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You’ll Regret Losing The Woman Who Tried Her Best To Stay Yours

She gave you affection, understanding, support, and unconditional love. And you’ll miss these things. Ultimately, you’ll regret losing the woman who tried her best to stay yours.

She gave you everything you needed without asking for anything in return and that’s not easy to find. Maybe she thought that you’d just love her enough to reciprocate her feelings and that certain things should be normal.

It should be normal not to have to beg for love and attention, but she had to. Why was it so hard for you to give her this when it was all she needed to be happy and stay yours?

The only explanation is that you didn’t feel the same way about her. You didn’t return her feelings and now she’s found someone who does.

Don’t try to meddle now and ruin the happiness she could never have had with you. Didn’t she try to have that with you?

Don’t mess her life up again now that she’s found someone who makes her happy. You know that this woman deserves more than you gave her.

She deserves a better man. And you’ll regret losing the woman who tried her best to stay yours once you realize that you can’t be that man.

DONE! You’ll Regret Losing The Woman Who Tried Her Best To Stay Yours

Maybe she realized it long before, but she kept fighting for you and hoping that her love would change you. You can’t give her what she needs though and it’s a fact that’s now going to break your heart just like it broke hers.

Now that you’ve lost her, you need to let her find what she needs with another man. One who’ll love her the way she wanted you to love her. So don’t dare ruin that.

Let her find happiness with a man who’s not going to make her feel like she’s not good enough. She deserves someone who will wipe her tears away, not be the cause of them.

This man is going to ignite a spark in her eye every time she looks at him instead.

Maybe she once had the same spark when she’d look in your eyes, but that changed. She’d keep seeing you as the man of her dreams, but you blew every shot you had with her.

Don’t blame her now that she’s given up on you after giving you a million second chances. You taught her to be strong, but she got tired of being strong for so long.

DONE! You’ll Regret Losing The Woman Who Tried Her Best To Stay Yours

She loved you with all of her heart just so it would get broken, so don’t try to apologize now. I know that you’ll regret losing this woman who tried her best to stay yours, but it’s too late now.

Don’t ruin her day when you run into her on the street because just seeing you could break her heart all over again. She’ll remember how hard she fought for you and how long she kept trying to make things work.

She was the only one who did though, so don’t act like things would have been different if she’d stayed. She’ll remember everything you put her through and all the bad behavior she had to take from you for years.

Despite all this, she’ll realize that her feelings for you haven’t yet entirely disappeared. Still, she’ll know that you’re toxic and leaving you was the right choice.

What else was she supposed to do? Should she have stayed and let you keep hurting her? One day you’re going to regret letting her slip through your fingers, but she did the right thing by leaving.

After all, you gave her nothing but pain and tears. You even made her think that love is supposed to hurt because your love put her through agony – if you even loved her at all.

DONE! You’ll Regret Losing The Woman Who Tried Her Best To Stay Yours

Maybe you didn’t back then, but you’ll regret losing the girl who loved you more than herself. All she really wanted was to love you, but even that was too much to ask for.

She wanted to grow old with you and believed you were her soulmate, but you just proved her wrong. You didn’t fight for her, even when it was clear that you’d lose her.

You’ll regret not fighting for her while you still had a chance, but don’t do it now that she’s found happiness. She tried to make it work with you, but she was the only one who did and now it’s over.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that she gave up on you. It was you who gave on her, not the other way around.

Yes, she was the one who left, but it was over long before that happened. She gave you plenty of warnings and you knew that she’d leave yet you did nothing to stop her.

Even when she was walking out of your life, you didn’t go after her. You didn’t ask her to stay or beg her to give you one more chance because you’d finally change.

DONE! You’ll Regret Losing The Woman Who Tried Her Best To Stay Yours

No, instead you just let her go. And now that she’s gone, you realize that you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.

She’s the caring girl you’ll regret losing for the rest of your life because she wanted to spend that life by your side. You gave up on her instead and now you have to live with that decision.

Don’t think that you can have her again because what’s done is done. You had your chance to show her love and all you showed her is that her efforts were in vain.

She wanted you to give her the affection, understanding, support, and unconditional love that she gave you. That seems to have been too much to ask for though, so don’t lie to her that you’re somehow a new man now.

You’re the same man that let this girl go, so don’t pretend like you didn’t have a chance.

Don’t come close to her now and tempt her to get involved with you again. She had to be strong while she was with you, don’t force her to be strong now that she used all her strength to leave you.

Let her go and don’t ruin her happiness now that she’s found true love.

You’ll Regret Losing The Woman Who Tried Her Best To Stay Yours

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