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You Gave Me The Best Gift: A Wake-Up Call

You Gave Me The Best Gift: A Wake-Up Call

Other people would think that you leaving me couldn’t symbolize anything positive.

They probably associate our breakup with my pain and suffering.

They think of it as an experience that ruined my life completely and threw me off my feet.

And to be honest, in the beginning, I thought about it the same way.

I felt like it was the end of the world and that I would never become the person I was before you.

When you left me, I felt like I had no place to go and I kept drowning in my own sadness with no idea what to do next.

I lived my life in misery for some months. Until something hit me.

You know that sensation when lightning brightens the sky for a second and then it’s gone? That’s how it felt.

Something brightened in my mind and I realized that I can’t live my life in constant suffering anymore. Where could that get me?

To a house filled with pain, with no sight of love? To a world filled with dark shadows?

And do I want to go there?

Of course not.

I wanted to snap out of the sadness and learn to live my life the right way!

DONE - You Gave Me The Best Gift A Wake-Up Call

Losing you was never supposed to mean losing me as well. And that’s what was happening while I was filling my life with sorrow after you left.

So, I decided that I wanted to stop the pain and sadness.

I wanted my old self back – the one who was always smiling and whose eyes were always sparkling with joy.

That’s why I can say that you gave me the gift of a wake-up call.

Even though it sounds unbelievable, you made me realize that I’m good enough on my own and that I can make every situation work as long as I know my worth.

You made me realize that I deserve so much more than to be half-loved.

I deserve the love I never have to beg for. And that’s become my goal for the future.

To seek the man who’ll make me feel excited every time I see his face. To seek the man who’ll know my worth and know how to love me when I’m at my worst.

DONE - You Gave Me The Best Gift A Wake-Up Call

But you know what was the most important part of my gift of a wake-up call?

It was the part where I realized that before looking for my perfect man, I first need to find my perfect self.

I need to learn to love myself the same way I expect others to love me.

I need to learn to show myself that I am enough and that I’ll always be, no matter how hard I try to convince myself of the opposite.

Instead of letting other people treat me badly, I want to teach myself that I always deserve more.

I’ve always been a precious pearl in the world of fake ones.

DONE - You Gave Me The Best Gift A Wake-Up Call

I know that I’ve failed to see that for a long time, but it’s finally time to make a change.

It’s time to make a move and do something with my life. Instead of letting the other people guide me through it, I’ve decided that I’ll become my own guide.

And you know what? I’ll be the best one I ever had.

I’ll learn to love myself and appreciate the beauty hidden inside of me. I won’t let other people judge me, but I’ll learn to take a stand for myself.

There will be no more tears when getting home and falling apart in front of the fireplace as others have been walking over me the whole day.

I’ll no longer let them do that.

From now on, I’ll radiate everything I’ve been hiding deep inside of me. I’ll let the world see everything I have to offer.

And to those who don’t seem to like me, I’ll open the doors for them and let them walk out of my life.

I’ve been a prisoner in my own body and mind for too long. I’ve fought my own demons way more than I was supposed to.

But then I realized that I created all of my enemies by myself and I lived a life of pleasing others.

And I’m not willing to do that for one second longer.

From now on, my life will be filled with joy and satisfaction in everything I ever was and everything I am.

DONE - You Gave Me The Best Gift A Wake-Up Call

And even though you never did too many good things for me, you actually gave me the best gift of a wake-up call and I’m deeply thankful for that.

Thank you for showing me that you and the guys like you never deserved me.

I was always a step above you, but my lack of self-confidence made it hard to see.

Thank you for letting me see that I’m worth more than sleepless nights and hopeless days. I’ve always been unique; it took me some time to realize that.

After you, I’ve learned to love myself and treat myself the way I was always supposed to do. But you made it clear to me once you left.

I literally woke up from a bad dream and decided to change my life from the ground up. No more pain, tears, and self-pity.

I’ll be the best version of myself and no longer listen to what other people have to say.

DONE - You Gave Me The Best Gift A Wake-Up Call

I have opened my eyes and finally see clearly the reality that has been foggy for far too long.

Thank you for finally making this possible.

Even though you were never the best boyfriend ever, you made me realize that this whole time there was something amazing hiding inside of me.

I just needed to learn how to let it shine and show all of the potential hiding deep inside me.

And when you left me, it all finally happened and I decided to become the person I was always supposed to be.

Amazing, strong, and fierce – the woman who loves herself and won’t let others treat her badly anymore!

You Gave Me The Best Gift: A Wake-Up Call

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