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You’ll Learn How To Unlove Him, You Just Have To Be Patient

You’ll Learn How To Unlove Him, You Just Have To Be Patient

A lot of time has passed since this man decided to walk away from you and leave you for good. The man you thought was your soulmate – the one who was supposed to be the father of your children.

You planned your whole life with him. From the very start of your relationship, you felt as if he was your happily ever after, the one you’d spend the rest of your life with.

He promised you he’d have your back, come hell or high water. And he also promised he’d never abandon you, ever.

It’s been some time since the man you loved with all of your heart left you. And in that period, you’ve been feeling sad, desperate, and brokenhearted. Something that you never thought would happen to you, but it did.

It’s been a while that you’ve been stuck in that one dark place, without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. You seem trapped in an endless cycle of feeling betrayed and lost.

Sometimes when you think about him, you start to reminisce about how you grew to love this man with your entire soul and heart. You remember how sweet and kind he was toward you and how with time, he became your whole world.

But even though it’s difficult for you to pick yourself up and you feel as if you’ll never be whole again, you still hope that time will heal those deep wounds. Yet can’t seem to figure out the proper way to forget him and get over him.

No matter what you do and how many times you cry all your emotions out, despite all of your effort, you’re unable to find out a way to unlove him.

DONE! You'll Learn How To Unlove Him, You Just Have To Be Patient

I understand that it’s tough for you to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that he caused by leaving you, but let me tell you a secret:

You WILL heal and it WILL get better over time.

The love that you have for him will evaporate sooner or later and you’ll leave him right there where his place is – in the past.

You will unlove him the same way you learned how to love him!

I hate seeing you brokenhearted, but I must confess that the process of unloving this man won’t happen overnight. It’s not like you have a switch on your heart that you can flip to suddenly unlove him.

It will take some time and persistence from you to erase the effects he left on your mind, soul, and heart.

At first, you might feel anger toward him. But don’t worry, that’s completely normal. Let the anger out and be furious for everything he’s done to you.

It didn’t take him a long time to convince you that he’d love you for eternity and yet he crushed all of your dreams you guys built together.

DONE! You'll Learn How To Unlove Him, You Just Have To Be Patient

How could he have done that? Why would anyone do that to another person? How could he break your heart into a million pieces without even giving you a warning?

The thing is, the anger doesn’t stop there. You’ll then be angry at yourself. You’ll question every decision you’ve ever made and you won’t believe how foolish and naïve you were to believe him and his words.

You’ll blame yourself for not recognizing his true face in time. And finally, you’ll realize that this man who was so important to you, never truly loved you enough. He always thought that you weren’t good enough for him.

After you embrace those emotions of anger, sadness will overcome you. You’ll only think about the beautiful times you two shared with each other.

And when you do remember those moments, you’ll want this man back into your life. You’ll try to find a way to justify his actions and behavior, and start to wonder whether or not you should chase after him.

At this moment, loneliness can be overwhelming because you only knew how to be yourself when he was by your side. You lost your identity because your entire world revolved around him.

Eventually, you’ll convince yourself that he’s worth your tears and that you’ll wait for him to come back to you.

Right then, at that moment, that where you’ll hit rock bottom. And there will be no other way for you than to climb back up again from there.

You may never realize it, but while all of this was happening to you, you were actually on your journey of unloving this man.

DONE! You'll Learn How To Unlove Him, You Just Have To Be Patient

In those moments, you don’t recognize that all of this was part of your journey of letting him go – all just stages of your healing process.

Suddenly, one morning when you wake up, he won’t be the first thought that comes to your mind.

Finally, something magical will happen to you. You’ll catch yourself smiling in the mirror for no particular reason and the image of him will slowly start to fade from your thoughts.

You’ll start to see the joy in everything that you do in your single life. You’ll start loving yourself more with each day and eventually, you won’t think about him even once.

When this happens, you’ll come to realize how strong you actually are. You’ll become aware of the fact that you’re worth much more than anything he could ever give you.

Just like that, you’ve unloved him – the moment you start loving yourself more than anyone else.

The moment you understand that this guy leaving you was actually the best mistake that could ever happen to you. When you finally realize that it wasn’t meant to be, you’ll get your closure and have the strength to move on.

Don’t believe it when others tell you that you’ll forget he even existed, because that’s simply not true.

Instead, you’ll see him as a lesson, someone who had to come into your life to make you realize just how gorgeous and strong you truly are.

The moment you replace the emptiness with happiness inside of you is the moment you’ll finally know that you unloved him and are ready for your next adventure.

You'll Learn How To Unlove Him, You Just Have To Be Patient

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