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Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

No one should have to help you heal, but with a soulmate, these things just happen naturally.

When you meet your forever-lover, you’ll feel all of your cracks heal over time and your heart will cease to ache from all the pain that was caused in your past.

That’s the weird thing about meeting the person you were always meant to be with.

He’ll show you that love doesn’t hurt. People hurt you.

Love is and will always be pure. It’s the feeling when you know that you belong next to someone no matter what happens. Love is the feeling of safety that gives you the freedom to be yourself completely.

DONE! Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

It’s the feeling when you know that you can tell him everything because he’ll understand you. Love encourages you to work on yourself while also being loved for the person you are right now.

Can you imagine ever meeting someone who gives you the right kind of love? Someone who’s made to love you just the way you are, while also healing all the damage that was caused by the wrong men?

Those men who came before him were nothing more than lessons that you were mistaking for soulmates.

You thought that physical attraction was enough because the intense passion was always so blinding. You even thought that you had to work so hard on your relationship because love is never easy.

All of these thoughts will seem completely foolish when you meet your soulmate.

DONE! Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

He will show you that love should never require hard work. The very moment your relationship feels like a project that you’re constantly having to work on, it just means that you need to let go of it.

Love has to come naturally, softly, tenderly. Not like a hurricane that wrecks you and then requires you to rebuild everything from the ruins.

Love isn’t destructive. Especially not if you truly believe that you’ve met your soulmate.

Love is also not about questioning your own interests and authenticity. It’s not about having to change just to fit into a mold of what that person wants to have in their life.

Your person will show you that you’re enough just the way you are. Your soulmate will remind you every single day that you’re more than perfect and that you should just accept yourself because he accepts you.

DONE! Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

You’ll be his healing force and he’ll be yours. You’re just blocking your blessings by staying in relationships that are nothing other than detrimental to you.

How do you expect to meet the man who’s meant for you if you stay blinded by someone who obviously doesn’t even know how to love you properly?

Everyone who’s just there to break you will criticize everything you’re doing. He’ll try to fix you to fit his idea of what he deems to be the perfect partner.

But to your soulmate, you’ll be ideal. You will fit into his life perfectly and you won’t have to change a thing about yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never have a fight with him, but just that your fights will be more productive than destructive. You may initially think he’ll abandon you, but he’ll remind you that you’re stuck with him because he loves you.

DONE! Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

You’ll be petrified of losing him, but everything he does and says will reassure you that he’s yours. He belongs to you and you belong to him.

You were destined by the stars to spend the rest of your days together. You were meant to find each other and to love each other.

He will help you heal because he’ll know how hard life is without the right person by your side. He knows what it’s like to be with someone who only cares about selfish desires and breaking hearts. This man went through a lot to get to you, too.

You’re not the only one who was waiting to meet your other half. That’s why it’s so special that he found you when he did. And that’s why it’s so important that he stays by your side – because leaving you would hurt him tremendously.

One day, you’ll understand that your soulmate is your lifelong partner and healer. He will spend eternity holding your hand while you work on yourself. He will patch up the places where your insecurities created holes in your heart.

And when you meet this true kind of love, everything before it will seem like a childish experiment. You’ll feel like your previous partners were merely trials that prepared you for this person.

DONE! Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

Because with your soulmate, love and life will come naturally. Healing won’t be a process, but a journey. You’ll move through life in a state of bliss because your person will always be right there by your side.

If you haven’t met him yet, I can guarantee you that you’ll know when he crosses your path. You’ll know when he steps foot into your life.

Until then you’ll meet many lovers and partners who will teach you the things you need to know before your soul connection falls into place.

If you’re in a relationship that’s destructive and it hurts more than it makes you love yourself, then I hate to break it to you, but it’s not the real deal.

Stop blocking your blessings. Walk away from this nightmare or, at best, mediocre relationship and search for the real thing. Search for the person who’s always been destined to be yours.

Your soulmate won’t cause you more damage. He won’t break your heart even more. He’ll help you heal those wounds and before you even know it, eternity with him will feel like the most beautiful thing in your life.

Your Soulmate Will Help You Heal, Not Cause You More Damage

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