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You Shouldn’t Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

You Shouldn’t Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

If I had a dollar for each time someone told me that relationships require work, I’d been rolling in it by now.

Of course, each relationship starts off beautifully.

You’re in your puppy love stage and all you want to do is smother the other person with love and affection.

At the very beginning of your relationship, love doesn’t seem to be so hard.

You get all the time and attention you need from him and that’s enough for you.

But what happens when the first fight happens? When you’re trembling with fear because your anxious mind tells you that he’ll leave you?

Every minor inconvenience seems to be detrimental to your relationship!

You cry, you forget to eat, you try to mend your broken heart, and that’s what it’s like from one day to the next.

DONE! You Shouldn't Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

But love is supposed to hurt, right? You’re supposed to want to fight with each other? Isn’t that what keeps the flame alive?

“Relationships are a lot of work and that’s why we suffer so much through them.”

Lie. Everything you’ve ever been told has been a complete and utter lie.

No, relationships shouldn’t make you feel like that. The love you feel for this man shouldn’t break your heart with every step you take.

That, right there, is not love.

You want to try harder for the sake of what you’ve built together, but you’re exhausted.

Why would you want to keep working on this relationship if all you’re getting out of it is utter despair?

DONE! You Shouldn't Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

Have you tried to leave? Did he stop you?

Did he accuse you of not wanting to work on this relationship enough? He might have even accused you of not even loving him.

That right there is a man who knows that he’s done something wrong and that he doesn’t deserve you.

This man knows that you are too good for him, so he uses emotional manipulation to make you stay by his side.

You’re desperate and you don’t want to be the only one working on this relationship anymore, but there is always a little voice at the back of your head begging you to stay for just a little while longer.

How much longer can you endure this?

I know that love makes you blind to your partner’s faults, but this right here is becoming disturbing.

Love shouldn’t blind you to the actual truth of the situation.

That same love makes you believe that if you give him just a little bit more time, he’ll change.

If you give him just enough space, he’ll come back running to you.

You’re convinced that if you just love him a little bit more, he’ll return it with the same intensity.

DONE! You Shouldn't Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

It’s heartbreaking to burst the bubble for you, but whatever sign you were looking for to leave him, this is it!

You don’t need someone who will only use you to his benefit.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

He’s using your love and wounded heart to make you depend on him.

The truth is that he depends on you for everything – validation, love, security. No one else can give him that but you!

Nonetheless, there are many men out there who would love to show you the love and effort you actually deserve.

There is only one you. That’s why he will never find another woman to love and cherish him as you did.

You looked past every single one of his flaws and every single time he made you cry, you were quick to make an excuse for him.

You knew him so well that before he even spoke, you knew exactly what he wanted from you.

Girl, you are a woman worth keeping. A woman worth loving!

What he doesn’t know yet is how much he’ll regret ever losing you.

DONE! You Shouldn't Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

You are one of a kind. No one will endure the pain and misery you went through.

Especially not for a man who doesn’t even know how to put effort into a relationship.

A relationship is painfully hard when one party doesn’t care about the other.

When you’re with someone who wants to be with you, someone who truly loves you, the relationship is a breeze.

Love is so easy to understand, because you know that when you love someone, you want them to be happy all the time.

You can’t make someone suffer through the relationship and then claim that you love them.

It’s really that simple and you shouldn’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Not even him.

If you were looking for a sign to leave, this is it.

DONE! You Shouldn't Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

You deserve so much better than a man who thinks that he knows you when he never actually listens.

You deserve so much better than someone who thinks that love should hurt.

There is someone out there in this world who will meet you and choose you every single day. For the rest of his life.

This someone will be there for you so you won’t have to carry the weight of the world entirely on your own shoulders.

Someone like that is rare, but that’s your special someone.

It’s not a man who doesn’t get that he can lose you the very moment you realize you’re not appreciated.

Walk away and leave this man who doesn’t even know how to value your worth.

You deserve to be happy. And if he isn’t able to make you happy, that’s your cue to leave.

Leave and find happiness in someone else’s arms. Let him sulk in the thought that you are happier without him.

Let him know that he lost a true gem.

You Shouldn't Try Harder – This Is Your Cue To Leave

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