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You Have To Love Yourself First, So Others Could Love You

You Have To Love Yourself First, So Others Could Love You

All of us dream of being in a happy relationship and having good people who love us in our lives. Good people will always believe in you, love you for who you are and support you no matter what you do but such people aren’t easy to find.

That is why you have to work on yourself so you would attract them. Do so by loving yourself. You have to love yourself if you want to attract good people to your life.

Be a positive person and you will attract positive people. If you keep being negative, it will only push those people even further away from you.

If you want others to love you, you have to love yourself first. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Let them love you for who you are

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No one can love you for who you are if you aren’t always yourself. You must feel comfortable in your skin and accept yourself for who you are. Get to know yourself a little better.

Spend some time researching and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Once you find those weaknesses, embrace them as your own. After all, your imperfections are what makes you you.

They make you unique, different from everyone else in this world. So, love yourself for who you are.

Understand that nobody is perfect and all of us have terrible flaws, but that’s what makes us human. Let people love you for who you are with all your flaws.

2. Let them be good to you

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You want others to be good to you, don’t you? Then why aren’t you good to yourself? You have to start treating yourself with kindness, patience and understanding, like you want others to treat you.

If you don’t respect yourself, others won’t be able to respect you either. Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating healthily and exercising. Spend some time in nature.

I’m telling you all this because you only get one body in your lifetime and you have to take care of it. It’s the only way to feel good in it. Others will see how you treat yourself and they will treat you the same.

3. Let them trust you

We live in a world full of liars and manipulators. Everyone seems to be a hypocrite. Naturally, no one likes to be friends with such people so be an honest person.

Try to always tell the truth, no matter how harsh it is. Be honest with yourself and with others. That way, you’ll love yourself more and people will love you for being able to trust you.

I have always been an honest person, and it’s true that sometimes that will get you hurt. But it’s worth it. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is for you to be able to look yourself in the mirror with a clear conscience.

4. Let them enjoy your company

You have to enjoy your own company in order for others to enjoy it too. After all, it’s better to be alone than with selfish, negative people.

Being alone is actually more fulfilling than being with those who take you for granted. It will make you less desperate for company and that will, ironically, attract more people to your life.

Still, choose carefully who you will let in. It’s better to be alone than with people who don’t care about you. Once you learn to enjoy your own company, others will enjoy it more as well.

5. Let them help you with your baggage

It’s time for you to leave your emotional baggage behind and good people can help you with that.

All of us have experienced some dark times, and it has left us with baggage but you can’t keep going while carrying that baggage with you.

It belongs in the past so leave it behind and you will instantly attract new people to your life. This is because leaving your baggage behind will help you start over.

Forget about all the mistakes from the past, your new life is ahead of you. It’s waiting for you to finally leave the past behind and see the amazing future that’s waiting for you.

6. Let them overcome problems with your help

Helping others will fill your heart with joy and spreading that positive energy will truly make a difference. I believe in karma and it proved itself to me a number of times.

The truth is, everything comes back to you. What you send out into the world comes back to you like a boomerang so help others without expecting anything in return. Do it just because you want to.

Such positivity will glow around you and attract the best kind of people who love to help just as much.

7. Let them be who they are

As important as it is for you to be who you are, it’s important to let others be themselves around you. Nobody likes to hang out with someone in front of whom they have to pretend they are something they’re not.

Try to see who the person really is. As Cyndi Lauper would say, see their true colors. Don’t be shallow and see beneath the masks people wear.

They will be grateful for the chance to take them off and be who they are for a change. Focus more on their actions than on their words. If it turns out that the person they are is someone who doesn’t treat you right, let them go.

8. Let them go if they don’t treat you right

To make room for the good people in your life, you have to get rid of the bad ones. Don’t accept just anyone into your life.

Some people are simply bad and you need to learn to let them go. Don’t surround yourself with negative people and don’t waste your time on people who don’t see your full potential as they will never do anything but hold you back.

Have no doubt about it, there are amazing people who would be happy to take their place in your life.

1._You Have To Love Yourself First, So Others Could Love You

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