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You Can’t Fix Someone By Letting Them Destroy You

You Can’t Fix Someone By Letting Them Destroy You

We’re all a little broken inside. Life isn’t always fair to us and the wounds are quite obvious to the people who dare to take a closer look.

You know how it is to get hurt by someone you trust. It may have been your ex, your parents, or someone you considered to be your friend. They all took advantage of your kindness.

You have a soft heart and people like you are easily shattered by this cruel world. But you’re still one of the strongest people as well because you’re always there for others.

It doesn’t matter how sad you are, you’ll always put on a smile and crack a joke or two just to make somebody else’s day a bit brighter. Others love you for it.

And that might’ve been why you caught his eye as well.

You saw that he was broken, maybe even more than you were, and you wanted to help him.

DONE! You Can't Fix Someone By Letting Them Destroy You

He was crushed. He even said it himself when he opened up to you, one crack after another. A man like him couldn’t just let you see all of him, he had to be careful.

He learned the hard way that people don’t stay after they see the pain the world’s caused him.

Once he started opening up, you held on to every single word he said. You memorized them and recited them in your head because you wanted to show him that there was someone in this world who’d listen to him.

That’s exactly why you’ve stayed. You fell in love with every part of him and felt like he could love you too, if he just knew how.

You know how hard it is to be lonely when all you need is for someone to fight for you. So you wanted to fight for him. He needed someone to help him fix the damage other people had caused.

Of course, you were also healing yourself. You were working on putting the scattered parts of yourself back into place. But you didn’t mind helping him.

Now that you look back on it, you see that you’ve even tried harder for him than for yourself.

DONE! You Can't Fix Someone By Letting Them Destroy You

You’ve listened to him and forgiven him whenever he’d take his frustrations out on you. You’ve told yourself that he doesn’t know he’s hurting you.

There are even times when you convince yourself that it’s okay to teach him how to care for others because he doesn’t know how to do it.

All of those excuses you’ve made for him have ended up draining you, but still you don’t want to give up.

After a while, you felt it too – breaking you with his brokenness. And you’re unable to escape the emotional hold he has on you.

You want to help him, to fix him, but he never seems to work on himself as much as you do.

You’d lower your voice around him and never speak your mind. It seems so cruel that you’ve had to erase everything you were for him, but you don’t see any other way to help him.

Even in moments when you think it’s too much to handle, he’d weaponize his brokenness against you. You want to escape and help yourself, but he always reminds you that he needs you.

He’s told you that if you left him, he’d be done for. So you couldn’t leave or he’d break apart even more. The only issue is that he’s dragging you down his own rabbit hole.

DONE! You Can't Fix Someone By Letting Them Destroy You

Your days have become duller. You’re disappearing in front of others’ eyes. While he’s getting his energy out of yelling and screaming at you, yours is disappearing. You’re closing yourself up, blocking out any type of noise.

You’ve completely stopped taking care of yourself for the sake of caring for him. How long do you think a person is able to go on until the moment they become the one who needs fixing?

I know that you don’t want to cause him any further harm, but you can’t let him damage you even further than he already has.

Sometimes, it’s okay to leave people who drain you. It’s okay if you want to leave him and continue your life without him. You have the complete right to make that decision for yourself.

Be honest with yourself. Realize that you’ve been wanting to leave for such a long time now, you just needed someone to remind you that it’s okay.

You don’t have to stay with him. Was he there for you when you cried your eyes out night after night because of the things he did and said to you? Did he ever apologize without any hidden agenda?

DONE! You Can't Fix Someone By Letting Them Destroy You

He’s never cared about you. I’m so sorry to tell you this, but he hasn’t. He’s only ever cared about the ways you cater to him. He’s finally found someone he could abuse because he was always the abused one.

And even though you think that you can handle it, you shouldn’t have to. This isn’t love, this is absolute torture.

You’re not meant to be anyone’s rehabilitation center and especially not to a man who’s so obsessed with his own issues that he can’t see the pain he’s inflicting on you.

You have to take care of yourself now. If that means walking away from him, then so be it.

Walk away. You have the power needed to do that.

You have to take action right now before it’s too late. Pack your bags, delete his number, and walk out of his life. You’re not responsible for the things he does with his own sadness. The only person you’re responsible for is yourself!

He’s going to stay damaged because he knows nothing else. But that doesn’t mean that you should fall deeper into this abyss with him just because he doesn’t have anyone else by his side.

He’s going to be fine. You have to take care of yourself right now.

You have to regain your strength and get your life back. Because you’re just wasting it on a man who will never be able to cherish you.

You Can't Fix Someone By Letting Them Destroy You

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