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You Deserve More Than Just Someone Who Stays

You Deserve More Than Just Someone Who Stays

People say that the best couples are those who stay with each other no matter what happens. It’s true to some extent, but there is still something wrong with that saying. If everything a person does for your relationship is just “stays”, then you deserve more than just someone who stays.

I’ve been there and I know that it’s not something that you need to experience. Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean having a person to lay next to you, eat with you in a dining room, or watch TV together. It’s so much more than that.

Those are just some things that are normal for happy couples to do together. But if everything feels like they’re only there physically then there’s something wrong with the two of you. You deserve so much more than a person who’s just there.

Yes, it’s an amazing thing that you and your partner can get through everything together and you always decide to stay. But do you really want to stay in a relationship that doesn’t give you everything you need to have and the beautiful things you could experience with the right partner?

DONE! You Deserve More Than Just Someone Who Stays

It’s a great thing to know that someone is loyal to you. It feels nice that you know that there’s a person who will always be next to you. But, let me tell you about the things that happen when a couple who wasn’t meant to be, starts relying on the “we’ll just stay” part.

Your partner will start blaming you for the most minor things that happen. And he will always find a way to point out the fact that you need to change and you need to do better in life. Why? Because he stayed with you even though it was difficult.

You could notice that I wrote the word “stay” tons of times so far. Why did I do that? Because your whole relationship will circle around it if you don’t figure out that you deserve someone who does more than just that.

That person will find a way to be the main character every day. He’ll make sure to highlight your mistakes, but hide his. He won’t even try to understand you, because he’ll become so self-centered. A person that will think that he deserves the world just because he stayed.

Then you will start feeling lonely. Even when he’s right next to you. You’ll know that the love is gone. And that you’re only next to each other only because you’re used to it and he likes having you around. Of course, he does; you’re such a catch!

DONE! You Deserve More Than Just Someone Who Stays

Then he’ll try to make you feel more and more insecure, so you don’t get enough strength to leave him. But he’ll still make sure to point out that he’s the one staying with you. And you’ll feel empty, sad, confused, and angry, but there will still be hope that things will get back to the way they were.

But they won’t! And you shouldn’t think that way. Yes, your relationship was amazing at the beginning. Yes, you have tons of beautiful memories. But that doesn’t mean that you’re meant to be. Giving someone your life and your future is a big thing. And getting only “I’ll stay” in return isn’t enough.

You deserve someone who’ll do more than that. You deserve a person who will make you feel amazing from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you close them before you fall asleep. There’s someone out there who can make you feel that way, but you need to free yourself first.

You deserve someone who will remember the most minor details about you, and who’ll use them to surprise you.

A person who will be there to hold your hand when the times are rough, but also when you’re having so much fun. Someone who will fight for you and never stop showing you how much he cares.

That’s the way someone should stay. It means that you need someone who’ll choose to be present both, mentally and physically. Not just as a ghost in a house that once heard the laughter of two very happy people. Not just a partner who blames you for everything, and praises himself for sticking to you.

DONE! You Deserve More Than Just Someone Who Stays

You deserve to be someone’s priority. Someone’s first thought of the day, and the reason they smile. And there is a person out there waiting for you. There is a man who searched his whole life to find a woman like you, but that woman is stuck with a partner who doesn’t deserve her.

Free yourself of those chains. You don’t need to be with him because other people say “staying with someone is true love.” No, working together towards fixing the issues is. And if you recognized him in the description I gave you, then he’s definitely not interested in solving the problems you have.

Please, be aware of the fact that you deserve more than someone who just stays. And you’re an amazing woman who shouldn’t settle for the bare minimum. I know that changes can be scary, but leaving this partner is the change that will change your life for the better.

Let yourself find true happiness! It’s just around the corner.

You Deserve More Than Just Someone Who Stays

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