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You Only Chose Me Because You Needed Someone To Feed Your Ego

You Only Chose Me Because You Needed Someone To Feed Your Ego

From the moment I met you, I knew you were different from all of the rest. It was obvious that you were either going to be the one I married or the one who would make me go through the worst break-up ever.

I fell for you from the very start and everyone could tell that. When you stared into my eyes, it was more than obvious that you had my whole attention.

It no longer mattered whether I was hanging out with you or not, you ended up being the one I thought about all the time. You ended up being the only constant thought in my mind.

As time went by, my feelings for you got stronger. At one point, I realized that I didn’t want anyone else than you. So, I decided to take my chance.

Subtly, I showed you how much I cared about you and the good thing is that you never rejected me. You never told me I wasn’t the one you were looking for.

So, I stood by your side and did whatever I could to make you happy. Seeing a smile on your face became my only goal in life.
DONE! You Only Chose Me Because You Needed Someone To Feed Your Ego

Suddenly, I realized that our relationship wasn’t progressing at all. We weren’t dating but you were still the only guy I wanted to be with.

You, on the other hand, didn’t care about my emotions at all. You knew very well how much I liked you but you never even wanted to take our relationship any further.

Instead, you were holding all these other girls’ hands while I patiently waited for you to realize that you had feelings for me. I gave you all the time you needed and didn’t want to pressure you into anything but in the meantime, I was feeling the worst I’d ever felt.

My heart felt like breaking every time I saw you with someone else. I tried to play it cool because I was well aware that you didn’t owe me anything. In your eyes, we were not a thing and as much as I cared about you, I couldn’t blame you for the emotions I was experiencing.

Eventually, I had enough and decided to walk away. I decided that I wasn’t going to torture myself any longer since it became obvious that we were never going to be a couple.
DONE! You Only Chose Me Because You Needed Someone To Feed Your Ego

But the moment I let go of you, you found a way to insert yourself back into my life. You told me that you couldn’t imagine your future without me and that you needed me by your side.

This got my hopes up high because I finally thought that our relationship was going to change. From being friends, we’d become a couple and my long-term wish would finally come true.

I let you walk back into my life without question and I felt happy for our future. But as I waited for you to finally express your feelings, I realized that I was still asking for too much.

You ended up dating other girls and simply kept me on a leash. Every time I tried to walk away, you found some reason why I should stay.

And even though I knew that I was waiting for the impossible, I still couldn’t walk away from you knowing there was a chance we could end up together. So, I stuck with you, aware that with every day that passed, my heart was only breaking more and more.

At one point, I’d truly had enough. I couldn’t stand looking at you going out with different women week after week while I was ready to give you my heart.

While you were everything I ever wanted, you only needed me to feed your ego. You knew I loved you and you simply needed to have me around as a reminder of your worth.

You needed to know that someone would stay by your side no matter what. And unfortunately, I was the exact fool you were looking for.
DONE! You Only Chose Me Because You Needed Someone To Feed Your Ego

Even when all those girls you dated decided to break up with you, you still had me. You had someone who followed you blindly even though I was hurting myself with every step I took.

It took me a while before I admitted to myself that I was only food for your ego. That was the only role I played in your life. Unfortunately, while I was ready to give you my heart, you couldn’t even imagine yourself next to me.

You never liked me the way I liked you. Instead, you simply loved the attention I was giving you. Once I finally realized that, my heart fell apart. It broke down into pieces and it became hard to breathe.

You were everything I was looking for, while I meant nothing to you. You simply used me as a tool to boost your self-esteem without bothering about the effect it would have on me. No, you didn’t care how broken I would feel once I realized that you had been playing with me this whole time.

You chose me because you needed someone to remind you how amazing you are. And a woman in love with you felt like a great person to play that role.
DONE! You Only Chose Me Because You Needed Someone To Feed Your Ego

Even though we were never really in a relationship, you still managed to break my heart. You tore it into pieces and walked all over it as if it meant nothing to you.

And to this day, I’m still recovering from the way you tricked me into trusting you. You saw it in my eyes that I could never leave you and you used that realization to control me.

Unfortunately, it worked. You got your ego boost and I had the chance to go through the worst heartbreak I’ve ever felt.

You Only Chose Me Because You Needed Someone To Feed Your Ego

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