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You’re Never Trapped In Your Abusive Relationship (Whatever You May Believe)

You’re Never Trapped In Your Abusive Relationship (Whatever You May Believe)

I understand that you feel trapped in your abusive relationship. You feel like your entire life has been brought to the point of no return.

You spend your days in fear and he makes you feel like you’re in constant danger. The anxiety that continues to wash over you whenever you think of him isn’t love and you know it.

It’s like your entire body is warning you and wants you to run as fast as you can. But there are so many unanswered questions, like will he come after you if you leave?

He’s crazy. You can see it in his eyes whenever he yells at you.

He seems capable of so many scary things and you don’t want to find out whether it’s just a hunch or if you’re seeing an actual threat.

DONE! You're Never Trapped In Your Abusive Relationship (Whatever You May Believe)

When he decides to raise his hand in warning, you feel your entire body give out and get ready for the impact.

Wouldn’t it only get worse if you tried to run away? Wouldn’t he come after you to take you back?

You’re more than aware of his skills of deception. He can make people believe in his lies and they never suspect that he could be aggressive toward you.

They only see someone concerned for you. He gaslights them into believing that you’re the crazy one who needs help because you have weird tendencies.

You know that he’s lying. However, abusers are almost always so intelligent and cunning that the people around them don’t suspect a thing.

They manipulate everyone into thinking that you’re in the happiest relationship ever. And even if he doesn’t do that, you still tend to defend him, as you know what he’s capable of.

You’ve experienced his wrath and how he acts when something doesn’t go the way he planned. He gets so agitated and angry that you can feel your bones shiver at the mere thought of it.

DONE! You're Never Trapped In Your Abusive Relationship (Whatever You May Believe)

You know that he can hurt you in more ways than one, so you’re afraid to walk away. Abusers tend to make you feel helpless by taking everything away that you could use to flee.

This even includes things like your will for life or your sanity. He’s probably taken more than that away from you.

He has full control of your phone and is even the one responsible for all of your finances. This man won’t take any chances.

You’re the one who lets him live out his fantasies. However awful they are, you’re the one he chose as his victim.

But at the end of the day, you’re not trapped in your abusive relationship, even though it seems like it.

You don’t think that there’s a way out of this but there always is. Do you truly believe that everyone stays with their abuser until the end of their days?

No, they don’t. They use their courage to pack their bags and leave.

DONE! You're Never Trapped In Your Abusive Relationship (Whatever You May Believe)

Well, it’s a little bit harder than that. You can’t just break up with him and move on with your life as if nothing ever happened.

You believe that no one will take you seriously or that your friends won’t give you shelter to hide from him.

He’s probably done everything he can to isolate you from your friends and family. He made sure to keep you away from anyone who may help you.

But do you truly believe that they would turn a blind eye if you decided to go to them for advice or help?

Try it. They’ll all take you in and keep you safe from him.

You don’t believe that that would be enough? Get the police involved.

I believe that there’s enough evidence in your mental state as well as your physical body that he’s been abusing you. Get that restraining order or get him in prison.

You’re probably scared that the law may disappoint you like it has for many women before you. They aren’t always the most supportive and understanding people.

DONE! You're Never Trapped In Your Abusive Relationship (Whatever You May Believe)

It’s awfully hard to get them involved but once you do have their support, you’re completely safe.

You’ll find your happily ever after. No woman deserves to go through life on her tiptoes.

You spend your days full of anxiety and fear but a relationship should be filled with love and gentle brushes of the hand. Your relationship should be the safest space in this world.

Don’t let yourself break into pieces for a man who isn’t going to change. And don’t tell me that you love him.

It’s impossible to love a monster like him when all he does is break you and your happiness on a daily basis. You can’t tell me that he’s the love of your life because I refuse to believe it.

You have to stop thinking that you’re trapped in your abusive relationship because you’re not. No one ever is.

There’s always a way out. You just have to be persistent and courageous enough to work against your beliefs.

You can do this! No one deserves to have to run from their partner’s touch.

You don’t have to feel like this anymore. The healing process will bring many different ups and downs, including difficult therapy sessions and maybe entire mental breakdowns.

But one day, you’ll realize that you’ve woken up after a night spent sleeping comfortably in your own bed. No nightmares will plague you.

You’ll be completely okay because you fought that fight. You’re not alone and you never were.

Make that decision for yourself. You’re not trapped in your abusive relationship.

You're Never Trapped In Your Abusive Relationship (Whatever You May Believe)

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