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You’re Not A Horrible Person – He’s Gaslighting You

You’re Not A Horrible Person – He’s Gaslighting You

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissist or any other kind of toxic man who loves to manipulate other people’s feelings, then you know what it feels like when a guy ruins your confidence.

You know how it feels to have trouble falling asleep because you keep asking yourself whether you actually are a horrible person. Are you as bad as your partner keeps convincing you?

You’ve been hearing negative things about yourself and when they come from the mouth of the person you love the most, then you can’t stop thinking about it.

Right now, you feel like all the burdens of your relationship are on your shoulders. You feel responsible for everything bad that happens and you can’t let go of these thoughts.

Your partner has convinced you that you’ve been the main reason for all of the fights and issues you’ve been going through and what’s in it for him to lie? Why would he do that to you?

But trust me, he’s not being honest with you. That’s not what’s going on here.

You’re not a horrible person, as he calls you. You’re just being gaslighted by the one you love the most!

DONE! You're Not A Horrible Person - He's Gaslighting You

Believe it or not, manipulative partners care only about themselves. They don’t mind bringing you down if it means that they will gain control.

Because that’s the only thing that matters.

Remember all those times when he assured you that you never told him something? All that pretending that he never did the things you accused him of?

Those were all lies. They were his attempts to play with your mind and make you feel like a terrible person.

They are his ways of keeping you on the hook. Because if he convinces you that you’re going crazy and if he makes you listen up to him, then he’s the one who wins.

He’s the one who gains control and you’re the one who’ll follow him. He doesn’t mind making you feel powerless or ruining your self-esteem and everything you believed to be true because that’s the only way for his cruel plans to work.

He’s a manipulator who wants to get his own way and nothing is going to stop him.

You’ll end up being jealous, crazy, or even abusive. He’s going to blame it all on you because that’s the only way he can gain control over you.

Maybe you think that you’re in a healthy relationship, with a partner who wants the best for you. That’s why he keeps telling you all of your bad sides, even if it’s untrue, so you can change for the sake of your happiness.

DONE! You're Not A Horrible Person - He's Gaslighting You

But truth be told, he doesn’t care about your happiness in the slightest. Your well-being is the last thing on his mind.

The only thing that matters is for him to have control over you, to play mind games with you, and make you listen to everything he says.

He knows that you’ll doubt yourself. He knows that you’ll have trouble going on with your day after he convinces you that you’re a horrible person who doesn’t care about him.

The reality is completely different but he doesn’t want you to know that. You’re his victim and he’s gaslighting you, no matter what you do to try and improve the situation.

So, right now, there are two options. You can either keep on playing this dirty little game of his and let him have control over you, or you can stand up for yourself and escape from his chains.

He scares you, I understand that, and he makes you question yourself. You’ve been wondering whether you’re actually going crazy.

The game he’s been playing with you has made you believe that you’re a terrible person and that everything is your fault. Your confidence has hit rock bottom but it doesn’t have to stay there.

You can run away from him and free yourself from the shackles of his so-called love. Because this isn’t love and you know that.

DONE! You're Not A Horrible Person - He's Gaslighting You

The thing you have isn’t a healthy relationship. It’s you trying to fix everything up while he keeps ruining it because he doesn’t care about you.

He has made you believe that you’re not good enough and that he’s the only one who’ll ever be willing to stay with you. But those are all lies and you shouldn’t believe in them.

You’re worth so much more than staying in a relationship with a guy who’ll never stop gaslighting you. He’ll never change because this is the only life he knows.

You’ll always be his victim. So, please, from this moment on, start doing anything you can that can help you escape his claws.

Remember all of the things you used to do before this relationship, all of the people you had in your life. Look at yourself now; he made all of them go away.

He has the intention of destroying you but you should never let that happen. Get up off the ground and remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.

You’re a strong woman who knows her worth and that’s something that he can never change.

DONE! You're Not A Horrible Person - He's Gaslighting You

Stop blaming yourself for his cruel behavior and move away from him right away. The longer you stay with him, the worse it will get.

So, start running away from him right now. Run as fast as you can and don’t ever turn back.

You were never made to be a pawn in someone else’s hands. You’re your own person and from now on, you won’t be apologizing for things that aren’t your fault.

Walk away from him because you deserve so much more than a guy who plays with your mind.

You're Not A Horrible Person - He's Gaslighting You