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You Won’t Have A Second Chance Once She’s Done With You

You Won’t Have A Second Chance Once She’s Done With You

A girl of such caliber gives everything she’s got when she falls in love. She knows that for love to succeed, you have to put in the effort.

She’s been taught that from a very young age. Her love is magnificent, deep, and selfless.

You might have dated many girls in your past, but she’s nothing you’ve ever seen before, nothing you can compare to the other girls.

She built walls around her so high that can withstand many awful things. But once you try to break them, once you think that you can climb them and hurt her, that’s when you’re in trouble.

She grew into a superwoman because of her scars that have taught her many valuable lessons. She’s the kind of girl who can endure a storm and still stand on her own two feet.

She’s someone who can survive everything that life throws at her, someone who can survive many heartbreaks and go through all that pain, and still, her spirit won’t be broken.

However, don’t expect her to be like the other girls you’ve met. She’s not like them at all.

Her beautiful heart and gentle soul don’t make her someone whom you can manipulate so easily.

DONE! You Won't Have A Second Chance Once She's Done With You

Her forgiving nature doesn’t make her naive or stupid. She can see your true face perfectly underneath all those layers of fakeness.

And if she deems it acceptable, she will cut you some slack, but be careful not to use that against her.

Many people in her life pretended to be someone they’re not but she learned how to see through those fake masks.

The people who were closest to her heart took advantage of her countless time, but she learned her lessons. Oh, if those scars on her heart could tell stories.

But once you start taking advantage of her and playing your immature little mind games, she’ll cut you out of her life like you’re nothing.

It won’t take long for her to move on from you.

If she’s letting you get away with all those petty mind games, that’s only because she’s testing you to see how long you think you can actually behave like that.

You see, she’ll even give you some time to change if you truly care about her.

DONE! You Won't Have A Second Chance Once She's Done With You

On the other hand, she has her own boundaries. You won’t have a second chance once she’s done with you.

Even though she has a loving heart and a beautiful soul, she can only endure so much.

She’ll give you all of her love, but once you start using that against her, then she’ll be done with you – for good.

You won’t have a second chance. She’ll cross you out of her life because she doesn’t let other people take her for granted anymore.

She won’t settle for someone to whom she’ll be a second choice. She won’t do that to herself.

Her love is unconditional and once she lets you in, it’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery.

She isn’t some casual fling you can have your fun with and then leave her once you get bored.

She’s grown into a real woman and she knows what she wants.

DONE! You Won't Have A Second Chance Once She's Done With You

She’s ready to commit and give everything she has, but she expects you to do the same for her.

She doesn’t want a boy who will get scared when things start to become real. She needs a real man in a sea of boys.

Treat her with dignity and devotion and you’ll have a woman for life by your side. She won’t ever leave you if you give her a piece of yourself.

Respect and love her and you’ll see how amazing true love actually is, how it can make your life more beautiful and you’ll only grow as a person if you give her that.

Appreciate her open mind and the ability to turn the other cheek if she sees that you made a mistake.

She’ll give you time to think about what you’ve done and change it, but be careful not to use that patience against her.

Because if she decides to leave you, then it’s all over. You won’t get a second chance once she’s done with you.

DONE! You Won't Have A Second Chance Once She's Done With You

If she leaves, that means that you’ve done a terrible thing to her and you shouldn’t blame anyone but yourself for that.

Don’t be one of those guys who puts all the blame on others. Accept that you made a mistake and learn from it.

This type of girl won’t let any man hold her back ever again.

She’s done with dealing with immature boys who don’t know how they feel or don’t know how to express their emotions.

She knows that those kinds of guys will only hurt her. And if you prove to her that you’re one of them, she’ll quickly leave you.

No matter how much pain she’s in, she’s still strong enough to love and be loved.

You can’t damage her self-esteem and tell her she’s not enough for you because she knows her worth.

However, even though she’s a strong, independent woman, she’s still going to be hurting. And she will break into millions of pieces.

But she’ll pick up the shattered pieces of her broken heart and you won’t be there to help her.

DONE! You Won't Have A Second Chance Once She's Done With You

She’s going to heal and recover from the damage you’ve done to her. And she’ll do that all by herself; that’s how strong she is.

Her mind will be in a dark place and tears will be running down her cheeks, but she will pull through, even though she’s hurting.

But you won’t have a second chance, as she’s never going back to you.

Don’t expect her to call or text you, saying that she misses you, as she won’t do that.

I’m not saying that she won’t have the urge to do that but she’ll refrain from doing so.

She knows that once there’s no trust in a relationship, there’s no future there.

Once the storm settles, she will drink her morning coffee and she will think to herself how she dodged a bullet with this one.

She’ll be even stronger than she previously was and she will find her true love. But that won’t be with you.

You Won't Have A Second Chance Once She's Done With You

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