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You Should Have Cared For Her While She Still Loved You

People often see someone’s true worth only when they lose them.

The real value of someone’s presence is often revealed only when you feel that person’s absence.

The same way, when someone abandons you, you realize that they deserved much more love than you gave them… and that you should have treated them differently.

When someone walks out of your life, you suddenly understand that you shouldn’t have let them go.

Isn’t that exactly what went on with you and her? She loved you much more than herself and wanted to do anything to make you happy.

She was there for you at all times, as your teammate and greatest ally.

You knew that you could always call her and count on her, whatever happened.

She loved you at your worst, just the same as at your best.

You had someone who always believed in you and would defend you no matter what it took.

She knew how to take care of you, even when you didn’t know how to take care of yourself. This is the girl who wanted to save you from yourself.

There was nothing she wouldn’t have done as long as it made you smile.

However, you didn’t appreciate her, nor her sacrifices.

You were so convinced that she would love you no matter what you did to her that you started taking her for granted.

You were sure that she’d continue to put effort into the relationship even though you never did.

Did you really think that she’d waste her life in attempts to make you the man you needed to be from the beginning?

You were mistaken, and you managed to chase her away.

You’re now aware that she won’t come back, so you feel regret.

If only you were different and grateful for that relationship… you would have known that girls like that are rare and that you shouldn’t have let that unique girl go.

Now that she’s gone, you realize that you could have loved her more.

Well, you should have, but there was a time for that… a time when she loved you.

Now she sees things clearly and doesn’t care about you anymore.

She doesn’t even need your love anymore. Didn’t she wait long enough for you to commit and give your entire self to her?

She deserved to have a special place in your life and your heart, but she’s done waiting for you to realize that.

You didn’t show her that you loved her back then when it meant something to her.

Now you understand things you didn’t before, and you miss her, but it’s too late.

You were a priority to her, and she wanted to be a priority to you… but you always put other women and your friends ahead of her.

All she ever wanted was your attention, and she would beg for just a little bit of your love.

Don’t try to reach her now, because there’s no use.

No matter how many times you call or show up at places where you know you’ll find her, there’s no use.

The time to call her was back then when she dressed up and waited for you to come to get her like you said you would… but you ditched her for your friends who are no longer here for you.

She called you too, worried about you, while you were too busy with another girl to pick up the phone.

The time for remembering important dates and sending flowers is over now.

You should have done that when she was hoping you’d remember your anniversary or be there on her birthday.

All those Valentine’s Days she hoped to get a flower from you, but she didn’t even get you to tell her you loved her.

You want to chase her now, but you shouldn’t have chased her away to begin with.

There’s no point in begging her to come back when you shouldn’t have made her walk away in the first place.

So, don’t try to get her back now that she’s over you.

Let her be because you had your chance and now you need to be man enough to admit that you blew it.

She deserves to be happy, so let her be now that she is happy without you. You could have never made her happy because you didn’t treat her right.

Now you need to let her heal her heart, the heart that you so carelessly broke.

You should know that you’ll never again find a girl like that. You’ll want to look for her in new women that you meet, but you won’t find her.

She was a one in a million, and she was yours, but you didn’t care enough to keep her in your life.

Now she’ll find happiness with someone else, who’ll appreciate her and love her the way she deserves.

You had your chance for happiness with her, but you didn’t love her enough to keep her around.

Instead, you played with her heart and ultimately chased her away.

I know you regret it now, but it’s too late. She has moved on, and you should have cared for her while she still loved you.

She gave you her heart, but you played with it like it was a toy and tossed it away. Don’t think that you’ll ever get the chance to do that again.

She has moved on, and she’ll find a man who will treat her with love and kindness… the way you should have treated her.

All you can do now is regret losing the woman who loved you with her whole heart.

There’s no going back now, and you had your chance for happiness, but you didn’t use it.

She would have made you so happy, but you didn’t care about her happiness so she walked away from your life to find it with someone else.

You can be certain that she will, because she’s an amazing woman, and you’re aware of that now.

However, you should have cared while she still loved you.

It’s too late to care now.

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