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You Still Win Even If He’s The One Who Leaves

You Still Win Even If He’s The One Who Leaves

I know you’re in pain right now. I know how much it hurts to see him leaving you. The person who promised he’d be there for you for the rest of your life.

It might sound crazy, but you’ve won!

You might be in a bad state now, but after you give yourself some time to heal, you’ll realize that the moment he decided to leave you, you’re the one who wins. It’s his loss and not yours.

Why? Because you know you gave it all to him. You weren’t afraid to open up and let him have a piece of your soul. You were always genuine and real, while he was the one always putting on a mask to hide his true face.

The one with those fake emotions and prejudices is finally gone. You showed everyone how to love unconditionally. Now, everyone knows that. That’s why you’re the one who wins, not him.

DONE! You Still Win Even If He's The One Who Leaves

Do you know what toughens a soldier? It’s not the constant grind to achieve your dreams, but to survive those tough moments.

And that’s what you did, you survived even when the odds were against you. Don’t you dare think otherwise!

You were born ready to chase and fight for your beliefs and dreams. And fighting for love is the most dangerous thing that you can do.

Most people are afraid to do such a thing. But you did. You showed everyone how resilient and tough you are.

You knew that there might be a risk of getting hurt by a guy if you let him have your heart, but still, your beautiful stubbornness couldn’t just let go of it. You had to give it a try.

Those obstacles have definitely made you stronger than you were before.

You were ready for them because deep down you knew that this was going to happen eventually.

And you rose up like a phoenix, stronger than you were before.

DONE! You Still Win Even If He's The One Who Leaves

You were ready to fully commit to him, even though he couldn’t reciprocate. That’s the most beautiful and inspiring thing you could ever do.

Don’t worry. Even if he leaves you, you’re the one who wins.

You’ll continue with your life stronger and with your head held high, and you’ll meet the right one.

You still win even if he’s the one who leaves.

And even though he was always lying to you and going behind your back, you stood true to yourself – always honest and warm.

He didn’t need to wonder what was going on inside your head because you were always straightforward and transparent about everything.

That’s why even if he leaves, you still win.

You didn’t play any mind games with him, you kept it real. You expressed your true emotions and spoke what was your mind.

You weren’t hesitant when push came to shove because you knew that a relationship requires effort and compromise.

DONE! You Still Win Even If He's The One Who Leaves

And even though he was afraid to let you know what he truly felt for you, you were open and empathetic. Your actions were sincere.

You never took him for granted, even if he hurt you badly. You believed the best in him, hoping that his behavior would improve and that he’d change.

You always paid attention to not hurt his feelings, but he never really did the same for you. That’s why you come out the winner.

You were always true to your kind self, despite him taking you for granted multiple times.

You gave him your utmost love and affection and he didn’t even respect you for it.

You were always there when he needed you, but he can’t say he did the same thing for you. He was never there.

He betrayed you too many times and that’s why you win even though he left you.

You prioritized him and gave him all of your time. And what did you get in return? Sleepless nights wondering where he is and with who.

DONE! You Still Win Even If He's The One Who Leaves

You were so caring with him, while he didn’t even comfort you when your eyes were filled with tears.

You were prepared to give him everything he needed from you. You had so much love inside of you and he didn’t reciprocate.

You never held back. You loved him unconditionally but he was willing to just throw it all away like it was nothing.

Your love was meaningless to him. And that’s why you still win even if he leaves.

Believe me, the universe will reward you for all the energy you put into the relationship.

You know that your love for him was pure – most people don’t know how to do that.

You just have to hold your head up high. You should be proud of how well you composed yourself in a tricky, sticky situation.

He might have treated you like a second option and overlooked your every wish.

DONE! You Still Win Even If He's The One Who Leaves

But deep down in your heart you know you’re worth so much more than he could ever give you.

You’re the type of person who never plays mind games with anyone or toys with another person’s feelings.

So you know you won’t ever settle for a guy who is manipulative and abusive toward you.

You’ve always been honest with others and yourself because that’s just the way that you’re wired.

Even though you showed him your vulnerable side, you stood strong and you didn’t let him break you.

You didn’t have any aces up your sleeve – you wore your heart on it.

You never made an effort to show your true face.

And his reward for you for being such a wonderful girlfriend was him saying that you weren’t good enough for him. And that’s not okay.

Because deep down, you know that you’re good enough. You gave it your all and you’re not sorry for anything you did.

DONE! You Still Win Even If He's The One Who Leaves

You made mistakes, but you owned up to them. You apologized and tried to be a better person. But he didn’t. He didn’t even try to understand you.

So even though he was the one to leave, you still win.

He’s the one who left a wonderful girlfriend behind.

He’s the one who missed out on the opportunity to love a woman who would love him even harder.

A woman who was prepared to spend the rest of her life with him.

Now, he doesn’t have you and it’s his loss – not yours.

You Still Win Even If He's The One Who Leaves

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