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8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

The woman you’re talking to is pulling away emotionally and you don’t know what to think of it. You want to believe that she’ll come back, but it doesn’t change the confusion in your heart. 

First of all, avoid going into panic mode. The reason why women pull away can be one of many and when you overthink it, things just stop making sense. 

Instead of panicking, stay calm. 

When she pulls away, it’s not the same as losing interest. 

When someone loses interest in being with one person, they probably won’t come back. Something happened that didn’t feel right and they simply decided to walk away.

However, pulling away from someone isn’t the same thing. More often than not, they’ll return to your side, more sure of their feelings than ever. 

However, I do understand how frustrating it might get. You want her by your side, you want to hold her, and make her the happiest woman alive.

She pulled away and the only thing that’s left for you to do is wait around. 

Your text messages are unanswered, your phone calls aren’t returned and you feel your heart breaking. 

You need to worry only if she’s truly losing interest in you altogether. When a woman is pulling away emotionally, it’s not the same. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the possible reasons why women pull away emotionally as well as the signs that you might not have seen.

Why is a woman pulling away emotionally?

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

There are many possible reasons for her behavior, so we’re going to make sure you understand every probable one.

You might want to reflect on the things that happened between the two of you to understand why she’s doing this right now.

Assess the situation you’re in right now without accusing her of being heartless. 

Try looking at this situation from every perspective and understand her side of the story as well.

So why is a woman pulling away emotionally when you actually thought that she could be the one?

​1. She’s scared of being vulnerable

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

When your heart is broken from a past relationship, you fear being vulnerable with someone new. This could be the case with her as well. 

Did she break up a serious relationship not that long ago? Did she love that man? 

Even if you’re not a relationship expert, you know how awful it is when someone you thought was the one for you walks away.

This means that it’s not up to you to influence the way she’s feeling. You can’t really change the way she feels after her last relationship. 

Every little red flag clouds her mind and doesn’t let her see the real you. 

She’s scared of being vulnerable with someone new because there is a possibility you could break her heart just like her ex did. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you try to convince her otherwise, she’ll still need to decide to trust you. It’s all up to her now.

Breaking up a long-term relationship can do that to a person.

When you think about why a woman is pulling away emotionally, this just might be the most common reason of them all.

2. She’s not sure about your feelings for her

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

You’ve probably liked someone who didn’t give you the same energy back. You gave them your everything and they just didn’t return your feelings.

She thinks that she’s doing too much and that you’ll perceive her as clingy or needy. 

That rejection is extremely hard to handle, so she chose to pull away emotionally to keep her heart from being hurt. 

There could be a chance that she’s pulling away from you emotionally just to test you and see how strong your feelings for her are. 

It’s her way to see whether you’re ready to fight for her when she’s done fighting.

She wants to know how much effort you’re willing to put in just to show her that you’re honest.

Sometimes, communicating those feelings might be a pain.

You want to tell her how much she means to you, but you still don’t know how, so she pulled away.

Why a woman is pulling away emotionally can be because of a lack of communication.

Even if it’s not a test, make sure to let her know how much she means to you and that you wouldn’t want to lose her. 

She’ll be back in a heartbeat. 

3. She has feelings for someone else

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

There might have been a best friend or crush she was talking to and whom she developed feelings for before she started going out with you.

They were extremely close and things just didn’t work out.

Even if she’s not with that man right now, there still might be lingering feelings.

You know how hard it is to move on from an almost relationship that left you asking many questions about what could have happened if things had gone the way you wanted them to.

This doesn’t mean that she’s gone forever and it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to be with you.

You need to ask her opinion on this and confirm your suspicion. 

She wants to be sure her persistent emotions are gone before she starts something serious with you.

When you’re with someone who has feelings for another, it’s nothing other than devastating.

She doesn’t want you to experience that, so she’s being avoidant to make sure she doesn’t hurt you more. 

4. You’re moving too fast

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

No one’s emotions are the same, so they don’t develop at the same pace. Romantic relationships need time to develop.

Even if she loves you more than anyone she’s ever loved before, it doesn’t mean that she’s ready to be with you. 

People tend to freak out and panic when they’re falling in love. It makes them aware of everything that’s happening.

People overanalyze what’s happening and that makes them go into a frenzy. 

Her trying to avoid that might be the reason why this woman is pulling away emotionally. 

She’s not ready to be as affectionate and caring as you are. She knows that it can’t be a healthy relationship if she’s not fully invested in it. 

It’s just moving too fast for her, which is why she’d rather pull away from you emotionally and give herself space to consider things in silence. 

Perhaps you’re too invested in making things official that you scared her away. 

The only thing you can do is give her time and reassure her that you’ll be there for her when she’s ready.

Starting a new relationship isn’t something that happens overnight. She needs time and so do you. 

5. She lacks confidence

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

Why is a woman pulling away emotionally? What if she believes that she doesn’t deserve to be loved? 

To start a relationship with someone, you need to have a high sense of self-respect. Have you seen how insecure she is?

Did you realize just how unbelievable it was for her when you said you liked her? When you said that you wanted to be with her?

Her low self-esteem won’t let her believe those words. A woman who’s lacking self-worth will pull away emotionally to make sure she’s safe.

She doesn’t believe that anyone could ever love her. 

The only thing you can do is give her time for self-care and make sure she looks after her mental health. 

What you have to understand is that there will be many ups and downs when you’re in a relationship with a woman like this. 

She’ll never love herself truly. At least not enough to make herself feel worthy of you and your affection.

6. She saw red flags

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

You might not be aware that you’re making her uncomfortable or that you’re giving her a reason to doubt your intentions. 

However, women decide whom they can trust based on how safe they feel around that person. 

That’s why this woman is pulling away emotionally. You gave her a reason to doubt your intentions with her. 

You probably didn’t even realize just how abusive, toxic, or passive-aggressive you were with her.

There might have been a chance you thought your behavior was completely okay. 

For her, that was not the case so she pulled away long enough to see things clearly. She needed a break to figure out what was going on. 

You were clouding her mind with your presence so she needed somewhere safe to think things through. 

You might have to talk to her about this, apologize, and work on bettering yourself. That’s if she decides to come back after this. 

7. You want different things

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

Why is this woman pulling away emotionally if you’ve been nice and kind to her? Maybe you two don’t want the same things in life. 

You might want to move to another country or travel the world and work remotely. However, she wants to buy a house and turn it into a home.

Maybe she wants to have many kids while you don’t want any.

She wants to get married and have a stable job, while you haven’t even thought about that. 

Things like these are all fun and games until you realize that you have to live with this person for the rest of your life.

You can’t really be in a healthy and happy relationship if you don’t have the same dreams for the future. 

So one of the reasons women pull away is when they can’t imagine themselves with you. 

If the two of you have nothing in common, she’ll pull away emotionally. She doesn’t see herself with you; it’s as easy as that. 

Of course, you have to understand that this probably has nothing to do with her feelings for you.

You can love someone and still think that you’re not compatible with them. 

8. You don’t meet her needs

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

There are many needs you have to meet for her to decide to stay by your side. 

Those needs aren’t some high standards that are impossible to reach.

They’re basic human needs and if you’re not able to meet them, she’ll pull away emotionally. 

This is also one of the reasons why men pull away, so you might understand why this is so important to her. 

Her needs for affection, safety, and acceptance aren’t debatable. She might also have some of her own personal needs that haven’t been met. 

I’m sorry to say, but she probably tried communicating this to you, but you completely ignored it. 

Why is this woman pulling away emotionally? Think about which needs of hers you haven’t met and figure out a way to make things work again. 

Just remember that her feelings are valid and if she doesn’t feel understood then she’ll stay away from you.

So do the best you can to change this and show her you’re ready to do these things for her. 

7 signs a woman is pulling away emotionally

She’s giving you a hard time and you don’t actually know why. You’re probably still not sure whether she’s actually pulling away from you.

You’re not really in a committed relationship yet, so you don’t know what to expect.

However, before you try to get her back, you want to be sure that she’s really pulling away emotionally. 

A lot of time may have passed where you’ve been wondering what’s happened to her, but you want to be certain. 

You’re going to fight for her, you just need to make sure you’re reading the signs right. 

Is she losing interest or is this woman pulling away emotionally? 

1. It takes her longer to text back

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

This is especially relevant with online dating. When a woman is interested in you, she won’t play games with you.

She won’t wait a certain amount of time to reply to your text messages and she won’t look at who texted whom last.

She’ll just enjoy talking to you and being there for you.

So when a woman starts pulling away from you, it’ll be obvious when you text her. 

Does it take her longer than usual to text you back? Does she reply with one-word answers? 

She probably stopped asking questions and she doesn’t seem as interested in you as she was before, which is worrying!

If you see this, it’s a good sign she’s pulling away emotionally. 

2. She stopped asking about your day

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

This may seem such a silly little thing to pay attention to, but it’s so obvious that she’s pulling away emotionally.

When you ask someone about their day, what you’re actually asking is about their emotional state, what happened that day, and whether everything is all right.

So when she stops asking about your day, something is wrong. 

A woman is always on the lookout for an emotional connection and what better way to create one but by talking about meaningful little moments?

A woman who’s pulling away emotionally is someone who doesn’t care about how your day was.

This is especially obvious if she used to constantly ask you what happened at work and how your family members were doing.

Now she’s stone cold. She doesn’t ask about your day and it’s an obvious sign she’s pulling away emotionally. 

3. She seems annoyed when she’s around you

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

Look for annoyance in her. Analyze the way she behaves around you and compare it to the time when you first started going out. 

If she’s annoyed more often than not, it’s most probably because she’s pulling away emotionally. 

Her emotions are locked away and it’s painful to be around you, mostly because she feels guilty for not telling you what she’s thinking.

Another reason could also be that she already told you what’s wrong and you didn’t take her seriously. 

When this happens, it’s very often the tip of the iceberg of someone losing interest.

If she’s losing interest slowly but surely, she’ll seem more annoyed by you each day. 

If she has already lost interest then it’s too late to act, but if it just started happening then you might have a chance to save your relationship

4. She’s way more secretive than usual

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

There should always be healthy boundaries between people; it doesn’t matter whether they’re in a relationship or just talking.

Everyone is entitled to a little bit of privacy. 

However, there is a fine line. As long as there is a clear difference between privacy and secrecy in your relationship, you’re safe. 

Sometimes, that line is blurred and people forget that to have someone’s trust, you need to trust them too.

That’s why a sign a woman is pulling away emotionally is when she stops sharing her secrets with you.

She stopped talking about her feelings and even stopped telling you about where she goes each day. 

If you were very trusting before and you two had access to each other’s phone, but now she’s changed the password to something you don’t know, this is a really clear sign.

She’s pulling away emotionally and you can’t do much about it. 

Something happened that made her lose the trust she had in you and only you two can know what that ‘something’ was. 

5. She doesn’t spend as much time with you anymore

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

Another undeniable sign a woman is pulling away emotionally is when she doesn’t spend as much time with you anymore. 

When you started talking, you couldn’t wait to meet her.

After you went out the first time, you couldn’t stay away from each other and you really wanted to spend every waking hour with her. 

After a while, she started pulling away and now you don’t see her as often as you’d like to. What happened?

Whenever you ask her to hang out, she already has an excuse prepared.

When you ask her when she’ll be free to spend some time with you, she never gives you an actual answer. 

This is quite an issue. You want to pursue her further, as you’ve already developed feelings, so why is she doing this right now?

The reason is unknown, but an obvious one could be that she’s pulling away emotionally. 

6. She stopped taking the initiative

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

It’s known that women always wait for the man to make the first move and to text them first.

However, that stops happening once a woman understands that she actually feels the same and that she can be herself.

When she’s not pulling away emotionally, she’ll take the initiative and ask you out. She’ll ask when you’re free and she’ll text you first.  

At least, when you text her first, she’ll make an actual effort to ask questions and take the initiative to keep the conversation flowing.

So what’s happening right now?

A woman pulling away emotionally is a woman who is simply questioning her future with you.

She’s taking her sweet time while she’s pulling away and she’s giving herself enough space to think things through.

This is a very obvious sign that a woman is pulling away emotionally, especially if she has even stopped taking the initiative when you’re talking about your future. 

She’s just become extremely passive. 

7. When she’s with you, she’s not really there

DONE! 8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

For some reason, you catch her on her phone more often than not. 

The last time you watched a movie together, she didn’t put her phone down, even when the most interesting scenes were happening. 

She simply stopped being present with her mind and soul. She’s there physically, but it doesn’t mean anything.

When you ask her what’s going on, she probably tells you that it isn’t interesting enough to her.

However, you’ll see this happening even when you think that she’ll be invested in a conversation.

When you’re out among friends and you look at her, she’s mindlessly scrolling through her phone. 

First of all, that’s so impolite, but you can’t really blame her when she’s pulling away emotionally. 

This sign is especially obvious when you’re talking to her and she’s spacing out. You can’t keep her attention, no matter how hard you try. 

When a woman is pulling away emotionally, her mind is overcome with thoughts.

She’s thinking about her feelings for you, your feelings for her, and so on.

The only thing that she can do then and there is overthink things. 

Why is a woman pulling away emotionally right there in front of your eyes? You might just never know if you don’t try talking to her about it.

8 Possible Reasons Why A Woman Is Pulling Away Emotionally

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