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You Are More Than Just A Placeholder Until The Love Of His Life Comes Along

You Are More Than Just A Placeholder Until The Love Of His Life Comes Along

You would love to be the love of his life but what if you’re not?

So many men these days only date as a pastime. They want to play quick little games until they meet the one they will spend the rest of their life with.

But no one talks about how much your heart is aching at the thought of that.

You see the way he acts around you. He acts as if he doesn’t even want to have a tomorrow with you, let alone a forever.

He seems to put you in second place, he doesn’t define your relationship, and he even tries to convince you that his way of life is the only right way. But that right there isn’t a man who sees you as the woman of his dreams.

It hurts, I know. The thought that the man you adore so much only sees you as a placeholder for now is completely heartbreaking.

You want to be with someone he loves to spend time with. When you see him, you can feel the way your heart races and the way your mind goes blank.

He’s the only person you want but you’re not really sure whether he feels the same way.

DONE! You Are More Than Just A Placeholder Until The Love Of His Life Comes Along

You know, that’s the thing; if he was as sure about you as you are about him, he’d tell you and you wouldn’t have to question him. You wouldn’t have to rack your brain to find a solid answer for his little charades.

You’d know right away. Just the fact that he doesn’t care enough to make you feel safe conveys a message that’s loud and clear.

You’re so much more than a placeholder. You deserve someone who will make room for you, keep you safe, and never let you go.

Believe me when I tell you that you’ll know when that man arrives in your life and makes his presence known.

He won’t just show up when he needs something from you. He’ll stay even if there’s no gain in it for him but because he selflessly wants to spend time with you.

Taking care of someone is not about what you can get out of it. It’s about the genuine need to be there for someone, to love them, and to spend time with them.

It’s never about some toxic need for exploitation.

You can see that he’s not there for you unless he gets some type of gift afterward, and whether it’s that he’s looking for your immediate attention, money, or physical pleasure, it doesn’t matter. He’ll be the kindest guy on the planet until the moment he gets what he needs.

DONE! You Are More Than Just A Placeholder Until The Love Of His Life Comes Along

Do you truly believe that a man who didn’t think you were just a placeholder would ever ask these things of you? If the right man was in your life right now, do you really believe that you’d be reading this article?

Because you would know that he’s the right type of guy for you and you would know that he’s the man who cherishes you more than anyone in the world. But here you are, because of a man who makes you feel like you’re replaceable.

You feel like he’d leave you for any woman who seemed like a better option to him. That’s why you feel jealous of any woman who in your eyes is prettier than you or more successful than you are.

I mean, that’s normal. There’s always someone out there in the world who does something more than you but that doesn’t make you any less valuable.

Those things don’t make you any less lovable. You’re a unique human being and there’s no reason why you should have to compete with another woman for a spot in his life.

You are worth so much more. You’re insecure because that’s how he makes you feel!

He makes you believe that you’re not good enough and that you’re only temporary to him.

Show him that he’s the one who can be replaced. If anything, he can be replaced with your own peace of mind.

The place he leaves behind in your heart can at least be filled with self-love instead of self-loathing. Because that’s the type of feeling he evokes inside of you.

DONE! You Are More Than Just A Placeholder Until The Love Of His Life Comes Along

At least do him the favor of leaving the space open until the love of his life comes along. If you’re not her, then you have nothing to do with him or his life either way.

I can assure you that he’ll come crawling back to you just to get your attention again. He’ll realize soon enough that you’re the woman he always wanted to be with but you’ll be gone already.

You’ll move on and he’ll just be left behind to fend for himself. That’s when the place he was holding in your heart will be free for the man who will know how to treat you well.

That’s when things will fall into place and your soulmate will come into your life like a missing jigsaw puzzle piece.

So stop wasting your time trying to fit yourself into the heart of a man who isn’t meant for you. Stop adjusting yourself and bending over backward to make yourself smaller so that you can accommodate him.

Be yourself. Spread your arms and your wings as wide as you can.

If you don’t fit into the mold he placed for you in his life, then go and create your own story. Let him be happy with the misery that he bestowed upon himself.

You’re so much more than a placeholder for the love of his life that he’s waiting for. You’re a woman who’s worthy of a love that burns like a thousand suns!

Don’t let him diminish that fire. Show him that you’re able to burn wild.

You’re not the love of his life and that’s completely okay. Now let him go.

You Are More Than Just A Placeholder Until The Love Of His Life Comes Along

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