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You Deserve Someone Who Won’t Give Up On You

You Deserve Someone Who Won’t Give Up On You

Love is a losing game when you experience it with someone who gives up on you every time things get tough.

When you think back to the fairy tales we listened to at a younger age, they all depicted love as this beautiful experience.

Love, in stories, was never this hard. The prince never gave up on the princess. He fought for her. Now, love just seems like a losing game.

What if I told you that it seems like that only if you experience love with the wrong person?

What if I told you that you deserve to be loved by someone who won’t give up on you?

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

Life gets in the way of love sometimes.

Things get confusing when you overthink everything. When you overthink whether he actually loves you and whether you’re his priority.

Life gets in the way of love sometimes, because love doesn’t have an agenda like everything else does. Love just hits you, even when things get tough.

You’re an overthinker, an anxious person, who is so sensitive that sometimes you doubt that someone will know how to love you.

What if I told you that your knight in shining armor will find you?

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

He will find you and he will know how to love all your sensitivity and all your too-muchness.

You haven’t had a lot of good experiences in your past with love. Love has treated you as a punching bag most of the time.

Your heart is wounded and bruised. It hurts whenever you think about all those times someone broke it.

In your past relationships, love didn’t treat you kindly. It rather treated you like you weren’t worthy of it unless you were perfect.

That’s the only thing you might know now, that love is cruel. Please know that love isn’t supposed to hurt and one day, you will be more than aware of that.

You will experience love in its purest form and you will know that what you felt before wasn’t love.

Your soulmate will show you how loving someone isn’t a curse, but rather the most beautiful thing in life.

When he comes, he won’t give up on you when you tell him he hurt you.

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

He will feel sorry and he will feel like he disappointed you. He will know that there is no greater sin than hurting someone you love.

This might surprise you, but it is never his intention to hurt you in the first place. So he will make it up to you.

You will be able to talk to him about all those things that upset you and he will listen to you.

He will listen to every word that comes out of your mouth and he will work on bettering himself.

This is because he knows that you love him and he loves you, so why not treat you like you deserve.

He will fight for you, not with you.

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

Many people would say that arguments in relationships are something that strengthens the bond between two people.

However, there is a difference between arguments and fights.

When two people who are in love fight, they only end up with broken hearts and shattered trust.

But when two people argue, it’s in the best interests of the relationship.

You don’t have to worry about him fighting with you, because he won’t do that. He will fight for you.

He will show you that hearts can be restored.

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

Your damaged heart won’t seem like an inconvenience to him but rather as a challenge. Can he love the pain away?

You will have occasions when you will doubt his love but he will prove it to you time and time again.

He will do whatever it takes to mend your broken heart and show you how magical love can actually be.

The best part? He won’t give up when things get hard. He won’t give up on you.

I know that we have learned that people will give up on us if we show weakness and vulnerability, but with him, you don’t have to worry.

You don’t have to fear that he will leave you when you feel insecure or unworthy.

Don’t let yourself think for one moment that he will walk away from you and leave you crying on your own.

Even when you feel like giving up on love, he won’t.

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

That’s what happens when you meet the right person. They show you that there is no way they’ll give up on you.

You are his love, you are his everything and he will fight for you. He will make you believe that love is beautiful.

He will show you that the right person is bound to stick around and love you through all ups and downs.

That is exactly what he will do if he’s the right one.

That’s also why in the past, you felt like love was supposed to hurt.

Because the men from your past didn’t care enough to stay, so you associated that with love.

Your relationship will not be a joke to him.

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

He won’t laugh at your hardships. He won’t laugh when you’re curled up on the floor, crying, because he hurt you.

No. That’s not what a real man does. That’s not what the love of your life is supposed to do.

He will take you seriously when you tell him that something is wrong. He will provide you with a loving hug and an understanding ear to listen.

Isn’t that what love was always supposed to feel like? Safe, secure and like you’ve come home.

You will know that he’s the one because you won’t give up on him either.

DONE! You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

More often than not, he will need you to be there for him. Men aren’t emotionless rocks, but they like to act like ones.

He will need you too. You will see him crying and sobbing too.

Nothing will feel like work to you, but rather like a privilege that you see him this vulnerable.

You will never give up on him, because you love him, because he loves you, and because he’s not giving up on you either.

You Deserve Someone Who Won't Give Up On You

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