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Your Anxiety Doesn’t Define You And Here’s Why

Your Anxiety Doesn’t Define You And Here’s Why

So, what if you do have anxiety? It doesn’t define you as a person. Believe me when I tell you that you are so much more than your anxiety.

The truth is that mental illness doesn’t choose whom it’s going to attack. Your anxiety didn’t choose you on purpose.

Your anxiety is an outcome of your childhood and what the people around you taught you and told you. You didn’t choose your anxiety either.

If you could, like everyone else, you would choose a life free from anxiety because, contrary to popular belief, anxiety isn’t romantic.

People romanticize mental illness, thinking that they’d be more interesting if they pretended they had it, while you and other people who have anxiety are actually suffering.

Your anxiety won’t let you do certain things in your life because your heart rate rises, your breathing quickens and you feel like you just might pass out.

DONE! Your Anxiety Doesn't Define You And Here's Why

However, what about all those times you were stronger than that?

Why don’t we talk about all those times you felt your vision blur but you still kept on going?

Why don’t we talk about how you were so scared to be vulnerable and get your heart broken, but you still chose to love unconditionally?

Don’t you think that these things were beyond your anxiety?

Don’t you believe that you are stronger than this constant fear that is lurking at the back of your mind?

You have proven to the world time and time again how strong you actually are.

Anxiety doesn’t choose the race, nationality, or gender of the person it’ll attack, so you shouldn’t be defined by it either.

You are NOT defined by your anxiety.

DONE! Your Anxiety Doesn't Define You And Here's Why

You are so much more than a feeling of intense worry and you shouldn’t let it dictate your life. I know it sounds easier said than done, but hear me out.

You should refuse to accept the fact that people only see you as an anxious person who can’t do anything besides stay inside her comfort zone.

What is so wrong with a comfort zone in the first place?

People have made that term sound like a disease, when in reality, it keeps you safe and anxiety-free.

However, just the fact that you find the strength to get out of your bed every single morning and go out among people makes you so strong.

Imagine if everyone knew the thought process you go through every single time you have to leave the house.

Those people wouldn’t even know how to react.

They wouldn’t know how to shut down all of those voices making you worry about anything and everything.

Of course, you don’t wish anyone harm, but what if those people who only define you by your anxiety felt the same you do?

For just one day, what if their thoughts went through their mind more quickly than they could process them?

They would know what you’re going through and realize how strong you actually are.

Your anxiety makes you more empathetic toward others.

DONE! Your Anxiety Doesn't Define You And Here's Why

You know how hard life can be for all of us and you empathize with anyone who comes to you for advice.

Your anxiety doesn’t let you create boundaries so you’re always there for others, even though you should mostly be there for yourself.

However, people love to spend time with you. They know that you won’t judge them.

Your friends know that you’re going to look at things from many points of view.

Maybe you should thank your anxiety for this special gift, because empathy is so rare these days.

That must make me sound like a crazy woman, as why would you thank your anxiety for anything?

However, your anxiety makes you stronger. It makes you braver.

Your anxiety had a huge part in creating the wonderful and powerful woman that you are today.

So why the heck are you in conflict with your own mind?

Your anxiety makes you more sensible and loving. Look at how caring you are with everyone around you.

I know that it takes away from your own worries, and you escape your own problems by being there for others, but you are doing something good.

You are not defined by your anxiety. And neither am I.

DONE! Your Anxiety Doesn't Define You And Here's Why

Remember that all the thoughts and worries your anxiety creates aren’t real.

Your anxiety makes you believe that things are worse than they actually are, it makes you believe that everything is going wrong and that you’re to blame.

The way it makes you feel right now is painful, but one day it’ll be nothing but a mere memory in the list of things you will experience.

Today, you feel like the world is ending, but tomorrow is a new day you can look forward to! Even if your anxiety doesn’t let you.

If you are struggling, know that it’s OK to take time for yourself!

DONE! Your Anxiety Doesn't Define You And Here's Why

Just know that whenever your anxiety consumes you, you have the full right to treat yourself for a day.

Just keep on breathing. I know that it’s hard to remember to breathe when your brain works that fast. However, you need to breathe. Slow and steady.

Give yourself a day off and focus on yourself. Be your own biggest priority in a world that’s only trying to take everything you have to offer.

Take that time to really focus on yourself and then when you’re ready, go out into the world and show everyone that your anxiety doesn’t define you.

You are so much more than your anxiety.

Look at how far you’ve come and look at where you’re going. You’re doing the right thing.

Appreciate and love your life even if anxiety doesn’t let you sometimes.

Show everyone around you that you are more than your anxiety. Your anxiety does not define you and it never will.

Your Anxiety Doesn't Define You And Here's Why

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