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You Don’t Deserve To Be With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship

You shouldn’t be depressed if you’re feeling lonely from time to time, it’s a totally normal thing to feel. It’s okay if you know that you’re on your own, but once you find someone you can spend your nights and days with, you shouldn’t feel alone ever again.

There’s nothing worse than being together with someone and yet still feeling lonely. When you’re emotionally suffering since you don’t have your partner in crime, and you feel more alone when you’re together than when you were single.

Loneliness can happen even if you’re in a relationship, but it doesn’t refer to you being physically alone. You can surround yourself with dozens of people and yet feel as no one truly cares about you.

Realistically, that’s how you’re feeling right now, even though you have a boyfriend.

DONE! You Don't Deserve To Be With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship

You’ve noticed that no one really cares about you – that you’re the only one who’s trying and putting in the effort to make everything work.

So you’ve started wondering if he’s the right one for you, since you’re the only one who genuinely expresses her love in your relationship.

Perhaps you misunderstood what true love really means, but he’s not the right one for you if he makes you feel that way. That’s not what a healthy and successful relationship should look like.

I understand when you say that the void and emptiness that you’re feeling right now comes from your relationship. Since your partner can’t satisfy you in any way, you feel unfulfilled and alone.

As a result, you crave your partner’s attention even more, even though he can’t make you feel wanted and happy.

But that’s not what true love really means. This is not what you deserve to experience. Love should never make your life seem harder than it really is.

What’s the point of loving someone when you still feel lonely and empty?

DONE! You Don't Deserve To Be With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship

You should never settle for someone who makes you his last option and considers you his backup plan. You shouldn’t pick up the phone whenever he calls you only when it suits him or he needs someone to listen.

And you may fail to see that because you’re blinded by love. But in all honesty, he only turns to you when he’s bored or his life’s a mess and he needs a shoulder to cry on.

You don’t deserve a guy like that!

Your entire life you’ve been waiting for the one who’ll show you what true love means. How can you expect that he’s the one if he can’t be clear about his feelings for you?

How can you have a long-lasting relationship with a guy who’s afraid of commitment? You’ll never be certain about him if he continues keeping you in the dark.

Don’t ever settle for a relationship where you have to force or beg your partner to be with you. Where you feel like he’s only there with you when it’s appropriate for him.

A relationship that requires you having to beg your partner to get his undivided attention isn’t a real relationship. After a while, you’ll feel like you’re a burden to the other person.

DONE! You Don't Deserve To Be With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship

You don’t deserve to be in a relationship where your emotions aren’t prioritized at all and you have to chase after him every time he pulls away from you.

Such a relationship will only make you doubt him as you’ll never know when he’ll turn his back on you. A relationship where you can’t plan anything ahead because you don’t know how long your partner will stay by your side.

Don’t settle for a guy who never puts any effort into your relationship and treats you the right way only when it’s convenient for him.

Being in a committed relationship means that you won’t run away every time the going gets tough and a problem arises.

You shouldn’t be with a guy who doesn’t seem to be bothered or affected by the fact that you might leave him.

Instead, you deserve a real man who’ll always be right there for you when you need him the most. When you feel like you’re going downhill and you know he’ll give you a hand to get back up on your feet again.

You should only be content with a man you can rely on and who’ll always have your back, come hell or high water. One who’ll be your safe harbor and protect you no matter what.

DONE! You Don't Deserve To Be With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship

Perhaps you had some bad experiences with men, but you should always look for those who know what a healthy relationship is all about.

Someone who’ll do whatever he can just to see you for a couple of minutes, one who’ll give his best to make things work.

Don’t settle for immature boys as they’ll always prioritize themselves over everyone else. They don’t know what true love means and they will make you feel alone in a relationship.

On the other hand, a mature man will love and treat you the way you should be treated and loved. You deserve to have so much more than what you’re receiving right now.

Open your eyes and face the truth. After all, it’s better to know the bitter truth than to be protected by lies.

Stop settling for less and worse than you deserve. You’re an amazing, gorgeous woman who deserves to experience true love.

And you will, once you leave the man who makes you feel alone.

You Don't Deserve To Be With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone In A Relationship

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