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Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We’re met with the concept of love wherever we go. But we sometimes forget where all of that love we have for others stems from. It’s no wonder why you’re having a hard time loving yourself.

Perhaps you’ve never taken a good look at the inside of you, and that’s what’s bothering you. You feel like something’s missing, a piece to the giant puzzle.

Everyone has their self-doubts, but you may be struggling a bit more lately. You find it hard to love yourself and it just might have to do with your zodiac sign.

It’s okay to feel insecure at times, but remember what’s most important. You can’t love others if you’ve never learned to love yourself.


DONE! Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your explosiveness can do you a whole lot of good, but don’t overdo it. If you get ahead of yourself, you might find yourself getting angry easily.

Everyone around you can quickly piss you off because of your tense nature. This will often be the cause of the constant comparison of yourself to others.

It’s not always a bad thing to do, but sometimes you’ll have to hold your horses. Although it’s brave of you to carelessly set yourself side by side next to someone else, you might not meet your own expectations.

This comparison can often leave you downhearted and thinking you’re not good enough. It’s one of the reasons you’re unable to love yourself as you deserve.


I think it goes without saying that you’re stubborn. Because of that, people might perceive you as someone who’s hard to talk to.

Their perspective can greatly influence the way you think about yourself. On top of your stubbornness, you tend to be lazy, which makes you have a harder time loving yourself.

Taurus also leans on the materialistic side. This isn’t a bad thing but the thought might drag you down thinking you’re shallow.

Also, you like when things are smoothly going your way. So, when any kind of disturbance happens, it also disturbs your inner peace.


DONE! Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Needless to say, Geminis are great fun. However, they’re sometimes all over the place, which can make them seem dramatic.

If you like to do many things at once, you might leave some tasks unfinished. This can make you appear non-committal and you’ll feel you’ve wasted your time, which in turn can affect your sense of self-love.

It would be best if you could do everything at once and then you’ll feel satisfied. However, when you fail to accomplish this, it leaves you unable to love yourself.

You shouldn’t let this impact you but let that burden fall off your shoulders. You’re not supposed to know and do everything in a flash or at the drop of a hat.


Cancer is a hopeless romantic if I’ve ever seen one. This is all fun and games until it turns to bite you in the face.

This zodiac sign is fully dependent on others and their love. You can dream too much about the perfect love life and your significant other.

However, when this picture gets smashed and you don’t get the type of love you were hoping for, all hell breaks loose.

You’re unable to love yourself because you need someone else to do that for you. Remember that high expectations can get shattered sometimes.


DONE! Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I’m not even sure that it’s possible for a Leo to not love themselves! You’re so engrossed in yourself that you’re thinking everyone else feels the same way.

However, sometimes it turns out to be false, and that’s okay. You want everyone to love you but that’s not always the case.

People might perceive you as egocentric because of this but you don’t mind. What you do mind is when you notice someone sticking out of the crowd and not showering you with love!

You’re not used to this behavior, so you start to question yourself. You’re accustomed to being everyone’s favorite so this new situation can dilute your healthy dose of self-love.


I think this one’s obvious. For the sake of it, I’ll just put it simply: perfectionism. You’re so captivated by this idea of everything being perfect.

This can definitely get in your way of loving yourself. You’ll always push yourself to do better and reach for some more.

Once you find this hard to do, you’ll start to blame yourself for not being good enough. This can seriously harm your image of yourself.

Dear Virgo, remember that you’re enough and you’re giving your best.


DONE! Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Libras stay away from conflict, but that’s probably the only thing they’re decisive about enough. Don’t lie to me and tell me it’s easy making choices for you. People of this zodiac sign are vacillating, which can stop them from speaking up for themselves.

Deep down, you’re a people pleaser so you try to go with the flow as much as possible. But this can put some stress on you because you’re unable to put yourself first. Not being your own priority can impact others to think the same way.

Don’t forget that you’re allowed to be your own prime concern. Time to focus on self-love by speaking up for yourself when needed. Because no one else will.

You will show yourself just how much you mean to the person you’ve put first.


I’m not going to be cheesy and say you’re mysterious, no. The truth is, you don’t deem anyone to be trustworthy.

When you don’t have anyone to confide in, you slowly start to question yourself. The self-doubt starts to rise and before you know it, it’s accompanied by a lack of self-love.

Scorpios are unable to open up to people, which is why they shut others off most of the time. This can become dangerous as loneliness starts to invade them.

Your inability to trust someone leads you to people who are also afraid of opening up. What happens when two people with their walls up crash into each other? You crumble.


DONE! Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You like to see things from the positive side although they’re sometimes everything but. The negative outcome of a situation can sadden and confuse you.

Also, you’re never satisfied. You always want more and when you don’t get it, you end up feeling defeated. You often feel sorry for yourself because of something that wasn’t in your power.

It seems as if you’re trying your best, but then things just don’t work out. As a Sagittarius, you don’t let this drag you down and you continue venturing off.

It may feel like you’re jumping from one thing to another and eventually, you’ll get tired of it. You’ll often question your accomplishments, which leaves you annoyed with yourself.


It’s safe to say that Capricorns are workaholics. While it may be an enviable trait, it can easily become a burden.

Your workaholic tendencies will wear you out and potentially isolate you. Before you know it, you’re cut off from the rest of the world.

These tendencies imply that you don’t do well with failure. Therefore, any minor inconvenience could make you guilt-trip yourself. As time ticks on, you butcher yourself to the point where your self-criticism overpowers self-love.

Just stop for a second and see how far you’ve come.


DONE! Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I’ll just say it out loud: You’re intellectually superior to most. You’re not easily amused so you may often find your intellectuality isolating.

The feeling of loneliness can influence how you feel about yourself. Perhaps you may get the wrong picture that you don’t fit in well enough.

You often think of yourself as the black sheep of the family, which isn’t true. The struggle to love yourself will be even more evident if you don’t meet someone like you.

Your uniqueness can pave the way for your success. Don’t forget to make out the best of it!


You’re like an inexhaustible source of love when it comes to others. So much so, that by the time it comes to loving yourself, you’re too worn out.

Pisces are overly emotional, which can make them a victim at times. It’s usually due to their selflessness in giving and loving other people.

You may struggle with self-love because you’re used to showering others with affection. It’s not uncommon that you completely forget about yourself in the process!

Why You Have A Hard Time Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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