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You’re Not Asking For Too Much: Real Love Truly Exists

You’re Not Asking For Too Much: Real Love Truly Exists

How many times have you been told that you’re asking for too much? How many times did they try to convince you to settle down with the first man to come by?

By now, you’re already starting to think that they were all right. You assume that you’re asking for things that won’t ever happen and you’re considering lowering your standards.

But as someone who’s gone through the same, I must tell you the brutal truth.

Real love truly exists and you’re not asking for too much. It’s just that the right person still hasn’t found you.

DONE! You're Not Asking For Too Much Real Love Truly Exists

One day, your Mr. Perfect will walk into your life and you’ll finally realize why things never worked out with anyone else. He’ll show you what true love actually looks like and you’ll then be glad that you didn’t miss it by settling for the wrong person.

A real man will guide you through all of the nooks and crannies of the experiences you’ve been dying to feel.

He’ll kiss you when you get home from work because he’ll have missed not having you around. He’ll share a meal with you while you talk about all the things that happened to both of you while you were apart.

On those nights when you can’t fall asleep, he’ll cuddle you softly and rub your back because he’ll know how much you like that feeling. He’ll kiss you on the forehead and tell you some of his funniest jokes because he’ll love to see you laugh.

You’ll be his one and only and you’ll feel that with every move he makes. You’ll trust him completely the way you never trusted anyone before him.

When he dances with you in the middle of your bedroom, you’ll realize that you’ve never been happier. When he goes for a walk with you even though he’s dead tired, you’ll understand what putting effort into a relationship means.

DONE! You're Not Asking For Too Much Real Love Truly Exists

The love he’ll give you will be the best thing ever. It will all feel like a dream come true.

You won’t be afraid that he’ll cheat on you. You won’t repeatedly check his phone the way you felt like doing with all of your exes.

He’ll make you feel calm and he’ll show you what real love feels like. He’ll make you realize how soft and appealing to the heart it is.

With him, everything will feel like your deepest desires have come true and you’ll never wish for someone else. He’ll be the right one and you’ll easily see that.

Every night before you fall asleep, you’ll thank God for everything He gave you. You’ll feel grateful for every moment you spend with this man.

And at some point, it’ll hit you that what you’re feeling isn’t something temporary. It’s not just a fling or an outburst of passion.

What you’re feeling is real love, the one you’ve been looking for your whole life. It’s a life-changing experience that will affect every other aspect of your life in the best way possible.

DONE! You're Not Asking For Too Much Real Love Truly Exists

You’ll understand that all of the expectations you had about true love when you were a little girl have actually come true. You’ll be living your dream life, even if you didn’t believe that could ever happen.

True love really exists and you’re not asking for too much. You deserve to experience the kind of relationship you’re waiting for because something like that is actually out there.

You deserve to be cherished as a person and protected by a man who’ll always be there for you. To feel happy the moment you see him smiling because his happiness means the most to you.

Being in a relationship with someone just so you’re not alone isn’t something you should settle for. That way, you’ll never figure out what real love means and you may even miss the chance of meeting the right person.

So, even if your heart has been broken many times in the past, you still have to pick yourself up and keep walking. Your time has yet to come but you mustn’t give up on your dreams.

One day, when you least expect it, the right man will walk into your life. He’ll change your world for the better and you’ll finally fall asleep with a smile on your face.

With him, everything will seem so easy and effortless. Every day will look like a dream come true.

DONE! You're Not Asking For Too Much Real Love Truly Exists

All of a sudden, you won’t regret any of the choices you made in life, not even the bad ones. It’ll turn out that all of the steps you took brought you in front of a man who was always meant to be yours.

All of the pain you felt, all of the tears you cried… it will all be worth it, even if at the time, you couldn’t see the point.

As you’re reading this, your true love is on its way toward you. It’s getting closer with every day that goes by.

So, instead of giving up on everything and settling for someone who won’t ever make you happy, you must stay strong for a bit longer. You must remind yourself that you deserve happiness and have the patience to wait for it because it’s coming.

And just like that, real love will find you and you’ll finally realize that you were never asking for too much. All this time, you’ve wanted only one thing from life and you’ll finally have it.

You’ll have yourself a man who’ll love you with his whole heart. A man who’ll always put you first, no matter what.

He’ll be your proof that there are still some people who know how to love unconditionally. The same way as you do, he’ll still believe in the power of real love.

DONE! You're Not Asking For Too Much Real Love Truly Exists

He’ll be your Prince Charming and you’ll be his long waited princess. Together, you’ll walk through life and it’ll finally be obvious that you were meant to find each other.

Eventually, your meeting had to happen because there was always a thread that connected your hearts.

So, if you’re feeling hopeless and think that you’ll never end up in a happy relationship unless you lower your expectations then this is your reminder. This is your cue to not give up.

Real love truly exists and you’re not asking for too much. Don’t you ever forget that.

You're Not Asking For Too Much: Real Love Truly Exists

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