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You’ll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn’t Right For You

You’ll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn’t Right For You

You’ll never be enough for someone who isn’t meant to stay in your life. Even if you think that you’re giving all you have, it’ll never be enough.

Throughout our lifetime, we meet so many people. Some of them stay in our life forever, but we don’t have the same luck with others.

There are people we would love to grow old with, but they choose other paths in life.

When you meet that many people, you’re bound to fall in love with some of them. Yes, it’s possible to love more than once in your life.

You fall in love with that one man who you think is going to stay in your life forever. You can see yourself happy with him.

When you think of the future, all you want is him, but then why does it feel so wrong to be next to him?

He makes you feel like you don’t have anything to offer him, he makes you regret every decision you’ve made in life, he makes you rethink everything.

But you don’t want to walk away. You don’t want to leave what you’ve built because things never seem bad enough for you to walk away.

Whenever you think of moving on and showing him the cold shoulder, it’s like he draws you back into his arms. He doesn’t let you think of leaving, even though you know that love shouldn’t hurt this much.

DONE! You'll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn't Right For You

Even his hugs make you feel suspicious of his behavior. You want to believe that he’s being genuine, you want to trust this man you’ve loved for so long.

However, you’re happy for a moment of pure affection.

You’re happy when he decides to show you kindness and love, so you take every crumb of it and devour it.

Is that really what you thought love would be? Did it cross your mind that you’re worthy of so much more when he made you think you were lacking?

You might have brushed it aside when things got a little bit more tense.

When he pointed out how clumsy you are for breaking a glass and then continued to act as if it was the worst thing you could have done, it was weird, but it wasn’t enough for you to recognize the red flag.

You’ll never be enough if he truly thinks that little mishaps are worthy of ridicule.

When you thought you looked gorgeous that night when you wanted to surprise him in your new dress, you were so excited to finally feel good about yourself for one whole evening.

DONE! You'll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn't Right For You

You looked in the mirror and all you saw was a wonderful and strong woman.

Those bags under your eyes that were caused by fights with him finally seemed to vanish under your sunshine-like smile.

He decided to ruin all of it. Calling you names and telling you that you would have been better off not going anywhere at all.

He made you feel awful because of the way you looked and that smile disappeared off of your face quickly.

That man always made a point to make you feel like garbage and ruin your self-esteem.

If you didn’t know it back then, then please understand now that his behavior was the equivalent of abuse.

There are women out there who look like and have everything you ever dreamed of and they were cheated on by their partner.

Not because they weren’t good enough, but because their partner never saw them as good enough.

Men who aren’t meant to stay in our life for long are men who will never see our true worth. Men like the one who you’re crying over right now shouldn’t get the chance to see you build a family.

DONE! You'll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn't Right For You

You’ll never be good enough for a man who only cares about himself.

He’ll always think that you’re too loud, too outspoken, that you take up too much space.

He won’t be able to see the real you and he won’t care.

All he will care about is how much he can get out of that relationship, be it emotionally, physically, or socially, as those are the only things he cares about.

A man like that isn’t strong enough to claim you. He doesn’t know what it means to be with a woman and commit to her completely.

He isn’t mature enough to realize that you’re definitely a woman a real man would want in his life.

You’re crying over a child who still thinks that playing games is cool.

He thinks that playing with your emotions makes him an alpha, while it only makes him look pathetic.

You deserve so much more than that. You deserve someone who won’t think twice about pursuing you.

DONE! You'll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn't Right For You

The man you deserve will be mature enough to commit to you and he won’t be afraid of his emotions.

Even if he does have insecurities, he won’t take them out on you or make you feel unwanted.

You deserve someone who’ll make you feel like you’re more than enough even when you yourself doubt it.

Whenever you think that he deserves better than you, he’ll shut you up with a kiss and tell you that he doesn’t want anyone else.

You’ll be more than enough for him. You’ll be his everything.

The man you’re crying over right now doesn’t even know what he wants from life.

That’s not even a real man, that’s a little boy who isn’t able to differentiate right from wrong.

The poor little boy thinks that you’ll stay long enough for him to break you, but baby, you know better than that!

DONE! You'll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn't Right For You

You know that there’s a person in this world who’s meant for you.

That man will be loving and caring and he won’t think about whether he wants to be with you.

He’ll know that you’re too good to walk away from. He’ll know that playing games with you would potentially mean losing you and he can’t lose you.

He can’t lose you because you’re the one he’s been looking for his entire life. You two will create a relationship that’ll be healing for you.

So don’t expect someone who isn’t meant to stay in your life to make you feel like you’re enough.

He’s there to teach you a lesson and when you’re ready, you’ll let him go and make space for someone who’ll love you unconditionally.

That someone new will show you why all of your exes are a part of your past and not a part of your future.

You'll Never Be Enough For Someone Who Isn't Right For You

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