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Why You Should Date A Man Shorter Than You

Why You Should Date A Man Shorter Than You

I always find it silly when a girl says “oh no I couldn’t go out with him… he’s too short for me.” Um… what? Excuse me? You’re denying a guy the opportunity to date you because he’s shorter than you? It sounds ridiculous and obnoxious. For starters, I understand that we’re all programmed from a very young age to believe that men are supposed to be stronger and taller than women. Generally, it’s common for men to be naturally taller than women, but there are plenty of exceptions nowadays.

I don’t think we should hold onto these feelings of insecurity, of looking atypical and weird, if we date shorter men. Especially for tall women who feel like they can only date guys who are over six feet tall. And as we all know, those guys are hard to find. When you do find them, they always seem to be in a relationship with a girl who’s over a foot shorter. Don’t limit your options. Branch out and date a guy shorter than you – even if it’s an inch or two – and see how you like it.

You’re the focus of attention

When you go out, all of the attention is on you because your height draws people’s focus. As the girl, you’re supposed to be the hot one in the relationship, not the guy. If he isn’t taller than you, his height won’t distract a crowd, and bring attention to other girls. It will have the opposite effect: guys will be staring at you, and wondering how a shorter guy was able to land someone taller.

It proves he’s confident and masculine

It takes some serious guts for a guy to go out with a girl who has a few inches on him. He looks like a rockstar and you look like a supermodel. After all, rockstars and actors are notoriously short, and they’re always going out with women who are over six feet in heels. You know your man is confident in his own skin if he can walk around with a tall hot piece on his arm. He doesn’t associate height with power, and he’ll be confident, funny, and charming for sure.

Walking around together is a big “fuck you” to society

Sometimes there’s nothing that feels better than walking around doing something that is typically looked down on, or at least unexpected. People might ask, “Why are you dating someone shorter than you? Is it awkward being taller? Does it feel weird?” And they’ll be shocked when you happily smile and brush them off with a brief “Nope!”

They make you feel just as safe and protected as a tall guy

A man doesn’t need to be taller than you to be protective. Shorter guys can be just as tough, if not already stronger and faster than the taller men. They’ll want to prove to you that they can defend you when you need it. Their stature may not be commanding, but their attitude and self-assurance can seriously get someone to back off.

It pushes you to step out of your comfort zone

There are tall women who are too afraid to date shorter men because they think it will feel or look weird. Newsflash: who cares? You are probably your own harshest critic, and to be honest, most people are too busy worrying about themselves and how they look to society to notice how you look and who you’re dating. You’re the only person making it feel awkward, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Give yourself a chance and go out with a shorter guy. If you end up hitting it off, the chances are that you’ll forget about the height difference.

There’s a much larger dating pool to choose from

This is the biggest benefit of changing your mind regarding shorter guys. You will have so many more options once you stop limiting yourself! Don’t cut a guy off the second he mentions his height is less than six feet. It’s never a good idea to judge a book by it’s cover and that goes for the men you date. Give him a chance and see what happens – there will be a lot to choose from. 

Why You Should Date A Man Shorter Than You

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