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You’ll Regret Losing The Girl Who Loved You More Than Herself

You’ll Regret Losing The Girl Who Loved You More Than Herself

At one point, you’ll realize that you’ve made a huge mistake.

Losing a girl who loved you more than she loves herself will be something you’ll regret till the end of your life.

And no matter how hard you try to forget her, the image of her face will always play in your head when you’re struggling to fall asleep.

She was there for you when no one else was and you still chased her away. You erased her from your life because you didn’t know how to appreciate her.

You thought that she was asking for too much when she only wanted to know if your feelings for her were real. Those times when she canceled her plans for you, she didn’t want to be a burden, she only wanted to be there for you no matter what.

It’s because you were the guy she focused all of her love on, but I guess that wasn’t good enough for you. Apparently, you didn’t want the one who’d love you truly since you had someone like that yet pushed her away.

You’ll regret losing the girl who gave herself fully to you. Every piece of her heart and soul was yours.

She had her eyes only on you; there was no one she would have rather been with. Even though guys chased after her, she rejected all of them because she was faithful to you.

And what were you doing in those moments? Going out with other girls and acting like the two of you were not exclusive? Making her compete for your love?
DONE! You'll Regret Losing The Girl Who Loved You More Than Herself

You treated her poorly. So, eventually, she decided that she couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t be with a guy who didn’t see how much she loved him – because that’s who you were.

You were just a guy who, for some obscure reason, ignored all of the care and attention she gave you. A guy who ignored her feelings because you didn’t think you were hurting them.

She loved you more than she loved herself. She never bothered to save a piece of her love and focus on herself.

Instead, she cared about you only and she expected you to give her the same in return.

She was naive for believing that once you show people how much you love them, they’ll see the mistakes they’ve been making.

But she didn’t know that the moment you saw how much she cared about you, you got scared and started to ignore her.

You wanted her to see that you’re a guy who can be with anyone he wants. That you’re a player and not the committed type.

But once you broke her and made her walk away from you, you realized all of the mistakes you made. You realized that you treated her poorly and broke her soft heart into pieces.

DONE! You'll Regret Losing The Girl Who Loved You More Than Herself

Who knows if she’ll ever again be ready to love? And all because you showed her that once she gives herself fully to someone, that person might break her and run away from her.

The one she loves unconditionally could tear her heart apart and play with her feelings like they don’t mean anything.

You showed her a dark side of love – one where you give your everything and still get nothing in return.

Are you proud of your actions? Are you proud that you destroyed a girl who was there for you when everyone else turned a blind eye to you? A girl who put you first even when she was your last choice?

Don’t worry, though. Karma will give you what you deserve and one day it’ll all hit you so hard that you won’t believe something can hurt that much.

You’ll regret losing the one who was ready to surrender her heart to you. She was all yours yet you chose not to be hers.

You threw all of her love under the bus and let her know that you didn’t care about anything she did for you. You couldn’t have cared less about her effort because you thought you could get it from anyone else.

But boy, you were so wrong.

DONE! You'll Regret Losing The Girl Who Loved You More Than Herself
Once it all settles in, you’ll see what happens when you push away the only person who loved you the right way. When you ignore the one who’s ready to give you every piece of herself.

There’s no worse feeling than losing a girl who loved you more than she ever loved anyone – even herself.

She wanted to show you what real love feels like because she knows what it means to be without love. She wanted to show you that with her by your side, you’ll never be alone.

But you ignored all of that, for some stupid reason.

Maybe you were just too much of a coward to commit to her. Maybe you wanted to prove to yourself that you can have any girl you want.

But now that you’re sleeping alone in a cold bed, I guess you know how it feels to lose the one who loved you truly. I guess you finally regret pushing her away from you and making the biggest mistake of your life.

You'll Regret Losing The Girl Who Loved You More Than Herself

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