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Why Is He Pretending To Love Me? 7 Possible Reasons

Why Is He Pretending To Love Me? 7 Possible Reasons

There could be various reasons for someone pretending to love you. It usually happens because they have a hidden motive. Therefore, you must be careful because there’s never a good intention when someone’s love for you isn’t sincere.

Lately, you’ve picked up on all the signs that he’s pretending to love you. But why would he do that?

For starters, it could be that he is putting up a pretense to get something in return. Also, there’s a possibility that he’s trying to get even because you’ve done something to him.

Whatever the case may be, it’s painful knowing that your partner never truly loved you and it was all a game for him.

1. He doesn’t know what he wants

DONE! Why Is He Pretending To Love Me 7 Possible Reasons

“Why is he pretending to love me”? Well, someone can pretend to love you just because they’re bored and don’t have anything better to do. They need you to pass the time and nothing else.

Some people don’t know what they want for themselves yet. Their future is uncertain and that’s what bothers them.

On the other hand, they truly believe that being with someone is the social norm, so that’s exactly what they do – they step into a relationship. Usually, people who initiate these kinds of relationships are merely pretending to love their partner.

The reason for that is that they already know they don’t have a future with this person. They see their relationship as insignificant and undefined. Perhaps your boyfriend is pretending to love you because genuine love has an end goal, whereas he’s clearly only passing his time with you.

2. He wants to prove a point to others

DONE! Why Is He Pretending To Love Me 7 Possible Reasons

I know it’s tough to hear this, but it’s quite possible that your boyfriend is pretending to love you just to prove that he’s capable of being with someone. It isn’t unusual to see men brag about how they can get any woman they want.

That could be why he behaves differently when you’re out in the public from when you two are alone. A guy like this won’t have any problems with PDA, but once you get home, he’ll be a completely different person.

He’ll be rude and cold toward you, and that’s when you’ll realize that he doesn’t care about you at all.

3. He’s seeking revenge

DONE! Why Is He Pretending To Love Me 7 Possible Reasons

This is something that’s difficult to believe, but it happens more often than you think. Men are known to hold grudges when it comes to women.

Maybe he’s pretending to love you to get back at you because you never gave him attention. Or perhaps you refused his proposals before and now he wants to give you a taste of your own medicine.

I mean, it’s not the first time you’ve heard a man date a woman only to break her heart, right? It just may be that this is happening to you right now, but you have a difficult time accepting it because you’re blinded by your love for him.

4. He wants to get back at his ex

DONE! Why Is He Pretending To Love Me 7 Possible Reasons

It’s a well-known fact that men can’t handle rejection well. They don’t like to be on the losing side. They prefer to have the final word and last laugh.

Your boyfriend might be pretending to be in love with you because he wants to rub it in his ex’s face. It’s possible that she knows who you are and now he’s desperate to show her that he has moved on (even though we both know that’s not true).

Many guys will pretend to love a woman when their primary goal is to use said woman to hurt their ex. They seek validation from their previous partner and want them to know that they’ve got someone prettier now.

5. He doesn’t actually need you

DONE! Why Is He Pretending To Love Me 7 Possible Reasons

Maybe your boyfriend wants you for his own selfish reasons but doesn’t actually need you. That’s why he came into your life and is pretending to love you.

It’s surprising how many people are able to feign love for their partner for years without the other person knowing. The truth is, he may stay in your life for a while, but only until all of his needs are satisfied. And that’s definitely a bitter pill to swallow.

He doesn’t consider your feelings at all or how his actions or words affect you. He only thinks about himself and no one else.

6. He wants to prove a point to himself

DONE! Why Is He Pretending To Love Me 7 Possible Reasons

Some men aren’t that confident in themselves. They doubt that they’re able to be romantic or even be in a romantic relationship with a woman. So, to prove their worth to themselves, they pretend to love you just to see what their limits are.

This usually happens when there’s disagreement among friends and they challenge each other to a bet. Maybe your boyfriends’ friends were teasing or making fun of him on how he’s weak or incapable of attracting a woman.

Consequently, in order to prove them wrong, he’s doing everything he can to make you believe that he loves you, when deep down you both know that’s not true.

7. He wants kids

DONE! Why Is He Pretending To Love Me 7 Possible Reasons

This may come as a shock to you, but some men will pretend to love you because they want to have children with you. I know it sounds silly, but it actually happens.

The reason behind this motive is that his wish is to have a kid, but isn’t interested in tying the knot with you. He’ll never pluck up the courage to tell you this straight to your face, so you have to read between the lines.

Why Is He Pretending To Love Me? 7 Possible Reasons

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