.

The only thing she got from you is a constant reminder of how she wasn’t good enough for you.

And because of your harsh actions and even harsher words, she’s left with emotional scars that she’ll carry with her forever.

DONE! You're The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can't Be Enough

You always reminded her of what was wrong with her until she finally started believing you.

But you know what? She’s going to recover from your toxic love.

You can be sure that she’ll move on and she’ll become a superwoman. She knows that she deserves better.

But regardless of the amount of love she’ll receive, it’ll take a long time before she drops her guard – before she stops being afraid that she won’t be enough for the next guy.

Scars like that don’t fade overnight.

You're The Reason She Always Wonders Why She Can't Be Enough

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