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10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

Love can be blind, and surely, all of us have, at one point, ended up in the wrong relationship.

As soon as you change your Facebook status to “it’s complicated” and start wondering “what am I doing wrong in my relationship?”, there are probably wrong relationship signs that you are not seeing and subconsciously choosing to ignore.

Every single woman out there has been hoping to find The One and have a healthy relationship that will make them feel loved and cherished, but some of them are stuck in the wrong relationship, which prevents them from finding The One.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time on someone who doesn’t deserve you, but even though it can be pretty obvious that you are in a toxic relationship, as we said – love can be blind. Here are some of the wrong relationship signs:

1. He doesn’t love you as much as you love him

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

Have you ever felt like you have to deserve his love over and over again?

Maybe you feel like you’re investing in a relationship more than you’re getting in return?

If he doesn’t treat you as good as you are treating him, and you are the one that has to fight for his love (making you feel like you have to win him ower, again and again), you should check if you are stuck in the wrong relationship.

2. He doesn’t respect you

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

Respect is one of the factors of love. If your man doesn’t treat you with respect and diminishes your success, you might be in a toxic relationship.

If this disrespect involves lies and sneaking around (even if he is not cheating on you), you should be aware that this will probably continue trough out your relationship, so you might want to put a stop to it before it’s too late.

3. He criticizes you

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

The worst people are those for which you are never good enough. No matter how much you try, they will always find flaws in everything you do and are.

This is your cue to turn around and walk away because the person you share a life with should always be your best source of support and comfort.

Constant criticism can make you fail to advance and will always pull you back.

If your relationship doesn’t inspire you to be your best self and continuously grow, it may be, in fact, doing the contrary.

4. He is jealous, and it is always your fault

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

To some point, jealousy is natural, but many men take it too far and act as they own you.

They will never say they are sorry and will blame you for their outbursts.

If he is trying to blame his jealousy on you like making you feel bad for dressing pretty, he is not husband material, and you don’t have to take that.

5. He controls everything

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

Once you find yourself in a relationship where he controls what you wear, where you go, what you eat, and who you see, this is the red alert.

If you are doing everything you do just to make him happy and put aside your own happiness, you are in a toxic relationship.

If you are not satisfied in a relationship, it is not the right one.

6. You do not communicate enough

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

Communication is the key to every healthy relationship.

If you are feeling like there is nothing left to be said or he refuses to communicate efficiently, you probably don’t want to spend the rest of your life in silence, so this is perhaps the wrong relationship for you.

8. You are someone you’re not

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

If you are pretending you’re someone you’re not, or he is, the masks are bound the fall off at some point.

Will you be able to meet each other once again and accept each other for who you are?

Many fail in that, and if you can’t be the real you in a relationship, it is time to end it.

9. You are scared

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

If you think twice before you tell something to your partner or you are in constant fear that you could upset him or make him mad, that is a sign that you are in a wrong relationship and it is time to move on.

Love has nothing to do with fear, and you should be able to talk with your partner about anything without the fear of his reaction because you know that he will understand.

10. He often brings up the mistakes from past

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

When you make a mistake, instead of trying to find a solution, he brings up the “ghosts of the past” and makes you feel even worse.

It is like he is waiting for you to make a new mistake just to get the chance to mention all the others.

That is not a healthy relationship, and you don’t want to be with someone who looks forward to putting you down.

All in all, if you are not happy in a relationship you are in the wrong relationship, and no matter for what reason it is so tempting to stay in it, be sure that there is a possibility to have a healthy relationship just around a corner, but you are too busy waiting for something to change in the present one.

Be aware of the wrong relationship signs, and don’t listen to your heart when it means it’s going to hurt you.

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

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