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Will He Come Back To You? 13 Promising Signs He Will

Will He Come Back To You? 13 Promising Signs He Will

When the one you thought to be the love of your life breaks up with you, all you can do is keep wondering will he come back to you. This question keeps bothering you most of the time but you can’t figure out the answer yourself.

Once you get used to being with one person, it becomes hard to let go of them. It’s hard to admit that the two of you had to break up for any reason.

Instead, you spend your nights awake, thinking about your ex and the relationship you used to have. You wish to get the old times back and you can’t seem to accept that what you had is over.

At some point, you start wondering whether there’s any chance for the two of you to get back together. Will he come back to you once he still realizes that he loves you?

I mean, you still love him, so how then would he feel any different about you? You think that the best thing you can do is wait for him because he’ll certainly reach out to you once the tornado of feelings settles down.

However, are you doing the wrong thing? Will he actually come back to you or is the story between the two of you over forever?

Let’s find out what the odds are that he’ll appear in your life again and rekindle the old flame!

Will he come back to you? He will if you see these signs!

Maybe your relationship ended because of a stupid fight that could’ve been avoided if you had known how to communicate better. Perhaps he got tired of something you did and he simply needed some time and space to think about everything.

No matter the reason why things fell apart, if there’s any chance for him to come back, you’ll definitely be able to see the signs. He’ll give you a number of different ones that will show you that he’s still thinking about you and that he doesn’t want your relationship to end this way.

Here are the signs that show he’ll come back and give your relationship one more chance.

1. He tells you he still loves you

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

When you were having a conversation about the breakup, did he tell you that he still loved you? If that’s the case then there’s a huge chance that you’ll see him knocking on your door in no time.

Regardless of the reason why the two of you went your separate ways, if he actually told you that he still has feelings for you then it means that he won’t let go of you easily, especially if you broke up over something silly which could always be fixed with a real one-on-one conversation.

He’s aware that his heart still beats for you and he won’t be able to walk away from you when he knows that the issue you guys had can be sorted.

He would rather give you another chance than risk losing you forever, as he knows that the love you shared isn’t easily found.

So, give him some time to clear his mind and there’s a chance that you’ll see him back in your life sooner than you think. Just don’t pressure him to decide before he feels ready for it, as otherwise, you’ll only push him away.

2. He reaches out to you

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

If he still reaches out to you all the time then I don’t even know why you’re asking yourself whether he’ll ever come back. The answer is more than obvious!

If he didn’t have feelings for you, he would never even think about calling you. He would never consider texting you to see how your day went even though you’re no longer together.

But the fact that he does exactly that only shows that he’s considering coming back to you and fixing the relationship you once had. He still loves you and everyone can see that.

However, if he did something hurtful and you broke up because of that, then you should think about whether you actually want to get back together with him.

Take some time to see whether he’s a changed man who won’t make the same mistake twice. Let him earn your trust and show you that this time, he’s not playing games with you.

3. He tries to find out more about your current love life

 Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

Will he come back to you if he keeps asking around about whether you’re in a relationship or seeing some other guy? The answer is clear, right?

Your friends may have told you that he’s been asking them whether you’re seeing anyone or from time to time, whenever you’re having a chat, he makes sure to slip in a question or two about your current love life.

Plus, you see that he’s the first one to view all of your stories on Instagram as he’s desperate to know what’s going on in your life.

These are obvious signs showing he will come back to you in no time. He’s just testing the waters to see whether you’ve moved on or if you still love him the same way.

Once he knows that you’re not seeing anyone, he’ll act quickly and try to make you a part of his life once again.

4. He keeps asking you different questions

 Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

Whenever he texts you to see how you’re doing, you can’t help but notice that he spices up your conversations with questions that regard you.

He wants to know how you feel about the break-up, whether you would ever go back to him, and whether you think that you could make things work in the future.

This goes to show that he’s probably thinking about getting back together. But before he says anything, he wants to be sure how you feel about taking that step.

Would you reject him or would you be thrilled about it the same way he would be? That’s all he wants to know whenever he asks you questions that concern your current situation.

5. He tells you that he misses you

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

You’re having a conversation and all of a sudden, he tells you that he misses you. Do you even have to ask yourself whether he’ll come back to you after you hear him saying that?

It’s pretty evident that he’s considering getting back together with you if he tells you that he misses you. It means that he’s been thinking about you and that he wants to give your relationship another chance.

Your time spent apart only made him realize how much he still loves you and he can’t ignore that no matter how hard he tries.

But before responding intuitively and telling him that you miss him too, first try to figure out whether you actually feel that way.

Do you really want him back or are you only scared of being alone? There’s a huge difference between the two and you need to be sure of your feelings.

If you make a mistake and hurry things up, you may end up just hurting yourself.

6. He makes plans to see you

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

Has your ex been trying to meet up with you? Maybe he wanted the two of you to have a face-to-face talk about what went wrong.

And then, once you do see each other, he makes sure to ask you whether you’re available to see him again somewhere, sometime next week.

It feels as if you went on a date and he’s trying to schedule the next one. Yes, there was some talk about what went wrong but for the most part, it felt like you were getting to know each other all over again.

It’s like he’s trying to impress you one more time and give you a reason why you should get back with him because it’s obvious that he’s willing to get back together.

7. He gives you a lot of attention on social media

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

When a guy doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t bother following every move you make. He doesn’t bother stalking your social media like they’re his own profiles.

It seems like he’s the first one to like all of your pictures and your stories are always viewed by him first.

You could call it a coincidence if it happened once or twice but no matter what time of the day you post something, he’s always the first one to see it.

It looks like his stalking has made him turn on the notifications for all of your social media profiles, since he doesn’t seem to miss any of your posts.

Will he come back to you? Are you really still asking this question when it’s more than obvious that this guy is obsessed with you?

It looks like you’re still on his mind and he wants to get you back but he’s still trying to figure out whether that’s what you want as well.

8. He keeps asking your friends about you

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

It’s one thing for him to remain on good terms with your friends but it has a completely different meaning if he keeps asking them about you – especially if he does it all the time.

He knows that your friends are always in touch with you and he knows that it’s his best shot to get to know more about what’s going on in your life.

As I mentioned previously, he may ask your friends about your love life but he’ll want to know more than that too.

Are you still grieving after him or have you moved on? Is there any chance for the two of you to get back together or have you completely gotten over him?

He wants to know all those things and he’s probably not yet sure whether he should contact you. So, meanwhile, your friends seem like the best way to find out about you.

If this is the case, then you no longer need to ask yourself whether he’ll come back. The answer is more than clear.

9. He shares your old memories on social media

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

If he wasn’t thinking about getting back together, do you think that he would share your old memories on social media? Does it sound like something every ex-boyfriend does after he ends a relationship?

It clearly doesn’t. So if you see him sharing your favorite song or publishing a post that’s filled with your inside jokes, then it’s obvious that he’s on a mission to win you back.

This is a good sign that he’ll come back to you or he’ll at least try to.

The only thing he wants to hear right now is that you’re on the same page as him. Give him a clue that you’ve seen his hidden messages and he’ll be on his way back to you in no time.

10. He keeps in touch with your family

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

There’s nothing worse than breaking up with someone and then running into members of their family right afterward.

The awkwardness makes you want to run away but you gain the courage to at least say hello and then you disappear as fast as you can.

However, it looks like your ex doesn’t feel the same way. Actually, he willingly keeps in touch with your family and he treats them the same way he did when the two of you were together.

Instead of crossing the street when he runs into them, he actually approaches them and starts a conversation with them.

Instead of avoiding your siblings, maybe he still meets up with your brother for a game of tennis or serves as a source of dating advice for your sister.

It feels like nothing has changed except for the fact that the two of you are no longer together.

If this is the case then there’s no need for you to keep asking yourself whether he’ll come back. This guy has the obvious intention of winning you back and no one can take that away from him.

11. He sees this situation as a break and not a break-up

 Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

Maybe you look at it as a break-up but every time you talk to him, he refers to it as a break, a temporary pause that’s supposed to help your relationship.

This only goes to show that he doesn’t want to lose you yet and he wants to still try his chances with you.

Perhaps things didn’t work out the first time but if you take some time away from each other, you may be able to salvage your relationship.

If this sounds like what’s happening with you, then there’s a good chance that he’ll come back to you in no time. He just needs some space for himself to clear his mind and figure out what he actually wants.

However, from his point of view, it looks like he still wants to be with you.

12. He’s not officially dating anyone

 Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

If a guy wants to come back to you, then there’s a chance that he won’t even think about replacing you with someone else. The idea of being with some other girl disgusts him and he can’t stand the thought.

And you’ll see that because he won’t be officially dating anyone. He may try going out with some other girls but you’ll never see him with them more than once.

He may post a story with one of them but he’ll delete it as soon as you see it because he’s only trying to make you jealous.

Your mutual friends will undoubtedly tell you that he’s not officially dating anyone and they will give away his secret that he’s been trying to go out with other girls but none of them suit him the way you do.

And that’s all you need to know in order to find an answer to the question of whether he’ll come back to you. I hope that you’ve already figured it out.

13. If he came back once, he’ll come back again

 Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

Did the two of you ever break up before? Did you get back together after some time?

If this was the case with you then the chances are that this time, your ex will come back to you again.

Old habits die hard and if you’ve already been in the same place, it’s likely that you’ll see the same results once more, especially if he was the one to initiate getting back together the previous time.

Once your relationship gets a second chance, it’s more likely that it will also get a third or fourth chance as well.

This doesn’t mean that your on-and-off relationship is in a healthy place but I’m just saying that you have a better chance of getting back together since you’ve already been in the same place at least once before.

3 things you should keep in mind while you’re waiting for him to come back!

Even though you spend your days asking yourself whether he’ll come back and you can’t wait for that day to come, there are still some things that you’ll need to keep in mind.

If you don’t pay attention to them, you may only end up hurting yourself more and that’s not something you want right now.

So, here’s what you should never forget, no matter how much you want him back in your life.

1. Your worth should always be your priority

 Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

No matter how much you love him, you should always love yourself more. You should never forget the value that you carry within yourself.

That should be your main priority. No matter whether he comes back to you or if your relationship ends forever, you should never beg him to come back.

Instead, you should keep in mind how capable and valuable a woman you are. And even if he seems like the love of your life now, you should never lower your standards for him.

If he truly loves you and knows what he’s lost, he will come back. If that’s not the case then you’re better off without him anyway.

2. You need to work on yourself

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

Relationships make us forget who we actually are and what we want from life. So, break-ups serve as great ways to work on ourself and figure out what we want from life.

Now is a great time for you to focus on everything you always wanted to do. Rediscover your passions and give all of your energy to what makes you happy.

Some days, you may feel like crying and not getting out of bed but other days, you’ll have to get up and do something for the sake of your well-being.

It could be a trip with your friends, going to a yoga class, or restoring your love of painting. As long as it makes you happy, don’t be afraid to give yourself to it.

This can only benefit you and it’ll help you gain back all of the confidence you may have lost.

3. Right now, you should let him go

Will He Come Back To You 13 Promising Signs He Will

I’m aware that this goes against your wishes and has nothing to do with the thought of, “Will he come back?” but right now, the best thing you can do for yourself is let him go.

Once the relationship ends, there’s a good chance that the two of you will never get back together and that’s the harsh reality. So, in order not to end up disappointed, you have to face the facts.

Yes, he could come back to you and try to rekindle the old flame but he could also decide that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you from now on. That’s the truth of the situation.

If you put too much hope in the first scenario, you may end up breaking your own heart even more and you may end up suffering more than you should.

However, if you look the truth directly in the eye and accept the fact that he may not be coming back, then you’ll be prepared for both scenarios.

If it’s meant to be, the two of you will find each other once again. You’ll try to solve all of the issues that made you break up in the first place and you’ll give it another chance.

But if it’s not meant to be, there’s nothing you can do to change that. So, why would you keep bothering yourself with these questions that you don’t know the answers to?

If he comes back to you, it could be great for you but if he doesn’t, you’ll still know how to live your life without him. And that’s all that matters.

Will He Come Back To You? 13 Promising Signs He Will

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