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You Can’t Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

Mistakes shape our future.

We can’t escape from making bad decisions in life.

And maybe it’s true what they say, that you have to go through the wrong ones to be ready for the love of your life.

Being torn to pieces gives you an opportunity to be whole again. It helps you rebuild your strength and realize what you want in a relationship.

To say that you’ve had your fair share of poor relationships would be an understatement.

All heartbreaks are tough, but hurtful love is definitely the worst.

It’s the one you hoped would be the most wholesome – the one you fought so hard for, only to realize there’s no future for the two of you.

Being heartbroken is terrible. You feel like the ground has given way under your feet after those awful relationships have created so many problems in your life. 

DONE! You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

You give your all into them, only to watch how everything broke into pieces afterward.

It’s awful to devote yourself to this one person only to see them crushing your dreams and shattering all your hopes.

You’re not yourself anymore and you wonder where things went wrong.

Maybe you were unable to see all those red flags because you were blinded by love.

You truly believed that you and your “soulmate” were meant for each other.

But the fairy tale didn’t last long. You didn’t notice all those obvious signs that he isn’t for you.

Don’t hold yourself accountable for that, you were head over heels. And love truly makes you blind.

However, it also makes you act foolish and forgive mistakes that you’d never normally forgive if you hadn’t loved that person.

It keeps you from seeing the harsh truth staring right there in front of you.

Every human being is guilty of doing that. We forgive our partner’s toxic behavior because we truly think they can change for the better.

We deliberately choose to ignore the truth.

And we believe that the love we give them will melt their hearts, and they’ll realize how badly they’ve behaved.

But, they never do. 

DONE! You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

You simply accept your fate and listen to your heart, hoping that they’ll see your value.

And you’re ready to tackle any challenge that comes up in the relationship just so you can stay with them.

You accept the empty promises and half-truths just so you don’t end up alone and lonely.

But the truth is that things stay the same – they never change.

And you have to meet the wrong ones to be ready for the right one.

Being part of an awful relationship really messes you up. It fills you with negative thoughts and emotions that were caused by the wrong person.

On the other hand, it gives you an opportunity to see that your priorities aren’t in the best shape.

Awful relationships highlight every mistake you ever made so you don’t make it again.

And the things you compromised on once now seem long gone, so you’re able to see things clearly and take inventory of yourself and your priorities going forward.

Believe me, you’re worth being loved, you just haven’t found the right one yet.

DONE! You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

I know you’re the type of person who accepts to see the good in people and who always ends up with the wrong person. 

With a person who never prioritizes you, and who only sees you as an option.

A man who only texts you and treats you right when he needs something from you.

A person who didn’t give you a chance to show your true self and freely express your emotions.

That person who didn’t love you and with whom you didn’t become a superwoman.

He only highlighted your flaws and mistakes, and so your insecurities grew until you weren’t sure who you were anymore.

You don’t believe in true love anymore and you think that being loved by another is an impossibility.

You wonder for how long you’ll carry on torturing yourself with these awful emotions, how long you’ll keep making the same mistakes.

We’ve all been there. We all make mistakes – especially for love. 

DONE! You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

We choose those people who aren’t meant for us and we accept them in our lives because deep down we believe they will teach us a valuable lesson.

A difficult one, to say at least.

We don’t realize that we need to experience those tough and awful relationships as they’ll teach us the most valuable lessons about life and ourselves.

Life’s greatest lessons are learned from painful relationships. 

DONE! You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

We have to grab the bull by its horns if we want to learn more about who we are, how to love, and what we really want in life.

And no matter how hard we try to turn back the clock and take back those loves – those that ended painfully – we can’t.

We need to move on with our lives and learn from these experiences.

We have to accept the ugly truth that the only purpose for them in our lives was to break our hearts and give up on us.

That painful experience will eventually lead us toward finding true love.

DONE! You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

Those one-sided, poor, toxic relationships don’t last for too long, but they do teach us what true love really means.

Think of those mistakes as stepping stones on your path to meet the right person. To meet The One. 

The one who’ll give you everything that those wrong ones couldn’t. That person with whom you’re going to blossom and live your full potential.

And trust me, everyone has their soulmate. You just have to be patient.

There’s a person who’ll choose you every single day. Someone who’ll see how gorgeous and unique you truly are.

And he’ll accept those quirks of yours that the wrong ones thought were flaws.

You’ll finally feel respected, happy, and safe. You’ll realize you’re worth being loved and he won’t make you cry as others did.

Somewhere out there, the love of your life is waiting for you. 

DONE! You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

When you meet him, you’ll realize how those previous experiences led you to this moment.

You’ll understand that you needed them to happen because you wouldn’t be the woman that you are today without them.

You needed those mistakes to happen.

But when you meet the right one, you’ll never fear that your heart is going to be broken ever again.

There will be no one-sided love, unfulfilled needs, or lonely nights.

Those failed relationships will lead you to the person who’s meant for you and with whom you’ll feel like anything is achievable. 

You Can't Be Ready For The Right One Until You Meet The Wrong Ones

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