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You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

You’ve heard people saying that you attract what you are many times in your life. But you probably never paid much attention to it.

As a matter of fact, it’s more likely that you’ve focused all of your energy on the things you actually want to get from life without being aware that you’re the one who’s stopping you.

And then, like a broken record, you keep getting nothing in return. Over and over again, you keep receiving all of the wrong things from life and you can’t help but wonder why it keeps happening.

Why is life constantly giving you lemons when all this time you’ve been working so hard to get lemonade?

But it looks like no matter your greatest efforts, you always end up with things that are completely different than your expectations.

Then, at one point, you stumble upon the law of attraction and are trying to find out what the secret behind it is.

You can’t help but wonder if all of the negative things you’ve been facing throughout your life could’ve been different if you bothered to apply this law and use it to your advantage.

Could all of the wrong people you’ve met end up being good for you if only you paid more attention to your thoughts?

Does the law of attraction actually work?

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

Many of you have heard of the law of attraction but probably don’t truly believe that it works. But then again, so many people keep telling you that you attract what you are that you’ve actually started to think there may some truth to it.

So, what’s the catch? And what do you need to do to transform your own life by filling it with positivity and good vibes? 

How do you achieve the personal growth you’ve been working so hard for?

Well, the law of attraction is based on the idea that your thoughts and actions act like mantras.

Whatever you do or think sends certain vibrational frequencies into the universe. What gets sent away then attracts its vibrational match.

Even your subconscious mind has a great influence on the result you’ll get. If you unconsciously fill your mind with only negative thoughts, there’s a poor chance that you’ll receive something great and magnificent in return.

But since most of us don’t think about this phenomenon at all, many of the things we send into the universe sadly end up negatively influencing us.

It happens because you attract what you are and not what you want. And when you radiate all of the unguarded thoughts out in the world, you rarely get the results you expected to get.

You attract what you are – the truth behind it

Maybe all you’re looking for in life is a good guy you can plan your future with. But you always end up with a cheater who doesn’t care about your feelings at all.

You do your best and focus all of your time and energy on things you want to get from life. But, at the end of the day, you always end up with things that weren’t a part of your plan at all.

You never get what you actually want and you keep wondering why it keeps happening to you.

Well, the common denominator in all your failed attempts is you. Even though it’s hard to admit that you’re a part of the problem, it’s a truth you have to stare directly in the eye.

Here are all of the reasons you’re not getting what you want. And why you truly do attract what you are.

1. You’re not looking within yourself

DONE You Attract What You Are The Power Of The Law Of Attraction 2

Maybe you believe that you’re a genuinely good person. You take good care of your emotional health and always treat people with kindness.

You value self-love and have set your values up high because you know what you deserve.

But then again, all of the hard work you put into something usually ends up being in vain.

Instead of getting all of the things you worked for, you end up getting nothing in return. Or it ends up being something that doesn’t make you happy.

But then again, even when that happens, you pick yourself up and you smile at the obstacles life throws at you. You go through them bravely because you know that pitying yourself won’t do you good.

And you try again, you work hard to fulfill your dreams and wishes. But you don’t see any changes.

Instead of improvement, you end up replaying the same scenes. It’s like watching the movie you’ve seen a thousand times.

The truth is that you’re not looking within yourself. You’re not being honest about all of the negative emotions that are hiding deep down inside of you.

You’re ignoring your fears instead of facing them. As a result, you keep attracting all of the things that you’re afraid of.

Maybe you’re afraid of ending up all alone, so you keep accepting anyone who comes into your life even when you know that they aren’t good for you. You always end up with things that don’t make you happy.

But once you look within yourself and open up about your fears, dreams, and wishes, you’ll be able to connect with your true self. You’ll realize all of the subconscious thoughts that have been secretly haunting you this whole time.

And after that, you’ll become aware that there’s a truth in saying “You attract what you are.” 

You just need to be honest with yourself in order to become a person with a high frequency – one that’s aware of her deepest thoughts and evokes only the best in others.

2. You still need to learn from your past mistakes

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

Because you attract what you are, you’ll never be able to get what you want unless you learn from your past.

If you’re still preoccupied with the past, you can’t expect to have a bright future. You can’t expect to move on through life if you keep repeating the same mistakes.

You keep asking yourself if the law of attraction works but you’re not doing anything to help you get the things you wish for. You’re not changing yourself for the better and facing your past mistakes with courage.

Instead, you’re sweeping them under the rug and pretending you’re fine.

At the same time, your fears and negative emotions are taking a toll on your self-esteem. And as a result, you always feel stuck in the same dimension, unable to move on no matter how hard you try.

But once you realize how empowering it is to know that your thoughts are one of the ways you can create a brighter future for yourself, you’ll give yourself a fresh start.

Deal with your mistakes, admit them to yourself, and do what you must to fix them. Don’t let them have control over you.

Once you do that, you’ll allow yourself to become a better version of yourself. You’ll grow as a person and start attracting all of the beautiful things you radiate into the world.

3. Your feelings and thoughts don’t match your desires

DONE You Attract What You Are The Power Of The Law Of Attraction 4

If you want to attract what you are, you need to be aware that your desires must match your feelings.

Let’s say that your goal is to find someone to grow old with. You have this burning desire to find a man who’ll love you and cherish you every day of the week.

But you’re mind is stopping that from happening. How? Because you pay too much time and attention to the negative thoughts.

You keep thinking that you don’t deserve to find someone great. You convince yourself that you’re not capable of love.

For that reason, you end up with all of the things you don’t want because you’ve persuaded yourself that they’re what you deserve. You settle for less than you deserve because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not worthy of more.

And you’ll keep seeing this scenario over and over again until the moment you finally align your thoughts with your desires.

When you finally get to the point where you truly believe that you deserve all of the things you want in life, that’s when you’ll succeed. At that point, you’ll move forward and turn yourself from a person with low frequency into one of high frequency. 

Your life will change for the better and you’ll finally realize that all this time, you’ve been the only one who’s stopped your own progress.

4. You still don’t act like you deserve better

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

You attract what you are but you also attract what you think you deserve. 

When you subconsciously believe that you don’t deserve better things from life, you inevitably find yourself in a situation where that becomes your reality.

You look for excuses and let people treat you however they want, even when it means that sometimes you’re not getting the treatment you should be.

But you let them do as they wish because one part of you doesn’t think that you should want more. A part of you keeps saying that you should be satisfied with what you’re getting.

If you don’t change this state of mind, you’ll end up in the same spot, unable to move forward. You’ll be stuck in a place where you let people walk over you because you don’t think that you should expect more from them.

But if you raise your standards and figure out what you actually deserve in life, you’ll be helping yourself get whatever you want.

In this case, you should always choose to be your own best friend and not enemy. Choose yourself over others because that’s the only way you’ll end up happy in life.

What to pay attention to when applying the “You attract what you are” rule

DONE You Attract What You Are The Power Of The Law Of Attraction 6

If you attract what you are, then you need to learn how to work on yourself and make yourself a better person – in every aspect.

Sometimes, thinking that you’re happy with yourself can lead you in all of the wrong directions. But while you’re superficially happy with the person you are, your internal thoughts are working against you.

So, instead of moving forward, you stand in the same spot for longer than you should. Instead of getting all those things you want from life, you end up with crumbs.

That’s why it’s so important that you’re aware of every single detail of your personality. You need to be aware of your dreams, fears, and desires because that’s the only way to your success.

If you keep wishing for the things you subconsciously think you don’t deserve, you can be sure your wishes will never come true.

So, what should you keep in mind when applying the law of attraction? If you attract what you are, then what should be your main focus in life?

Let’s find out!

1. Your mind is a magnet so focus on the right things

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

Maybe you don’t realize it but your mind is like a magnet. What you think, you become. And what you become, you attract.

So, the first step toward helping yourself get all of the things you deserve in life is to know what should you focus on.

If you want to find the love of your life, you shouldn’t keep repeating to yourself that you’ve been hurt many times before. You shouldn’t focus on the fact that all of your previous relationships ended up in heartbreaks.

With that attitude, you’re subconsciously directing your attention to all of the wrong things. But if you redirect your thoughts to the fact that you’re a great person who deserves to find her soulmate, you’ll notice a significant difference.

If you always have it at the back of your head that you’re worthy of love, you’ll end up getting exactly that.

You attract what you are and the moment you become confident and aware of your value, you’ll radiate those thoughts into the universe. 

Then, you’ll see them coming back to you in matching shapes and forms – all because you truly believe that you deserve the best.

2. Be aware of your thoughts

DONE You Attract What You Are The Power Of The Law Of Attraction 8

Your thoughts are one of the first things you need to pay attention to when you’re trying to use the law of attraction.

You attract who and what you are – and your thoughts make up a huge part of your personality. So, when they’re negative, know that your overall personality will be negative.

It will take you some time until you get to the point where you’re actually happy with what you’re thinking about.

Step by step, replace your negative reactions and fears with positive ones.

Instead of avoiding scary situations and convincing yourself that you don’t deserve better, you’ll actually start looking at things differently.

And once you learn to look for positivity in everything that happens to you, you’ll become the master of your own mind.

After that, the world is your oyster. You’ll become a better person, which means that you’ll attract only what is similar to you into your life.

Keep in mind that at first, you won’t have control over your thoughts. They will be the boss of you until you realize the way they work.

After that, positivity will become a natural part of every single concept that appears in your mind. And that’s when you’ll know that you’ve succeeded.

Once you’ve reached that point, you’ll start growing into the person you’ve always wanted to be: a better, happier, more positive version of yourself.

3. Watch your words

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

Besides your thoughts, words also play a huge role in your life. And people learn a lot about you through the things you say.

If you show them that you’re a source of negativity, expect to get the same in return. But if you show them that you’re a person who spreads a positive vibe, you’ll surely receive the same from them.

What you say to others is what you’ll get back. It’s that simple.

Even when you find yourself in a situation that seems unsolvable, always remember that a solution will come to you if you let others know that you’re capable of dealing with your issues.

Instead of going on a negative ramble about how difficult your life is, rather focus on all the possible answers, resolutions, and improvements that can be made.

Write down your goals and positive outcomes that could arise from your current situation. Keep your words inspiring and encouraging because that’s the only way you’ll succeed.

When you reflect back on the things you said and wrote, be sure that you’ll make yourself proud.

4. Encourage positive feelings only

DONE You Attract What You Are The Power Of The Law Of Attraction 10

You can also learn to improve your feelings. And once they become filled with positivity, you can expect to get the same in return.

If you’re looking for true love, try to reflect on all those positive feelings that will arise in you once you find your forever person. Think about the fact that you’ll be happy for having them in your life.

But also keep in mind that you’re satisfied with your current life as well and that you love yourself more than ever before. 

These positive feelings will become your springboard into a better life. They will help you attract what you are.

Makes sense, right? If you feed positivity, good things will keep happening to you. But if you entertain negative things only, your life will become a reflection of that.

So, do something good for yourself and let go of all of the negativity that’s holding you back. Fill up your mind and heart with positive feelings – then witness the change that will come.

5. Identify your fears and muster the courage to face them

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

If your fears make up the majority of your personality, then you’re going to have a problem attracting what you want.

Fear could be a good thing as it helps you do things you would never do without it. It challenges you to push forward and become a better you.

But when fear overtakes you, you can end up feeling like you can’t move. You freeze and let life pass in front of your eyes.

You become a passive bystander and even though you want to react, your fear stops you from doing anything.

In that case, you keep attracting things you’re most afraid of. You find yourself in a place of unhappiness and unfulfillment.

When that happens, there’s only one thing you can do. YOU NEED TO FACE YOUR FEARS!

If you keep ignoring them, at one point all of these fears will crush you. You’ll feel helpless and have no idea what to do.

But, if you face your fears one at a time, you’ll get yourself to a place where you’re genuinely happy with the person you’ve become. And at that point, you’ll attract all of the good things you always wanted to get.

6. Leave the past in the past

DONE You Attract What You Are The Power Of The Law Of Attraction 12

There’s no point in living in the past when it gives you no space to move forward. You dwell on the things that happened to you before, which prevents you from enjoying your current life.

Because you attract what you are, living in the past means that you’re surrounding yourself with all of the things that already happened. The ones you have no effect on.

But if you let yourself move on, learn from your mistakes, and build yourself up over again, you’ll end up getting far more than you expect.

Your life will get filled with this new energy – something you’d never get if you kept living in the past.

Sometimes, you’ll get this urge to overthink your past actions. At that point, the best thing to do is simply stop, replace the past with the present, and focus on enjoying the life you have now.

If you do all of these steps correctly, you’ll grow as a person and radiate positivity.

Your frequencies will skyrocket and all of the things that used to be merely wishes will become a part of your reality.

You attract who you are, so make sure to be the best version of yourself! Radiate the positivity and you’ll get the same in return.

You Attract What You Are! The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

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