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You’ll Soon Regret The Day You Decided To Let Go Of Me

You’ll Soon Regret The Day You Decided To Let Go Of Me

The moment you introduced yourself, I immediately fell for you. Suddenly and unexpectedly, you became the only thing on my mind.

And as days went by, the emotions I felt for you only got stronger. The passion you evoked in me intensified until you finally became the only one I could imagine myself with.

I pictured our future, I saw myself walking down the aisle to you waiting for me. I saw you lifting the veil from my face and kissing me lovingly after we said “I do.”

You became my Mr. Right, the man I’d been looking for my whole life.

But who would’ve thought that I’d be looking at your back at one point in my life? That you’d be leaving and I’d have no idea how to stop you.

Before you decided to let go of me, I genuinely thought that we were fine. I was happy. No, I was more than that – happy doesn’t portray all of the emotions I felt for you.

I was in a phase of ecstasy, thrilled about everything that life was about to serve me. Things couldn’t be bad while I had you by my side.

But then you showed me you weren’t ready to build your future with me. You were not ready to make me your one-and-only and the sheer thought of it scared you to the bone.

Instead of strengthening our relationship, you were slowly pulling away. Step by step, you were packing your things from my life but unfortunately, you could never pack the ones you left in my heart.

DONE! You'll Soon Regret The Day You Decided To Let Go Of Me

Even in the empty apartment we once shared, I could still feel your presence in the air. You were everywhere around me, but somehow, I couldn’t see you with my eyes.

I woke up in tears knowing that you wouldn’t be on the other side of the bed. The idea that I’d have to eat breakfast alone scared me.

When you get used to sharing every part of your life with someone, the moment they leave becomes the scariest part of your life.

From that point on, you learn to do everything on your own, without the support of the person who meant the world to you.

After days of not leaving the bed that used to be our safe haven, I finally decided it was time to stop grieving.

After days of inhaling the last remnants of cologne from your old shirt that got left in the closet, I decided that it’s time to pick myself out of bed.

You decided to let go of me and I know that you’ll regret that decision.

One day, you’ll meet another girl and try your luck with her. But then you’ll realize that she doesn’t compare with me.

She won’t know what you’re thinking by simply looking into your eyes. She won’t know when you’re asking her to hold you because you’re too broken to say those words.

Instead of your best companion, she’ll be a burden because she won’t be able to understand you the way I did. Silently, without any words needed.

You decided to let go of me, but you’ll regret that decision the moment you realize that short-term flings can’t make you happy. They can’t bring lasting pleasure into your life.

DONE! You'll Soon Regret The Day You Decided To Let Go Of Me

If anything, they only make it even more obvious that you lost the one who was worth fighting for. You lost the one who truly wanted to stay right next to you and never let go.

But then again, you decided that I wasn’t good enough for you and you could do so much better. I guess that you’ll someday realize you were wrong and you made a mistake that can’t be fixed.

You’ll regret your decision to let go once you realize that no other girl could ever love you the way I did. The effort I put into our relationship is something you don’t find every day.

I was there for you day and night because I never wanted you to feel lonely. I wanted you to know that you had someone who had your back at any point in your life, no matter what you’d go through.

But you replaced that person with someone who’ll come and go out of your life like you mean nothing to her. You replaced me – the one who truly cared – with someone who’ll treat you like an adventure.

You’ll regret letting me go when you figure out that I turned you into the best version of yourself. All of the love I gave you fed your ego and made you feel great about yourself.

Maybe that’s what made you leave in the first place. Maybe you thought you were way better than I was and deserved an upgraded version of me.

DONE! You'll Soon Regret The Day You Decided To Let Go Of Me

But you didn’t realize that I was the one who made you feel that way. My love and care for you were transforming you into a real man who knows what he wants from life.

But once it all hits you, it will be too late. I’ll already be long gone as you decided to let go. You decided to cut the rope that used to connect us.

And then, when times get hard and all the mistakes you made start haunting you, you’ll experience a revelation that will break your heart into pieces. You’ll realize that you miss me…

The day you figure out that you need me in your life will be the day you’ll regret all of the wrong moves you made. When it dawns on you that you screwed up.

Maybe you genuinely thought that you were doing the right thing. Maybe our relationship made you unhappy. But then again, a life without me will make you miserable.

I can guarantee you that.

One day, you’ll be looking through our old photos and think back to how much fun we had. You’ll regret the day you decided to let me go and you’ll maybe even try to get me back.

DONE! You'll Soon Regret The Day You Decided To Let Go Of Me

But at that point, you’ll already be a part of my past. You’ll be that guy I tell people about – the man I gave everything to and yet he still didn’t see it as enough.

Thank you for teaching me the lesson of my life. You can give your all to someone and they still won’t think it’s enough. You can invest all of your time and effort and it will still be in vain.

But once you’re gone, they will then figure out how important a part of their life you were.

You’ll regret letting go of me, but don’t forget that it was your decision. The bed you made. And now you’ll need to lie in it.

You'll Soon Regret The Day You Decided To Let Go Of Me

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