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You’re Not Broken For Loving People Who Can’t Love You Back

You’re Not Broken For Loving People Who Can’t Love You Back

Loving people who can’t love you back can break you into tiny little pieces. One person after another comes into your life just to show you that your love has been in vain.

They would use your emotions to make themselves feel better, to get any type of validation and understanding because otherwise, they wouldn’t have anything. They lack love to the point where they don’t even have anything to give you.

That’s why you try to love them even more. You try to show them that love isn’t a finite thing, but rather an infinite source of emotion that needs to be shared.

So many people believe that love is like a battery. If you say that you love someone too often or that you simply admit that you care about someone, then you could easily run out of love.

What? Why would anyone think like that?

Love should be shared with reckless abandon! The only problem here is that some people understand this, while others are so confused that they don’t even want to consider the accuracy of this statement.

DONE! You're Not Broken For Loving People Who Can't Love You Back

You don’t have to love rarely to love genuinely. You can love someone with your entire heart and still have love left for yourself and the entire world.

However, when you combine that pure heart of yours with a guarded soul that doesn’t want to give love a try, then we have a huge problem. You feel like you’re the issue because more people out there are so selfish with love, that your selflessness seems abnormal.

You start to think that you’re the broken one simply because it’s easier to hop onto the bandwagon and easily become so emotionally detached. But isn’t that so sad? Yes, you probably won’t get hurt as much as you did until now, but you’ll be emotionally numb.

There’s a good reason why people think that this is okay. They were hurt before and it’s so obvious! They couldn’t handle the pain that came with heartbreak, so they decided to shut their emotions down completely.

This doesn’t have to be a romantic heartbreak. It doesn’t just have to be about some partner who cheated on them in the past, it could be anyone.

Platonic heartbreaks are just as bad. So many people tend to experience heartbreaks from friends. When you trust someone and they betray that trust, you’re inevitably more cautious than you were before.

DONE! You're Not Broken For Loving People Who Can't Love You Back

They can’t even trust someone enough to consider them their friend, so you can imagine how hard it is to start a romantic relationship. It’s a constant battle within, which leads to irritation and frustration.

You can imagine how hard it is for them to let go of the notion that everyone’s going to deceive them, one way or another. The only reason why you can’t relate to this is that the world didn’t have enough impact on you.

Those people may have had a very tough childhood that led them to have trust issues. Your parents are the first people that you interact with and their patterns become your own at one point. However, it doesn’t have to be the case.

Some people can get out of their toxic environment, have an epiphany that teaches them about empathy, and completely disregard the relationship they have with their parents. It’s a rare occurrence, but it can be done if the person course-corrects their life.

So, if anything, you should be able to empathize with them. You can see the background that led them to these emotions, you can see the reason why they’re the special brand of weird that they are.

However, the very moment they make you feel like you’re the broken one for caring so much, you should definitely pack your bags. You’re an angel in human form and you really want to share your love recklessly.

DONE! You're Not Broken For Loving People Who Can't Love You Back

Nonetheless, it doesn’t give anyone the permission to behave toward you as if your kindness is obligatory. It’s not, you have a right to set boundaries and tell them that you’re done with their behavior.

You’re not the broken one. People are like a jigsaw puzzle that was arranged together by the people they met and the situations they went through. Some people know the picture they’re working towards, but others have lost the box that has the picture of the final result.

That’s why most of us are aimlessly running towards something that we can’t define. There are too many people who simply choose to throw away the broken pieces without understanding that they still have their place in the overall picture.

You’re not broken at all! You were hurt one too many times because you were willing to love unconditionally, but that also means that you’re getting stronger. The picture you’re working towards is unique, and even though you know that there are some broken parts, you still know how beautiful it is. It’s your work of art so you keep working on it!

But never let other people convince you that there’s something wrong with you. You’re perfectly fine, it’s their own inability to experience love to the fullest.

DONE! You're Not Broken For Loving People Who Can't Love You Back

You give yourself permission to see the best in people and to experience love in a unique way. So, don’t let them bring you down. There’s so much love in this world for beautiful humans like yourself.

Just because someone isn’t capable of reciprocating your love doesn’t mean that you should love less or that you should control your emotions in any way, shape, or form. If anything, you should find individuals who are just as open-hearted as you are.

Someone will give you the same amount, you just didn’t find that person yet.

You're Not Broken For Loving People Who Can't Love You Back

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