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You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me

You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me

You lied to me and made a fool out of me, but you didn’t have to do either. You just needed to be honest.

If you had respected me at all, you would have been, from the start.

Why didn’t you just tell me that it was over between us? Then you could have done anything you wanted without your lies and disrespect.

If you had broken my heart by leaving me, it wouldn’t have hurt as much as you cheating on me.

Of course, I would have probably been resentful and angry because you had left me, but it would have passed with time.

I would just remember you as somebody I used to love and would have left everything that we had in the past.

That is not how I remember you now. I now remember you as the guy who carelessly broke my heart by cheating on me.

You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me 1

You are only a cheater now, and you will stay that in my memory forever.

Living in suspicion wasn’t something I was willing to settle for. Every single time that you hid your phone from me or took it with you when you went to another room, I knew that something was wrong.

The only mistake I made was that I didn’t want to know the truth. I had so many fears, but I wasn’t ready to confirm them.

How can you ever be ready to accept that you’ve been cheated on and be prepared for dealing with that? I wasn’t ready to find out who you were texting or why you were getting home late from work.

Do you know why I believed all the lies you told me and the excuses you came up with? Because I chose to. It was easier to believe you than to picture you with someone else.

I had too many problems already, and I didn’t want to add more, especially if one of them was cheating.

You could have broken up with me right from the start, and I wish you had. It would have been the right thing to do if you wanted to be with someone else.

You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me 2

Of course, I would have been hurt, maybe even devastated, but not this much. Eventually, I would have gotten over it, and it would have been much easier.

For as long as I live, getting over knowing that you were sneaking around and spending time with someone else when you needed to be home… it just seems impossible to me. I don’t know how to get over what you did to me.

It’s not the part where you found someone else to be with and not even the fact that you might have been happier with her.

I would have survived that, and the images of the two of you together would have faded from my memory in time.

With time, it would have hurt less, and I wouldn’t even think about it anymore.

It’s the fact that you constantly lied to me and made me look like a fool that I can’t get over. That is something that will be impossible to forget.

I didn’t agree to be your backup plan, and you turned me into the other woman without my consent.

You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me 3

When we started being in a relationship, I gave my all to you and thought that our love would last forever.

I honestly thought that you were the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

But I wasn’t a priority to you, and you turned me into the other woman. That wasn’t the deal.

I should have been the only woman in your life. If I had been, we would have been happy.

If you look back on our relationship one day and read the words I’ve written today, I’m worried that you might understand them.

Why? Because if you do, you will be sorry. You will realize what you’ve done, and the guilt will eat you up.

Perhaps you will even want to get back together with me and try to.

If you’re thinking about that, you should know that there’s no way I’ll ever let you back into my life or my heart.

You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me 4

You have the mark of a cheater now. I will always remember you only as the guy who betrayed my trust and cheated on me.

Did you really think that you could be with the two different girls at once?

Maybe you imagined you’d have a great life with me every week, until the weekends, when you’d have a great life with her.

You don’t get to have that, and you should have known that you couldn’t have us both. I didn’t want your arms around me once they’d been around her.

You don’t get to be loved by two different women, and you didn’t love either of us anyway.

Choosing her or choosing me was the only fair thing you could have done.

You could have just chosen her and broken up with me so you could be with her. Why didn’t you just leave me if you even thought about choosing her?

You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me 5

I didn’t want to know that you were still choosing because I believed you chose me when we first started dating.

Was it foolish of me to think that you’d never stop choosing me?

Even if you had broken up with me over a text, it would have hurt much less than what you did. I deserve to be with someone who never stops choosing me.

The man who loves me would never even consider replacing me with another woman. I would be his priority and always his first choice.

It would have hurt if you had left me, but not as much as it hurts now I know that you cheated on me.

You could have at least given me a chance to feel less pain.

Why didn’t you just tell me that we weren’t meant to be? You could have left me with me believing that you cared for me. Instead, you chose to cheat on me.

You Could Have Left Me Instead Of Cheating On Me

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