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Your Relationship Might’ve Ended But Your Life Just Began

Your Relationship Might’ve Ended But Your Life Just Began

When a relationship falls apart, it usually feels like the end of the world.

Left alone, you think that there’s no way back and that you’ll never feel happy again.

When you give someone your time and energy, once they’re gone, you feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself.

You try to move on and convince your mind that it’ll all be fine, but it doesn’t seem to listen to you.

You think about your good memories from the past and you can’t accept that your relationship is over. It simply seems impossible.

Let me tell you that you aren’t the only one. A lot of us feel lost after a breakup and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You spend months or years with someone and once they’re gone, it’s not easy to move on.

DONE! Your Relationship Might've Ended But Your Life Just Began

It takes time to heal and close all of those wounds that burn when you think of them.

But what if I told you something? What if I proved to you that a breakup is actually a good thing?

I know that you don’t see that now, but once your relationship ends, your life is actually only beginning.

And now, while you’re sitting on your bed, devastated by what’s just happened, you’re reading this and thinking that I’m insane.

You’re probably asking yourself how come the current pain you’re feeling can be a good thing.

It hurts like nothing ever before and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

But in order to understand what I’m telling you, you need to shift perspective.

Stop looking at the breakup as the end of something. Instead, look at it as the beginning of a new chapter.

DONE! Your Relationship Might've Ended But Your Life Just Began

When God sees that something isn’t making you as happy as it’s supposed to, He takes that thing away from you.

It may look like a punishment but it’s actually the greatest gift that you could ever receive.

God knows that your relationship could never make your dreams come true.

It was always about your partner’s needs and you were never a priority.

God saw how you always tried to please your ex while he never lifted a finger for you.

His effort was equal to zero and God knew it was unacceptable.

You always tried so hard to not make everything about yourself so you kept quiet, hoping that your ex would notice that you needed his attention.

You needed him to love you the right way, to show you that he was there for you whenever you called for him.

DONE! Your Relationship Might've Ended But Your Life Just Began

But he failed to prove that to you, and God saw that he had no intention of changing.

You could have begged him to do something about it but he never understood where you were coming from.

So, God made the decision and broke your relationship into two. You on the one side and your ex on the other, with no plan to ever meet again.

After that, you felt like you were falling apart. You blamed God for taking away that one person who meant a lot to you.

However, you never knew the full story behind it and that’s why you could never understand what was really going on.

So, I want to explain to you why your breakup was actually the best gift you could ever get.

When one part of the story comes to an end, you start to live your life anew.

DONE! Your Relationship Might've Ended But Your Life Just Began

You get home from a trip and then you board another plane that will take you on a new adventure.

In the beginning, you’re sad about having to end that amazing journey but once you find yourself on a different plane, you’re happy about flying to another experience.

Relationships work the same way.

You spend time with someone and as you get to know each other, things seem great.

You live through some incredible memories and they become a part of who you are.

Then, the relationship ends and you’re upset about everything you could potentially miss out on.

You feel sad that your companion has left you and it seems like things will never be as good as they used to be.

DONE! Your Relationship Might've Ended But Your Life Just Began

But then, day by day, you learn to live life on your own. You learn to love yourself and it turns out that you’re having more fun than ever.

Then, accidentally, you meet someone new and things become even better. Piece by piece, things fall together exactly the way they are supposed to.

Your stories are just a part of a book and you no longer feel sorry that your previous relationship fell apart.

Honestly, you won’t even think about it anymore as your life will take a complete turn for the better.

You won’t even remember those sad days when you used to cry your heart out because of the breakup.

I promise you, things will turn out this way for you. When something falls apart, other things fall together.

Your life is made up of chapters and when one ends, another one begins. Over and over again, parts of your life will end and new ones will take their shape.

DONE! Your Relationship Might've Ended But Your Life Just Began

I know that each time you end up without something, you feel sad about it.

You think that you’re losing the best thing in your life when in reality, you’re actually getting ready for something even better.

God knows that and He wants you to know that even though things seem to be falling apart, they’re actually falling together.

When your relationship ends, it’s not the end of the world. It’s actually the beginning of your life and a new chapter of it.

Now, I want you to pick yourself up, look in the mirror, and say these words out loud:

“A new chapter of my life is about to begin and it’ll be even better than the previous one.”

God knows how much we deserve. He knows our worth and He won’t ever let us live a life that doesn’t suit us.

Your previous relationship never suited you. It was training for something bigger, something better, something out of this world.

As long as you have faith in God, you can be sure that every time you lose something, you’ll end up with something greater.

Your Relationship Might've Ended But Your Life Just Began

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