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You Won’t Have To Force It If It’s Real

You Won’t Have To Force It If It’s Real

There is a clever and funny saying that goes: ‘Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap’. And it’s true.

It should be easy to love, and if it’s not, maybe it’s not meant to be. Have you ever been with someone with whom you never had to force things?

Everything just felt natural… and love just happened by itself without the need to force things… That is what it looks like if it’s real.

But if you feel like you have to send them a report on what you are doing, where you are doing it, and whom you are doing it with… if you feel like you have to send them a text each morning just so you can prolong this decision you have to make… you have to realize that you won’t be able to pretend much longer.

And if the relationship doesn’t feel natural, if something just doesn’t feel right and you haven’t really connected… it’s best to end it right away before it gets worse.

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Because when it’s real, there is no need to force it. Love should come naturally, and you shouldn’t be feeling anxious about what will happen the next day.

When it’s real, you won’t have to question their commitment or loyalty.

Because when love is real, it feels natural… it feels like everything is suddenly just the way you want it to be and there is no need to convince others that you are happy in your relationship… because you really are, and it shows itself.

If it’s real, you won’t have to wonder what’s missing because you will have the feeling that you are complete.

And there won’t be anything missing because you will have found your missing piece.

If it’s real, you won’t have to be careful about what you say because your loved one will want you to always be honest and say what you mean and you won’t have to wonder if you should say what you mean.

The thing is, you should always be able to say everything to your partner, and if you aren’t, it simply isn’t real.

If it’s real, you won’t ever have to question it because you will know that you are doing the right thing.

You won’t have to wonder if it really is love or if you have found the right person.

You will feel appreciated and wanted. And more importantly, you will know that you have found the right person and that it really is love.

So, if you feel like this relationship isn’t exactly what you wanted… it isn’t. And once it is with someone else, you will know and you will feel like you’re in heaven.

If it’s real, you won’t have to wonder if you are settling because you will feel like you have found more than you ever thought was possible.

Your partner will be your biggest support and the wind beneath your wings.

So, if you are feeling like your loved one is pulling you back instead of pushing you forward… it isn’t real because when it’s real, you will feel like your love is your biggest inspiration and your reason to grow and advance.

You will see how you are changing, and not because he wants you to because he will love you the way you are but you will want to change, to become even better because love has inspired you.

If it’s real, you won’t have to wonder if it is worth fighting for because when it’s real, you will want to protect it with everything you have.

And you will want to fight for it like your life depends on it because it will be the best thing you ever had. So if you are asking yourself if it is worth it, it probably isn’t.

Because when it’s real, you won’t ever have to wonder. It will be the most precious thing you have ever had, and you will do anything you can to keep it because you will know that this kind of love doesn’t happen every day; it is rare, and it is something worth fighting for.

If it’s real, you will know because all the pieces will fall into place together. Your feelings and thoughts will be in harmony and you and that person will see things the same, you will look in the same direction, and that direction is forward into the future; your future together.

So, if right now you are having trouble seeing the future with the person you are with… it is because it isn’t real; you are actually feeling more frustration than love; it feels more like a curse than a blessing.

But if it’s real, you will know and won’t be confused; you will instead be happy because you will have a feeling like God himself has sent this person into your life and like he has sent them for a reason.

That reason is to let you feel real love and finally be happy and you will be but you first have to give up on a relationship that isn’t real because it will never make you happy, and you will just be holding yourself back all the time. You realize that you are forcing it, but you keep doing it. Why?

Love shouldn’t be forced. It is something that feels natural and brings harmony to your life. So if your love isn’t like that, it might as well not be love at all.

There is someone out there who will make you happy but you are preventing that person from coming into your life. And why? Just because you are forcing something that isn’t and never will be real.

So stop wasting your time… and let yourself experience what real love is like so you will never make the same mistake again.

You won’t have to force it if it’s real because the real thing is something that is meant for you, so it will come naturally. Why are you running away from your destiny and forcing something that just isn’t meant to be?

Maybe it’s because you didn’t know what real was, but now you get the picture. And you will experience it, but first, you have to stop forcing it when it isn’t real.

You Won’t Have To Force It If It’s Real