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You’re Not Weak, Being Vulnerable Is Perfectly Okay

You’re Not Weak, Being Vulnerable Is Perfectly Okay

Maybe being vulnerable is synonymous with weakness but only when we’re not talking about relationships. In that case, vulnerability is probably one of the most honest emotions you can have.

But all this time, you’ve been taught otherwise. People kept telling you that you were weak for showing your feelings and expressing them freely.

By doing so, you apparently allowed others to hurt you. You didn’t protect your heart well enough and you let everyone break it as they wished.

So, you probably started building a wall that was supposed to protect you from the rest of the world. You hid your vulnerability and acted all tough, even though deep down, you were in desperate need of a helping hand.

But the moment you opened up about your feelings, you were called weak. They all kept telling you how you’d never succeed in this cruel world if you didn’t stop hiding your emotions.

After that, you realized that most of the things you wanted to get from life were actually seen as signs of vulnerability in the eyes of others. Like your wish for a real partner, a serious relationship, and a love that would last.

DONE! You're Not Weak, Being Vulnerable Is Perfectly Okay

To them, asking for such things made you look fragile. It made you sensitive even though you couldn’t understand why.

But let me tell you something that I learned throughout my life. You’re not weak for being vulnerable as it’s perfectly okay.

It’s the most honest version of yourself that you’re not trying to hide from anyone. It only shows that you allow yourself to experience both good and bad, both happiness and sadness.

Even if others don’t think it’s the right thing to do, it doesn’t mean that you’re making a mistake. It only means that you’re brave enough to let yourself experience everything this world has to offer.

Also, trying to hide your vulnerability is one of the hardest things you can put yourself through. It’s mentally and physically exhausting to the point where you’ll feel like you can’t take it anymore.

Do you know how bad it feels to prevent yourself from being who you are? Do you know how terrible it is to not allow yourself to express your emotions the way you feel them?

DONE! You're Not Weak, Being Vulnerable Is Perfectly Okay

It certainly is one of the hardest things in the world that you can put yourself through. Instead, being vulnerable will allow you to be present and to experience things the way they’re happening.

If someone breaks your heart, you won’t pretend like it didn’t happen. Your vulnerable part will accept it and from thereon, you’ll walk your way toward healing.

You won’t pretend that you’re fine when every piece of your heart is falling apart. Instead, you’ll admit what happened and move forward.

At the same time, if you fall in love with someone, you won’t hide your feelings from that person. You’ll be honest with him and express your emotions even if that’s not something most people would do.

You won’t pretend that nothing’s going on when every part of your body and soul wants to come clean. You won’t miss the chance of losing a person you like just because of your fear of looking vulnerable.

So, the next time you meet a guy and he calls you weak for being vulnerable, tell him that he has no idea what he’s talking about. Let him know that the only person who’s weak and insecure is him for not being able to deal with his feelings.

DONE! You're Not Weak, Being Vulnerable Is Perfectly Okay

The next time someone tries to convince you to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, let them know that you don’t want to live a life of regrets. You want to be sure that you use every opportunity, even if you end up hurt in the end.

At least you’ll be sure that you haven’t wasted your life living in fear. You won’t have spent your days not talking about your feelings the way everyone else seems to be.

Your vulnerability is one of your best traits. It’s evidence that you’re alive and in touch with your feelings.

You won’t be trying to play things safe just to avoid getting hurt. You’ll know that the scars covering your heart are also signs that you’ve lived your life to the fullest.

At least you’ll always have been honest with expressing your emotions. You’ll have been hurt many times but you’ve also have felt a huge amount of happiness.

And if you listen to what others tell you, you’ll never achieve any of those things. Your life will be a straight line and nothing more than that.

So, for the last time, being vulnerable is perfectly okay. It doesn’t make you weak and it never will.

DONE! You're Not Weak, Being Vulnerable Is Perfectly Okay

If anything, it only shows how courageous you are. It shows how capable you are of staying in touch with your deepest emotions.

And when the time comes and you meet the right person, you’ll then realize that your vulnerability is a positive trait and nothing less than that. A real man won’t ever criticize you for expressing your feelings because he knows how important that is.

Just bear in mind that one day, someone will appreciate your vulnerability. He’ll know how much courage it takes to talk about your feelings openly and he won’t ever put you down for doing so.

He won’t call you weak or too sensitive. Instead, he’ll appreciate your honesty and your ability to stay in touch with what you’re feeling even if everyone else keeps telling you that you’re making a mistake.

You're Not Weak, Being Vulnerable Is Perfectly Okay

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