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Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

There she is again. Her laugh is echoing through the entire room like she hasn’t a worry in the world.

She’s strong and independent. You can hear it in every word she says and every move she makes.

In everyone’s eyes, she is the epitome of perfection. She’s gorgeous, strong, smart, and everyone seems to love her.

On the outside, you see the mask that she presents to the world as her true self, but you should know better than that. You should know that there is a broken heart deep in her chest.

You see, strong women don’t become strong by accident. It’s not like God picks favorites and gives strength to certain people only.

She’s been through hell and back to gain the strength that flows through her.

DONE! Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

If you knew her better, you’d see how her smile doesn’t reach her eyes.

If you knew her better, you’d know just how much her broken heart hurts her.

Some days more than others, but it’s a strong reminder of who she is and what she’s been through.

No one wants to build their strength on pain, but for a strong woman, that’s the only way of being.

Now, she doesn’t know how else to be strong but to guard her heart with all her might.

Those fights she fought in the past burned bridges between her and a lot of people.

The men who used her for their own benefit still beg for a moment of her attention.

She won’t give in anymore.

She knows her own worth enough to know that she’d be better off like this – laughing with people who listen to her – than with someone who doesn’t deserve her.

That doesn’t change the fact that there’s one man in particular whose name still burns inside her heart.

DONE! Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

People often wonder why the strongest women have a broken heart, but it’s mostly a coincidence.

She didn’t ask to get her heart broken. She trusted a man to a point that promised unconditional and eternal love.

Her heart was whole back then. It was held together by the love she believed he held for her.

Her eyes were blind to the manipulation and the toxicity that he brought into her life.

This woman was everything but prepared to have her eyes open after being drowned in tears for too long.

He lied, made empty promises, chose everyone else before her, and then decided to make her believe that it was all her fault.

Some strong women in this world learn their worth after being cheated on.

Others learn it from having a man believe that they own them and their body, completely.

Women learn strength by seeing the entitlement men think they possess.

DONE! Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

Men wouldn’t even be able to endure the way they treat women. A man could never live knowing that a woman had broken his heart so hard.

Men don’t learn strength from these unpleasant encounters, no. They learn vengeance, they learn how to hurt others.

A strong woman would never let something or someone break her to the point where she didn’t recognize herself anymore.

She doesn’t need to stoop so low.

Instead, she’ll go about her day, pretending like everything is fine until she finishes her internal battle herself.

She’ll pretend she’s fine until she picks up all the pieces of her heart and puts it back together.

You’ll never see her be anything other than that strong woman you see now.

She’s seen it all. She’s been betrayed, hurt, and lied to.

But even when she crumbled, even when she didn’t know how to get back up, she never wanted to become like the men who hurt her.

She understands what it means to be shattered. Why would she want anyone else to endure that?

There is power in vulnerability.

DONE! Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

You should know that the people who thrive on hurting others are the people who are the weakest.

They don’t know how else to cope unless they inflict pain on someone else.

A strong woman knows that. She knows that it’s not worth the broken heart in her chest.

But she was broken by a man who she loved with her entire heart.

She loved him and trusted him to the point that she believed that he was the one.

Being torn into pieces by a person that you thought to be your soulmate isn’t something you walk away from easily.

She can’t help but wonder if it was all her fault, but she’s keeping herself strong.

That’s why today, she knows that there isn’t a challenge she can’t face and conquer right away.

DONE! Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

There isn’t a man in this world who can bring her down again.

She knows her worth now. She knows that love and desire are two completely different things.

Instead of falling into traps again and falling for men who don’t deserve her time of day, she’s giving herself time to mend her heart.

Through her process, she’ll seem unbreakable, but she’s everything but that.

She’s already broken on the inside while serving the world a picture-perfect face.

That’s precisely why she’s so strong. She’s experienced real pain and she’s recovering from it.

She refused to let herself be consumed by all the pain inflicted on her, resisting the urge to even the score.

She’s fought and won because she’s stronger than she ever was before.

This woman was at rock bottom with no one to help her get back up.

DONE! Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart

She had no one to lend her a hand, yet she made it. She’s standing here before us now as the fighter that she is.

Even with that broken heart, she’s never going to let it consume her and break her spirit.

That woman is someone we can all look up to. We can learn from her and the way she’s handled her toughest moments.

So the next time you’re at your lowest, claw your way back up and never give up on yourself! Just like she never gave up.

Your strength will be bright as day. It’ll blind anyone who even dares to think of hurting you.

Why The Strongest Women Often Have A Broken Heart